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Pre-Tease Monday


Monday is here……are you?

Also – please make sure you see our SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about Pre-Teaser Mondays at the END of today’s class post!!!!

We agree that Monday’s class is really not serving much of a purpose – just reminding you tomorrow you need to be SHARP to guess where the photo was taken – but other than that – we could all be out enjoying a summer day right?   Oh well………here we are so let’s do this.

Yep – we hear ya.

All that aside, let’s get down to business…………here’s the rules and badges for tomorrow’s BIG EVENT…………….

This is my best “determined” look……I am gonna get a badge this week.   OR ELSE.

OR ELSE what?

Tomorrow’s Teaser is from our ever-hopeful GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT.    Yep – another one of those.    So who knows what she they will come up with?!    Just remember this if you don’t remember anything else:


Yep – that’s right and also you need to remember to COMMENT as soon as you get here before you even sit at your desk or go to the bathroom……..got it?

GOT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheer Team?   Would you like to do a little cheer for our students to make sure they arrive tomorrow FIRED UP and ready to guess??????????????

July 4th is coming this week
So we’re giving you a sneak peek
Our patriotic outfits might not be very scanty
But we’re wearing red/white and blue panties!
We hope that you will be a winner
We like a room full of grinners!
We’re totally ready to party
So tomorrow don’t you be TARDY!

OK girls – I’m sure everyone gets the general idea……………….!    I’ve heard that we’re having a special July 4th feast in the cafeteria after Wednesday’s TELL ALL class.   It will be one day early but who cares.    Meanwhile, today’s lunch is ready so let’s go shall we?

Hello Students!    I’ll be in my red/white/blue uniform through Wednesday to celebrate the 4th.    We’ll have a special menu that day too.   Meanwhile, enjoy what we have for you today – and the picnic area outside is available if you’d like to take your lunch out there!

Today’s Luncheon Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!!!!!!  

Your Professors

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT STUDENTS!    Starting NEXT Monday, we will have a different blog post instead of Pre-Tease Monday.    You all don’t need a Pre-Tease class – you’re too good at teasing to need a lesson how to do the Teaser!    We will just REMIND you Teaser is the next day…………..that way our Graphics Department can do a post for “SPARKS” instead.    MAKING LIFE EASIER FOR OUR GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT!!!!!!


Pre-Tease Monday


Time to Prep for Tomorrow!

That’s correct – you heard it here first – today is prep day for the BIG TEST tomorrow.   Tuesday is test day around here and you need to be READY.  Our job is to get you there!

First we want to wish everyone who is celebrating Memorial Day Weekend a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY – today is the day.    We’ve been celebrating all weekend but we need to make sure that on this day of all days we honor those who have served our country………..and that includes my Mom’s Dad who was a career Air Force officer.    He loved being in the Air Force and while we’ve shown you the photo of him walking our Mom down the aisle 29 years ago, we’re going to show it one more time!    It’s sort of a tradition around here – he had been retired for a number of years and wasn’t sure he could still fit in his uniform but he ROCKED IT!

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

So, in honor of all of you who have served, we wish you a happy Memorial Day and THANK YOU for your service.

Now let’s get down to business shall we?    First of all here are our Teaser Class rules for tomorrow’s “guessing” ……….you  need to follow them too!    After that, take a peek at the badges that you just might win if you’re lucky.

We will be starting class tomorrow at a surprise time too so BE READY.

Oh I’ll be ready alright!

We have an EXTRA FUN Teaser for you tomorrow too.    Trust us – it will be interesting and you will have THREE photos to examine.    Yep – THREE!


That’s right – we show you three photos – give you three places – you match photo to place.   Something different but we think you’ll enjoy it.

The Cheer Team thinks it’s going to be challenging for you – right girls??

We wanna say
Happy Memorial Day
Picnics with burgers and dogs
Eat too much and you’ll be a hog!
Make sure you don’t overeat
You want to fit into your seat!
Make sure and study tonight
Maybe tomorrow YOU can be right!
A very different kind of class……
We sure hope that you can pass!!!!

