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Teaser Tell All and Turkey


GREETINGS STUDENTS!   Time for class!

Why are we in our OLD classroom?   Because they are redecorating our NEW classroom.   Heaven only knows why.   All the desks were brand new and didn’t have a lot of dirty words scratched into the tops……..YET.   Oh well……….

It’s time for TEASER TELL ALL…………….we had a swell Teaser yesterday didn’t we.     It was supplied to us by the Graphics Department so THANKS TO HER – oops I mean THEM.

We know the Graphics Department is your Mom…..can’t fool us!

WHATEVER…………..today we are celebrating THanksgiving because we won’t be HERE on Thursday so after we do the Teaser stuff we will head to the cafeteria for turkey and other stuff!    Ready to go?   Let’s DO THIS!

First up is our FIRST COMMENTER……………………….or in the case of yesterday’s Teaser – it’s FIRST COMMENTERbecause we had TWO firsties within the first 60 seconds of class yesterday.   Want to know who?




Both of you get one of these BUT we also have a special badge for Miss Sharon…….

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Thanksgiving Teaser of 2019!!!!

For Sharon:

Congratulations Gang!    Shall we see who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER now???????????????????????    Here’s the photo:

This spectacular villa is right on the beautiful Lake Como in Italy!     Quite a few of you guessed this correctly but only ONE of you was FIRST!      Who?????


CSILLA !!!!!!    That’s right – she was the FIRST!   This is for you Miss Csilla:

It was ME – I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post for Thanksgiving 2019!

There were QUITE A FEW of you who got this one right this week – and each of you who did may grab one of these:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Thanksgiving Teaser for 2019 BUT I wasn’t first to guess correctly! Pooey!

And of course if you were WRONG – well – you know what you get – a THANKSGIVING GREENIE!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Thanksgiving Teaser of 2019 but hey – I tried didn’t I ??????

Congratulations winners AND losers!    We celebrate everyone and are thankful for all of you !!!!!     Now – who’s UP for Thanksgiving luncheon???    Let’s go!


I’m supposed to be fed regularly – let’s EAT!

Hello Students!  Before you go through line I want to congratulate our student “Kismet” for escaping the roasting pan for today’s main course  for being the only one who noticed the hidden surprise in my turkey hat!   KABOOM!   Now let’s all eat shall we?

Thankful Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us at Ding Dong School!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tuesday Thanksgiving Style


Welcome to Thanksgiving Week Teaser !   Have you COMMENTED????????????

Security Patrol reporting all is secure inside and outside Ding Dong Sheep School…..let the TEASING begin!

We are so THANKFUL that all of you are in class today and we are also THANKFUL that we have such a great security team keeping an eye out for introoooders or other troublemakers here on our lovely campus.    Are you all ready for class today?     You should know that Miss Dingleberry and her wonderful team of cafeteria workers are going to have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving feast for us tomorrow on TELL ALL day.     So we are ready to celebrate – even if you and your family aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving we’ll still have fun and good food together.

Our Graphics Department came up with a great Teaser for us today.    So get those glasses cleaned up so you don’t miss anything.

Yikes – I guess I hadn’t realized just how many of you wear glasses – but they all look clean and shiny so let us BEGIN!

The rules for Teaser are:

And here are the SPECIAL Thanksgiving badges that you might win if you are lucky today!   We will announce winners tomorrow!

Now let’s bring in the guard with today’s Teaser Photo!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this taken?

And to get your brains working and your imaginations popping, let’s bring in our team of fabulous Cheerleaders shall we?

Here we are looking silly
Tossing turkeys willy nilly
It’s our duty to be all cheery
But keeping this headgear straight makes us weary!
Anyway we wish you luck as you study and guess
Your Professors expect perfection and deserve no less
We are thankful for the Profs, all of you, and Miss D
Now lets all head to the cafeteria for a glass of iced tea!

Thanks ladies – good job and I think you can take those things on your heads off now AND please put those turkeys down.   Don’t spill stuffing all over your cheer uniforms!


Good luck with your guesses everyone – tomorrow before we have our Thanksgiving dinner together, we will find out who gets badges and who doesn’t!     Meanwhile, line up and let’s march to the cafeteria together shall we?

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hello Students!   Welcome to “Pre-Thanksgiving Lunch” – our regular menu today but tomorrow we’ll have lots of Thanksgiving favorites!   Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Studying!  See you in class tomorrow!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time……….


