Pre-Tease Monday


Yes indeed boys and girls, it’s time to gather together in our classroom (yes – even though it’s summer and regular school is NOT in session!) to have our weekly FUN with guessing where a photo was taken.   I mean what would your week be like without the TEASER to look forward to??????????

It would be boring Professors!  

Where in the world will we be seeing in our Teaser photograph this week?    We will be finding out tomorrow – remember that our post will pop into your inbox at a DIFFERENT Time than usual so be ready.   When it arrives, remember the first thing to do is COMMENT!  You might be First Commenter.    We have ALL NEW BADGES TO WIN starting tomorrow!!!!!  Wanna see them????

The rules of the game are simple too!

EASY PEASY!   Got it?   Good!

Our Teaser tomorrow is a GUEST PHOTO……………………..and you’ll find out on the Tell All post of Wednesday WHO sent in the photo and who wins WHAT.

We’re on the edge of our seats!!

Now would you like to have a rowsing cheer from our cheer team?    Alright!

We are talented yes its’ true
But we’re not here for US, we’re here for YOU!
We cheer each Monday to get you ready
Teaser’s tomorrow – will your hearts be steady?
Excitement building and then the TEST
Will you be FIRST or just one of “the rest” ?!
Study hard tonight and get a brand new badge
Don’t study tonight and you’ll hear from Madge!

Thanks gang – you may not go pop in Sarge’s hot tub because he’s not at school today…………..he’s got the day off!   Just remember to get the ring around the tub scrubbed off or he’ll suspect someone used HIS tub while he was gone.

Heaven forbid!

Would you all be ready for lunch by any chance because I can smell the unmistakable aroma of FRIED CHICKEN and other goodies……… must be Miss Dingleberry’s FRIED FOOD DAY!

We’ll have fried chicken, French fries and onion rings please…..the FULL FAT EXPERIENCE!

See you tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!   

Your Professors

P.S.    Yesterday Mom posted a jigsaw puzzle of ME and the link didn’t work!   Here it is for all you puzzlers who wanna do it:


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    • Your Dad sure did have some good luck shepherding you around the ring Phenny and just look what you won – a FIRST! A trophy! I’m sure the Mama is very proud of you and your Dad even if it might HURT just a little to tell him that….hahahaha….Not only that but Da Nelly now not only has a brother but a HERO!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. I’ll be here! But then I’ll be gone a couple weeks. It’s hard to keep it secret, but I want to earn the badge of guest travel photo. It’s somewhere we’ve never been. I don’t remember seeing it on a Tuesday teaser either. 😎☀️

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    • Well we don’t know what Miss Dingleberry will be serving tomorrow BUTTTTT I’ll tell you a little secret – she loves onion rings too and ALWAYS has some behind the counter so ASK! 🙂

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. I get tangled up with others as we all try to be first. BUT I will be here trying anyway! Cheer are looking adorbs and I love this morning’s cheer! Miss Dingleberry…None of us students would ever miss that feast! I’ll have some of everything! XX Please. *remembering manners too late*


  3. I was able to find the puzzle, I bet it took me longer than anyone. Great cheer ladies! I best go study so I don’t hear from Madge. XO


  4. Professors, you look so cute together with the wonderful fried noms. We cannot wait to dig in. The new badges are terrific. Hoping we get here early tomorrow and maybe even know the locale of the Teaser. Hope you girls enjoyed your soak in the hot tub! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • Glad you like the new badges – we’ll be awarding those today to some lucky students! The Guest Teaser is (we think) a toughie – guess we’ll find out later! GOOD LUCK!

      Hugs, Teddy


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