We hope students enjoy something different tomorrow too!!!!

But right now – we’re going to join Miss Dingleberry outside in the school yard for a special MEMORIAL DAY PICNIC!     Ready???  Let’s go!


Students – we’re all set up for you to enjoy a special meal for this holiday!   Enjoy!!

Grab a spot by your friends……….load up your plate with great foodables and enjoy this beautiful day!

Plenty of burgers, hot dogs, BBQ, watermelon……………………………and here’s your menu so load up and have some fun!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll see you at a surprise time tomorrow for a surprise Teaser!   Your Professors

Pee Ess……on behalf of one of our students, Kismet, we want to share this event!  Sounds like fun!

Teaser Tell All and Bonnet Winner!


We’ve got the SCOOP on the Teaser AND Easter Bonnets!

First let’s talk Teaser………..after all, that’s what we always do on Tuesdays right?     Well we thought it would be a lot tougher than it turned out to be…………..and it was only after we went LIVE with it that our Graphics Department (aka Mom) realized we’ve done a Teaser photo from this SAME TOWN/COUNTRY before!!!!!    YIKES!

Before we get into that though, we’ll let you know that we had ONLY ONE FIRST COMMENTER.    You all know that just hardly EVER happens but it did yesterday.    Who was the FIRSTIE????


Sharon from FRIENDS FUREVER!!!

We hope that makes you happy Miss Sharon – here’s your badge!!

I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Easter Teaser of April 16, 2019! YAY FOR ME!

Good for you Miss Sharon!

Then we got down to business with waiting for the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser photo………..here’s the photo one last time:

This is the Plaza de Armes in Lima, Peru   

We actually had a Teaser in 2018 from Lima but it was NOT this view of course – we thought this might fool everyone and it didn’t but only one of you mentioned the mysterious blue orb in the photo – that was actually courtesy of our Graphics Department which put a blue blob over the Peruvian flag because it would give it away!!!

WHO guessed it right first????????



(in case you wondered – that was a double drumroll)

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi !!

Congratulations and here’s your badge Miss Csilla:

I was First Right Guesser on the Easter Teaser of April 16, 2019! Whoopeee for me!

Several others guessed correctly – each of you get one of these of your very own:

I guessed correctly on the Easter Teaser of April 16, 2019 BUT I wasn’t the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…..oh well….I tried!!

And if you guessed but were WRONG……..here’s your Easter Greenie!

I guessed wrong on the Easter Teaser of April 16, 2019 but at least I TRIED!!!!

Let’s give everyone a BIG HAND shall we????

YAY WINNERS (and losers too!)

Cheer Team – you’re up next!

Ricky Ticky Hello Honey
You all deserve an Easter Bunny
He’ll visit you and bring you candy
But your performance on Teaser was very dandy!
First Comment from Sharon and she was the “only”
She was early – we hope she wasn’t lonely!
Then we waited for our next winner of the day
We hope you all enjoyed our Easter fun
We tried to make it cool for everyone!-


Now – who wants to know who the winner of the EASTER BONNET contest was????????

WE DO!!!!!!!

OK – but before we do that we have a little badge for all of you swell folks who entered the Bonnet contest…………………………..

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest – it was a blast!   It was also a close race but there was only one winner:

Here are the results so you can see how WELL everyone did:

Easter Bonnet Allie 10 12%  
Easter Bonnet Phenny and Nelly 8 9%  
Easter Bonnet Katie Isabella 9 11%  
Easter Bonnet Noelle 8 9%  
Easter Bonnet Raz 7 8%  
Easter Bonnet Timmy Tomcat Family 7 8%  
Easter Bonnet Prancie 14 16%  
Easter Bonnet Valentine 10 12%  
Easter Bonnet Mauricio 12 14%

Congratulations Prancie from 15andMeowing!!!    We will be sending you an Easter Surprise soon!