Hello Teaser fans……………………..using an older graphic for fun this morning for the Tell All………………..yesterday’s Teaser was a goodie wasn’t it?    There were a LOT of guesses – a LOT – but only one of them was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and we’ll tell you WHO in a few minutes.


Oh I’m dancing because I was super early to class yesterday and commented – was it ME ME ME ?

No – sorry about that…………..good dancing though.    It wasn’t you I’m afraid, it was……………..

Miss Sharon of Friends Furever!!


Here’s your reward for being an early bird:

I was the very first to comment on the Teaser of November 12, 2019!

DARN – that’s what I get for sleeping in yesterday!

Then we waited and waited – so many GREAT guesses were coming in – we had some that were VERY CLOSE, but in the end there was one that got the right city and so our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was…………………….

Miss Janet of The Cat on My Head !


This badge is for you Miss Janet…………….concatulations:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the tough Teaser post of November 12, 2019! WOOT!

It was a very tough Teaser we thought…………..and who was the person who sent us the fabulous photo????????

Our GUEST TEASER was from Jackie of Two Devon Cats and this is a photo of ski jumps in Tromso, Norway.   We know it looks like the ski jumps are such that if you went down them you’d land on a roof but it’s of course an optical illusion – we are looking WAY beyond those buildings to the ski slopes!   This really was difficult to figure out !!   Thank you Miss Jackie for the photo………

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of November 12, 2019!

Did you also guess correctly?   As of when Mom and I worked on this post, only Miss Janet had guessed right but if you guessed right too – please take one of these badges for yourself!

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of November 12, 2019, but I wasn’t the first one…..darn…..

If you were way off base or couldn’t figure it out PERIOD, you still get a GREENIE………….a special FALL one too!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of November 12, 2019. At least I tried…..sniff sniff.



Let’s see what the Cheer Team has to say about the results of this week’s Teaser!

Here we are all cute and fluffy
Having hot flashes or is it just stuffy?
Winners we had them though it was touch and go
Then Janet of Cat on my Head stole the show!
She was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and got it right
As for FIRST COMMENTER we had a crowd in sight!
But Sharon of Friends Furever pushed to the front of the line
She got the badge for commenting and now she feels fine!
This was a tough Teaser so you all did well
Now let’s hope there’s yummy food at lunch so we’ll all feel swell!


Well Sarge nice to see you – I didn’t hear the sound of ripping gym pants so I guess you went with SPANDEX??

Let’s all head off to lunch shall we?    Class, remember if you have a photo of a place you think might fool your classmates, send it to us at junekimm(at)aol.com and we just might use it one of these Tuesdays!

Time for a hearty lunch students…..then on the bus you go and home again until next Monday when you will be back in school again……………..so eat up and remember, in a few weeks we’ll be having a special THANKSGIVING feast!

What’s On The Menu??

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time to head home students……………….have a good week – see you next Monday!   

Your Professors


Tuesday Teaserween! Boo!


Boooo!   Have you commented yet??????

Greetings and Happy Almost Halloween students!

It’s as close to Halloween as a Teaser can get without being on “THE DAY” so we’re celebrating a few days early.   Our Security Patrol has finished their rounds and has reported that all is secure so we should just have a GOOD TIME today!

Thank you Clowie and Trainee Crew!

Before we start with the Teaser photo, etc., I thought we’d show you some costumes of students in today’s classroom – THEN some “flashback” photos of students in previous Halloween Teaser classes – everyone looks so totally cool.

Here are students Raz, Allie, and Noelle in their new costumes for this year’s Halloween celebration:

Now let’s have a peek at past student costumes from previous Halloween classes!

Just a few – we have tons – from way way back when Angel Sammy wasn’t an Angel!    Anyway, let’s get started with today’s Teaser activity shall we??????    It’s a SPECIAL TEASER photo today from a GUEST TEASER.    Let’s review the rules shall we????

And we have some special Halloween 2019 badges for you to try and win too!

So we’ll be awarding these little doozies to those who deserve them tomorrow……………………..now, for the MAIN EVENT…………………….today’s GUEST TEASER PHOTO!    Our Security Guard will bring in the photo for us:

Here’s the Teaser Photo for today Professors!   Sorry if I scared you and the class…….