Again, thanks to our wonderful friends who entered – your hats were SPECTACULAR

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Who’s Up For Easter Lunch?????

Congratulations to Prancie and ALL the entries – everyone looked amazing…..at least you didn’t have to have eggs in your hair like I do.    Now are you ready to have lunch?    Good!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy your holiday everyone!  See you next week!  Your Professors


Pre-Tease Preparation Class!


Greetings Class!   We moved into a new classroom over the weekend – and we Profs got new bowties to match the very coolish and modernish desks you all now have!


But enough about interior decorating – we’re here to talk TEASER right?    Tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday and we want you to be READY to rock tomorrow.     Remember to COMMENT FIRST then sit at your desk and also remember the post will be at a surprise time.

Our Teaser tomorrow is from our Graphics Department and not a “GUEST TEASER”.     What does that usually mean?    Means it might be a toughie – that’s what it means!

We are NOT afraid of tough!  We ARE tough!

Alright!  Good Monday morning attitude!     Let’s show you the rules for tomorrow AND the badges you will be able to win if you are SHARP as a tack!

Now you know HOW to guess and what you might win if you know your stuff tomorrow!


You sound ready alright………….keep that spirit going!!!   NEXT week we will have an Easter Celebration for Teaser.    Easter is Sunday, April 21st but the 14th is Palm Sunday and we will have “Easter At Sheep School” on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of that week.   We will also have an “Easter Hat Parade” for students with voting for your favorite so if you’d like to be included in that competition AND be eligible for a FABULOUS prize from the Professors, just send a photo of you in your Easter Bonnet to us via email.     We will have the photo slideshow on Monday, April 15th so your photo MUST BE RECEIVED HERE BY SUNDAY, APRIL 14th!!!    It can be a real or photoshopped bonnet – WHATEVER!     Then we’ll have you vote on the 15th and 16th and on TELL ALL WEDNESDAY (April 17th) we’ll let you know who the contest winner is.    

Won’t that be funzies?    We think so.    We also hear that Miss Dingleberry has her famous Easter Egg Hat on today.    She’s going to have special lunch for us for Easter of course but today we’ll have one of her regular wonderful lunches.

This is SO exciting!!!!!

Cheer Team?   Ready to roll?

Easter eggs and fun galore
We must get bonnets from the store!
Be sure and enter to win a prize
Nobody wins who doesn’t TRY!
Tomorrow’s Teaser is SO NOT EASY
We’d better all eat lunch to keep from getting queasy!
Grab a tray and get in line
We’ll have to have iced tea since there is no wine!!!

Thanks Ladies!   Now ONWARD to the cafeteria!

Hello Students!    I do love Easter and especially love this Easter bonnet that Ding Dong Art Class made for me last year.   I couldn’t resist wearing it a little early.    Now – who’s ready for lunch????


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you at a surprise time tomorrow students!    Your Professors




Tuesday Teaser Class


Here we are!   Time to speak up with a COMMENT!   Maybe you’ll be first!

After you’ve commented, please have a seat at your desk………..we’ll remind you of how we do the Teaser today THEN get right to it so you have time to figure out today’s photo!    We know you want to win one of the special Saint Patrick’s badges.   Don’t you???

Wednesday Miss Dingleberry will be reporting in on her hopefully hot date with Dream Date #2 but in the interim, our fill-in Chef will of course be cookin’ up a storm in the cafeteria in her place.

I’m anxious to hear if Miss D enjoyed her date – that guy we picked as #1 was a ZERO!

That dream date guy better treat Miss D right or ELSE!

So here are the rules for today’s guessing AND another peek at the special badges we’ll be awarding tomorrow:


Let’s bring on our Team of Irish Cheerleaders (at least Irish for the day…..!) and have them get you FIRED up for guessing the photo shall we???????   They promised not to have any green beer until AFTER their cheer (although I’m not sure that they didn’t have one BEFORE coming here to cheer………):

Happy O’Tuesday to each student guy and lass
We hope lunch today doesn’t give you gas
We look pretty swell in our Irish green
Now don’t laugh too hard and sprain your spleen!
Today’s Teaser is not easy so take your time
To rush with your answer would be a crime
Just do your best and win your pot-o-gold
Hurry hurry up and guess before your brain gets cold!!

Ready to take the plunge students?   Security Guard – please display today’s PHOTO FUN!

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

So students – where do you think this photo was taken?   Remember the rules……….and take as long as you like but remember – ST PATRICK’S BADGES ARE AT STAKE!!!

I agree! I’m gonna study it a while.

Gosh……this is a toughie!

Well if you two think you have the answer – whisper it in my ear will you?   (psssst……….)

Sorry boys – keep studying!

Everyone ready to head to the cafeteria?    Let’s find out what the substitute chef has up his sleeve (other than his arm) for lunch today shall we??????????????????????

Hullo Charmink Shtoodents!   Delighted to provide your lunch today! 

Our Delicious Menu Items for Today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alright Students!  Enjoy your lunch – feel free to study at your desks after (or nap) and we’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL and the awarding of appropriate badges.    Oh – and we’ll find out about Miss D’s date too!

Ta Ta Til Tomorrow………Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Stuff……….


Yep – time for us to spill the beans about who won what from the Teaser yesterday.    Which – as I said it would be – apparently WAS an easy one because TONS of you guessed correctly!

BUTTTT, first things first.

First item of business today is to let you know who our FIRST COMMENTERS were – and there were TWO……………


Sharon at Friends Furever

Timmy at Timmy Tomcat

You two can do a VICTORY DANCE and also you both get one of these!!

Oh WOW! I was one of only TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of February 19, 2019! YIPPEEEEE!

Here’s the photo one more time that we showed you yesterday………………………

Thank you to Goodness Gracie Blog and Gracie’s Mom Steph for the PHOTO! 

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of February 19, 2019!

WHERE was this photo taken?     It is the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic!     Turns out a lot of you guessed it OR knew it because you’d been there before.    Here’s some info about this beautiful bridge – one of MANY bridges over the river I might add…..my Mom and Dad were there years ago before I came to live with them.     CLICK HERE FOR INFO



Annie of Animal Couriers

YAY MISS ANNIE!!!!!   Here’s a badge for you:

I was the FIRST to guess the Teaser of February 19, 2019 RIGHT! YAY FOR ME!

There were a bunch of you who were right this week – each of you in the BUNCH get one of these to celebrate with:

I might not have been the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but I was still RIGHT on the Teaser of February 19, 2019!

And of course – those of you who were WRONG with your guess can add a little GREEN to your collection with this badge:

Phooey Pooey, I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of February 19, 2019 but at least I got this GREENIE badge!

Yes I’m disappointed but I’ll get over it…….MAYBE

Am I mad that my guess was wrong?  Heck yes!   I’m upset……and my diaper needs changing – so there!

Guess I’d better stand by in case the diaper changing thing goes awry……….

So good for all of you who guessed the Teaser this week…………….remember you too can have fun while others guess where YOUR photo was taken – just send us a photo, tell us where it was taken and we’ll use it here in Geography Class on a future Teaser!

I suppose if I send in a photo you won’t let me guess the Teaser huh?

OF COURSE NOT!   But you can sit in class listening to your groovy music and know that you might be fooling everyone…….that can be quite entertaining you know!

Now – before we head to the cafeteria, I’ll give you an update on the Blind Date for Miss Dingleberry – by the way the Poll is still open so if you haven’t yet voted, we’ll repost the poll after I tell you that in the TOP running so far are Date #7 (with the most votes), Date #5 in second place, and bringing up the third place are THREE tied – Date #1, Date #2, and Date #6!   There have been three “write in” votes:   Danny DeVito, Hannibal Lector, and our very own Kismet the Grumpy Parrot!       Remember to vote, we want to find the best possible Dream Date for our Miss D !!