Remember – no cheating!   If you do, the BOOGEYMAN will be after you since it’s Halloweeeeeeen!     Looks like a couple of witches including a horsewitch (very rare!) to me but we’ll find out tomorrow WHERE and WHAT and WHO.   Can you figure out where this photo was taken?????????

Now for a word from our Cheer Team……………………….no doubt they are all kitted out in Halloween gear………………………..come on in ladies!

Here we are in our Halloween gear
Nice to see so many Halloweeeeenie faces here!
Today’s Teaser might be just a bit tough
But we girls know that you like it rough (haha)
Be careful when you go out trick or treating
When the door opens up a WITCH you might be greeting!
Tune in tomorrow to see who wins
If you skip class you know you’ll pay for your sins!!!!

Yes tomorrow we’ll have our TELL ALL class and some of you will get badges for this Halloween.   Now if you’re hungry I think we should stop off at the cafeteria before you all go back to class and study to make your Teaser guesses.   Ready???

Happy Almost Halloween Class……Ready for some TREATS??

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow’s Menu will be JUST AS SCARY…See you then!

Good Luck Students.  See you at regular time tomorrow!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


We’re BACK in our regular classroom!   

Hopefully the hooligans will stay away……….we prefer that they do.   Our dear friend Clowie the Pyrenean Mountain Dog who is a good student here in class has offered to become our class security dog and we just might go with that so we have no more hooligan incidents!

So – on with the show…………..yesterday we had a Teaser photo and it was a beautiful photo that many of you thought was where you wanted to be AT THAT MOMENT (we did too!) – just a pretty town on the water……….we’ll tell you all about it in a minute!

FIRST though let’s tell you who was our FIRST COMMENTER:

Do Tell!!!

May we have a drumroll please????



This is for you Timmy!


I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of August 27, 2019! The Early Bird Catches The Worm!!

Then we moved on to figuring out the photo and where it was taken…………….here’s the photo again:

YES it does look like Venice but it isn’t – however it’s NEAR Venice – this is the town of Treviso, Italy !!

Pretty photo isn’t it?   Looks so quiet and peaceful.   Wonder if they have those cool boats with those cool guys with the cool outfits that ride you around and sing and stuff like they do in Venice.     Anyway, thanks to our Graphics Department for the photo.  Next we will have an actual GUEST PHOTO for a change.

Now – wanna know who guessed this little gem FIRST?

Miss Csilla !!!!!!! 

GOOOOOOO Miss Csilla!!!

This is for you!

Oh WOW – I got this swell badge for being the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 27, 2019! YAY for me!

Did you also guess Treviso?    We did have more than one of you who did and if you were one of those lucky duckies, have one of these:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of August 27, 2019 but I wasn’t FIRST! Darn!

And of course if you were WRONG with your guess at least you tried – for your effort you get a GREENIE:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of August 27, 2019 but at least I tried! SO THERE!


I might be a little upset – can you tell????

Sorry everyone can’t be a winner but you will just have to try that much harder next week!      Perhaps all you need is a good lunch in the cafeteria to cheer you up????   Why not stroll on over and load up on food then hop on the bus to head home.   Trust me – everything will look better after you have a full tummy and a nap.

Hello Students!  I suppose you wanna know why I’m all gussied up today – well it’s my 10th anniversary of being the Cafeteria Supervisor at Ding Dong School.    YAY FOR ME!    

Today’s FAB Food Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day – Professor Sammy visits us on Tuesday from the Rainbow Bridge…..and has since he went there in December, 2016.   We get together on Monday and Tuesday here to have fun with all of you at Ding Dong School but never had a chance to play together.   We want to wish all Angels and their families a GOOD day of remembering fun times and remembering as well that our Angels are ALWAYS AND FOREVER with us.    We want to thank Deb Barnes at ZeeZoey.com for creating this special day AND for the logo badge……….

Now all aboard for home students – and we’ll be seeing you NEXT Tuesday for more fun!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

Pre-Tease Monday


Monday is here……are you?

Also – please make sure you see our SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about Pre-Teaser Mondays at the END of today’s class post!!!!

We agree that Monday’s class is really not serving much of a purpose – just reminding you tomorrow you need to be SHARP to guess where the photo was taken – but other than that – we could all be out enjoying a summer day right?   Oh well………here we are so let’s do this.