We’ll let you know WHO is the winning Dream Date next Monday in Pre-Teaser Class.    Then on Wednesday, we’ll introduce Miss D to her DREAM DATE as chosen by all of US and sit back and watch sparks fly (hopefully)!!

Now shall we head over for lunch?

Time for you all to settle down in line and decide what you’d like to have for your delicious and nutritious lunch today.   All organic food with no additives – nothing but the best for Ding Dong School !!!  

Here’s Today’s Menu:

See you next week for another exciting Teaser Class!   

Your Professors

P.S.     We have a sad P.S. today………..day before yesterday one of Angel Sammy’s long-time friends and fellow Cat Scout went to the Bridge after a long battle with kidney disease.    Wally was a friend to EVERYONE.   His blog was one of the first ones Mom and Sammy followed back when they started blogging.    I was happy to meet Wally early on when I joined Cat Scouts but he was already sick at that time and we didn’t see him very often.    Please stop by his blog HERE and let his Mom and family know you’re thinking about them if you haven’t already.   I know that Angel Sammy was at the gates to meet Wally…….I just KNOW it!


Teaser Tell All


Here we are again – getting ready to spread the news about who gets what from yesterday’s Teaser!      First, our apologies for having it pop up at 3AM our time – that kind of made it almost impossible unless you’re an early riser like my Mom to be here when it went LIVE……..we can blame Mom…….she forgot to change from the “regular” blog time to a surprise time.    OH WELL – at least someone was up – wanna know who?    WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER at a couple minutes after 3AM????

Da Phenny and Da Nelly!


I was still sound asleep at 3AM !!!!!!   

Here is your special Valentine’s Week FIRST COMMENTER badge boys………………concatulations!!

WHEE! We were the FIRST COMMENTER for the special Valentine’s Week Teaser on Feb. 12, 2019!

Our Graphics Department had thought that it would be tough for anyone to know where the Teaser photo had been taken – why?   Because there are Christmas markets on BOTH sides of the BIG POND……..and there are a number of cities here in the US of A who have a decidedly European look to them.    So it seemed this photo might fool a bunch of you BUT it sure didn’t fool our winner of the Valentine’s Week FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE……………WHO was that?

Miss Jackie of Two Devon Cats!



Here’s your Valentine’s Week FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge Miss Jackie for guessing the photo below was taken in Old Quebec City, Canada!!

I guessed the Teaser for Valentine’s Day 2019 before anyone else did! YAY FOR ME!

Old Quebec City – a little slice of Paris in Canada!!!

My parents have been here……….they loved it but it does look like many other cities in Europe where they have great Christmas markets.  We thought we’d fool everyone but we sure didn’t.  In fact, SEVERAL of you got this after Miss Jackie did.   If you were a RIGHT GUESSER – please have a copy of the badge below!

Well I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Valentine’s Week Teaser of Feb. 12, 2019!

If you guessed but were wrong – you get a special Valentine’s Day GREENIE of your very own – please copy it and proudly display it!

I was wrong with my guess on the Valentine’s Day Teaser of February 12, 2019 but at least I tried!

BRAVO EVERYONE!   We thank you again for all your kind wishes for Professor Teddy’s Gotcha Day today too!

I hope I’ll get to celebrate my GOTCHA Day too when it comes!

Cheer team?  How about whipping everyone into a frenzy before we head to the cafeteria???!!!

Hip Hip Hooray what a special day
Professor T has a Gotcha and we’re here to say
Congrats to Phenny and Neilson who were FIRST to arrive at school
It was EXTRA early so we had the rest of you fooled!
Then we waited to see who’d be first to guess RIGHT
It was Miss Jackie this week and the competition wasn’t even TIGHT.
She’d been to Quebec before and figured it out
Soon others got it right and gave us a shout!
Next week we’ll have another chance for you to win
Then we’ll do a cheer for you and give you a big cheer team grin!

So who’s up for lunch today?     Follow us – we’re heading there now!

All you students enjoy your lunch and don’t forget on Thursday to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Today’s Lunch Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And on behalf of your Professors:

Pre-Teaser Monday


Good Morning Students!   It’s Monday – otherwise known as “prep” day!

Time to get ready for the big TEASE tomorrow.    We’ll have a photo for you to study tomorrow and with some luck, it won’t be a “stumper” like our photo last week was.   Our Graphics Department is going to be in charge of our test photo tomorrow.   Who knows WHAT we’ll see on the screen when the Security Guard puts the photo he’s been guarding up on the board tomorrow.

One thing is certain though – when you arrive at class in the morning remember to COMMENT.    Our post will be at a surprise time in the morning and when you know it’s arrived – come to school and COMMENT FIRST!

Oh I’ll be ready WHENEVER the doors open at school!

I know that all of you will be happy to know that Miss Dingleberry is back.    She’s had quite a time after going through such drastic plastic surgery then finding out that when it comes to that, CHEAP is not BETTER.    It all started failing and falling and moving and melting which is NOT what you’d expect from a good surgery but Miss D sadly went the CHEAPIE route.   You get what you pay for!    I know you’ll be happy to see her again.

We will just remind you that tomorrow when you study the photo for Teaser, you must figure it out on your own.   You certainly may use your computers to pursue clues you may see in the photo but you must not load up the photo in a Google Photo/Picture Search or any other kind of program that will just TELL you where the photo was taken – we want you to figure it out yourselves.   If you do that, everyone is starting from the same spot and using their powers of deduction to make a guess.    What do you win if you’re right??????

Special Valentine’s Week 2019 badges – that’s what !!

So you will want to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (or at least close!) when you arrive in class tomorrow.

I’ll wear my red tie again tomorrow for class!!

I know you all are looking forward to lunch today so let’s head over to the cafeteria and welcome Miss Dingleberry back shall we??    Tomorrow she has a special Valentine’s lunch menu for us – remember Valentine’s Day is THURSDAY but since there’s no school then, we’ll celebrate THE DAY OF LOVE tomorrow.

“Look – it’s Miss Dingleberry the way we remember her!”

Hello Students…..thanks for the get well cards two of you sent……and YES as you can plainly see, I’m back where I started with my appearance.   It was a bad experience and it made me realize that even though I’m not gorgeous, I’m ME !!   Don’t mess with Mother Nature, even if you have a mustache.   

Let’s Eat!  Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you at a surprise time in the morning students!

Your Professors

Pee Ess 

Tomorrow we will not only celebrate Valentine’s Day (early), but we will celebrate Professor Teddy’s GOTCHA DAY.   He joined the staff at Ding Dong School on February 12, 2017.  

Professor Teddy, February, 2017



Tuesday Teaser Time


IT’s TUESDAY and time to COMMENT!!!!  

Hello students…………we hope everyone is well rested and ready for class.   Our Teaser today is not a Guest Teaser – our Graphics Department provided the photo.    So sit back, take a few deep breaths, and prepare to be TEASE-TESTED!

I’m ready!

I’m TOTALLY ready and dressed for sleuthing!

OK – let’s begin.    First of course a quickie review of rules and badges……..

I think we’ll get the Cheer Team to pump you all up and get you ready for guessing – you know how inspiring they can be (cough cough) !

Not sure I’d say inspiring – bossy maybe……

It’s time to tease
So sit down please
Your desk chairs are warm
So your tushies won’t freeze
Take a look at the pic
As the school clock ticks
Try to be FIRST
Getting a badge would be quite a trick!
No cheating allowed
Make us all proud
If you figure the Teaser out
Don’t yell out loud!
Good luck to you guys
We know you’re all wise
So show off your brains

Well done ladies – let’s bring on our Security Guard with today’s photo so you can get started figuring it out!


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where in the world is this?????????   We’ll TELL ALL tomorrow of course but for now – try to figure this out using your own clever mystery solving!!

Sherlock can figure out ANYTHING!