Yep – we hear ya.

All that aside, let’s get down to business…………here’s the rules and badges for tomorrow’s BIG EVENT…………….

This is my best “determined” look……I am gonna get a badge this week.   OR ELSE.

OR ELSE what?

Tomorrow’s Teaser is from our ever-hopeful GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT.    Yep – another one of those.    So who knows what she they will come up with?!    Just remember this if you don’t remember anything else:


Yep – that’s right and also you need to remember to COMMENT as soon as you get here before you even sit at your desk or go to the bathroom……..got it?

GOT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheer Team?   Would you like to do a little cheer for our students to make sure they arrive tomorrow FIRED UP and ready to guess??????????????

July 4th is coming this week
So we’re giving you a sneak peek
Our patriotic outfits might not be very scanty
But we’re wearing red/white and blue panties!
We hope that you will be a winner
We like a room full of grinners!
We’re totally ready to party
So tomorrow don’t you be TARDY!

OK girls – I’m sure everyone gets the general idea……………….!    I’ve heard that we’re having a special July 4th feast in the cafeteria after Wednesday’s TELL ALL class.   It will be one day early but who cares.    Meanwhile, today’s lunch is ready so let’s go shall we?

Hello Students!    I’ll be in my red/white/blue uniform through Wednesday to celebrate the 4th.    We’ll have a special menu that day too.   Meanwhile, enjoy what we have for you today – and the picnic area outside is available if you’d like to take your lunch out there!

Today’s Luncheon Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!!!!!!  

Your Professors

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT STUDENTS!    Starting NEXT Monday, we will have a different blog post instead of Pre-Tease Monday.    You all don’t need a Pre-Tease class – you’re too good at teasing to need a lesson how to do the Teaser!    We will just REMIND you Teaser is the next day…………..that way our Graphics Department can do a post for “SPARKS” instead.    MAKING LIFE EASIER FOR OUR GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT!!!!!!


Pre-Tease Monday


Time to Prep for Tomorrow!

That’s correct – you heard it here first – today is prep day for the BIG TEST tomorrow.   Tuesday is test day around here and you need to be READY.  Our job is to get you there!

First we want to wish everyone who is celebrating Memorial Day Weekend a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY – today is the day.    We’ve been celebrating all weekend but we need to make sure that on this day of all days we honor those who have served our country………..and that includes my Mom’s Dad who was a career Air Force officer.    He loved being in the Air Force and while we’ve shown you the photo of him walking our Mom down the aisle 29 years ago, we’re going to show it one more time!    It’s sort of a tradition around here – he had been retired for a number of years and wasn’t sure he could still fit in his uniform but he ROCKED IT!

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

So, in honor of all of you who have served, we wish you a happy Memorial Day and THANK YOU for your service.

Now let’s get down to business shall we?    First of all here are our Teaser Class rules for tomorrow’s “guessing” ……….you  need to follow them too!    After that, take a peek at the badges that you just might win if you’re lucky.

We will be starting class tomorrow at a surprise time too so BE READY.

Oh I’ll be ready alright!

We have an EXTRA FUN Teaser for you tomorrow too.    Trust us – it will be interesting and you will have THREE photos to examine.    Yep – THREE!


That’s right – we show you three photos – give you three places – you match photo to place.   Something different but we think you’ll enjoy it.

The Cheer Team thinks it’s going to be challenging for you – right girls??

We wanna say
Happy Memorial Day
Picnics with burgers and dogs
Eat too much and you’ll be a hog!
Make sure you don’t overeat
You want to fit into your seat!
Make sure and study tonight
Maybe tomorrow YOU can be right!
A very different kind of class……
We sure hope that you can pass!!!!

We hope students enjoy something different tomorrow too!!!!

But right now – we’re going to join Miss Dingleberry outside in the school yard for a special MEMORIAL DAY PICNIC!     Ready???  Let’s go!


Students – we’re all set up for you to enjoy a special meal for this holiday!   Enjoy!!

Grab a spot by your friends……….load up your plate with great foodables and enjoy this beautiful day!

Plenty of burgers, hot dogs, BBQ, watermelon……………………………and here’s your menu so load up and have some fun!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ll see you at a surprise time tomorrow for a surprise Teaser!   Your Professors

Pee Ess……on behalf of one of our students, Kismet, we want to share this event!  Sounds like fun!