Now you may stay here and work on the Teaser OR you can follow we Professors as we head to the cafeteria because something that smells delicious is wafting down the hallways and we’re READY TO EAT!    Remember, class tomorrow will be at regular time and we’ll get the scoop on today’s photo.

Hello Students!   Step right up for your delicious lunch selections of the day!   Make sure you eat something nourishing so your brain will be ready to tackle the Teaser!!!!!!  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you tomorrow!!!   Your Professors………….


Teaser Tell All


Greetings Students!    Sure was a mighty fine Teaser wasn’t it?    Who knew there were so many heart-shaped lakes, ponds and swimming holes in the world??   We sure didn’t but obviously a lot of YOU did!     But we’ll talk about that in a minute……………first up is FIRST COMMENTER………..


We had TWO – and they were:

Miss Sharon of Friends Furever and Miss Jackie of Two Devon Cats

WHOOP WHOOP WHOOOP for Miss Sharon and Miss Jackie!!

GOSH – I tried to be here early but my alarm didn’t work!

Here’s your FIRST COMMENTER badges ladies – you each get one of these little gems!!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the New Years Day Teaser of January 1, 2019 !

Dang! Mom didn’t let me out of my crib in time to be a FIRSTIE!

Then we kind of waited to see just how confusing the Teaser Photo could be…………………….and it was – people obviously knew it was a heart-shaped watering hole but WHERE?!?!?!   There were about a gazillion of them in images if you googled “heart-shaped lake”………yep – it was a great photo.    Here it is one more time and we’ll tell you WHO sent it in for us to use:

This is a GREAT photo of the Killarney Glen which is part of Back Creek in Queensland, Australia.    A really beautiful spot for sure – here’s some info about the location  CLICK HERE !

Our GUEST TEASER was Sharon of Friends Furever and we thank her SO MUCH for this gorgeous photo – it was a nice way to celebrate New Year’s Day with a BIG HEART that we hope translates into LOVE all around in the new year.    This is your Thank You badge Miss Sharon:

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of January 1, 2019!

Don’t keep us in suspense – WHO WAS FIRST RIGHT GUESSER????

OK – our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was………………….

Miss Jackie of Two Devon Cats!!!!!   She’s a double winner today!


Here’s your special FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on New Years Day badge Miss Jackie!!!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the New Years Day Teaser of Jan. 1, 2019!!

AND – there were several other students who ALSO guessed this one correctly – if you were one of the lucky ones – please grab a copy of this badge for yourself:

And of course if you guessed but were WRONG, you get a special New Years Day Greenie:



Well we can’t ALL be winners you know…………..someone has to begin collecting the 2019 Greenies starting today!!

Cheer Team – how about cheering for the winners!!

The New Years Day Teaser was quite a whopper
You might even say it was a real show stopper!
Our First Commenters were sharp – we had two on the ball
Sharon and Jackie got here ahead of you all!
Then we waited to see who would figure it out first
If we’d held our breath our lungs would have burst!
But finally she arrived with the right guess in tow
Miss Jackie was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and she stole the show!!!

We hope everyone had fun with the first Teaser of the year.   Remember we took a poll to see if you wanted to continue with Pre-Tease Monday in the new year and the votes came in and more of you wanted to keep up with the Pre-Tease than didn’t so we WILL continue.

The other thing is that some of you aren’t sure that’s REALLY Miss Dingleberry in the cafeteria – maybe a relative – but it’s REALLY HER!    She had a great deal of plastic surgery done (obviously) and as long as her surgeon did as good as job as he APPEARS to have done, all will be well.   Time will tell.    (cough cough)

Speaking of cafeteria – who’s up for lunch????????

It’s really ME students!   I had my body and my personality perked up just for YOU!  Well, I also might have done it because we have a new school cafeteria supervisor for all the Ding Dong Schools in the county…….and……well……here’s his photo:

So, students, I might look better but I’m just as shallow as I ever was…….now who’s up for lunch???


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Your Profs!!