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Pre-Teaser Monday


Happy Monday!   Class is about to begin!

Yikes – I forgot to bring my school books!

Too bad buddy – you can’t go home to get your books – you’ll just have to REMEMBER tomorrow!  That’s TEN demerits!

Happy Monday Students…..please have a seat and let’s begin.

I’m ready!

Today we will be preparing you for tomorrow.   That’s right – today we just go over the rules and get you PSYCHED up for tomorrow when you will see a photo from somewhere in the world and have to guess as best you can WHERE the photo was taken!    You will also have to be on your toes (or paws as the case may be) because the post is going to pop up at a SURPRISE time so be alert!

Why should you be alert?   Because the FIRST person to comment on the post tomorrow will win this:

Then you will be shown a photo by our Security Specialist who has been keeping the photo under lock and key so there will have been NO PEEKING.    Here are the rules for tomorrow’s GUESSWORK:

The reason we have #2 for a rule is that it’s super duper easy to place the photo we will show you into some program like Google Image Search and have IT tell you where the photo was taken.  We think it’s more fun if you don’t use any “cheats” and just figure it out on your own!!

We promise NEVER to cheat Professors!

The other badges you can win would be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, the RIGHT GUESSER (if you guess correctly but aren’t the FIRST to do so), and the WRONG GUESSER (otherwise known as the GREENIE).

Our cheerleaders are away at a cheerleading camp today but they will be here tomorrow to cheer you on.    We do have a cheer for you though.   This young lad tried out for the cheer team and didn’t make it but he was kind enough to volunteer to give you a little PUSH on Monday to get you in the mood for tomorrow!    Take it away BOBBY!

Gimme a B
Gimme an O
Two more Bs
And a Y
That’s my name
I thought it was a shame
You didn’t vote for ME
But I’m here for you to see
A grudge I do NOT hold
Though you left me out in the cold
I’m supposed to cheer you on
You’d better get up at dawn
The Teaser is a real whopper
A real heart stopper
Better get lotsa rest
You wanna be right – and best!
The girls will be here tomorrow
I’m gonna go drown my sorrow
The guys are down at the bar
So I’m gonna go hop in my car
I’ll see ya around the schoolyard
Now don’t forget to TRY HARD!!

C’mon Bobby – let’s go get a brewski !


Uhhh…….geee Bobby, didn’t know you’d taken it so hard when you weren’t picked for the cheerleading spot.   I’m sure next time Suzie is interviewing you can try out again!    In the meantime, thanks for cheering everyone on……………….sorta.

Poor Bobby…….

Don’t worry – Bobby will be back.   You know how the girls are always taking time off from cheer duty at school.

Don’t worry Bobby…..I’ll have a little TALK with the girls on your behalf!

OK class.   Let’s move on shall we?    Miss Dingleberry was kind enough to make some cookies for everyone today.   Tomorrow we’ll have a REAL lunch but today – snacks only.    After you have your snack you can STUDY.

OK Professors – I’ll study!

No makin’ fun of my hairnet – this is to start gettin’ me in the mood for Valentine’s Day…….

You get a smoothie or hot chocolate!

See you tomorrow!  Remember – SURPRISE time!!   

Professor Angel Sam and Teddy


Teaser Tell All


Let The Tell All Begin!

Madge has larengitis so I’m here to say “TAKE A SEAT BECAUSE CLASS IS STARTING!”


Let’s get down to business students.    We thought that yesterday’s Teaser would be tough…….like TOUGH TOUGH……..were we right?  Nope………..we had a winner in a matter of less than a half hour!    Class – you never cease to surprise me!

We started off the Teaser competition with FIRST COMMENTER and yesterday we had TWO who chimed in within the first 60 seconds……who????

Jackie and Phenny

Miss Jackie and Da Phenny – you each get one of these!!!!!  Concatulations!

Two of us were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018 – Da Phenny and Miss Jackie!!

Here are the two Teaser photos we showed you………………

These great photos were sent in by our GUEST TEASER yesterday – Miss Csilla from KOLYTYI !    Thank you Csilla!!!!!

For Miss Csilla for being our GUEST TEASER on January 16, 2018

Where were these photos taken?    They were taken from the CLOCK TOWER in the Musee’ d’Orsay in Paris, France.    If you study the “out the window” shot you might see some familiar looking architectural styles – very Parisian, Oui?    If you aren’t familiar with this wonderful museum, it’s right on the Seine in the middle of Paris and contains an AMAZING collection of fabulous things – Csilla sent this video which you may enjoy taking a peek at……it’s like a tour of the museum!    Thank you so much Csilla – my Mom and Dad have been to Paris TWICE and never had a chance to see this museum but you can bet they will try if they ever get to go back!




Obviously the family of Da Phenny was ALERT and on the ball yesterday when the Teaser photo popped up because it wasn’t long before they guessed it!    This is for you:

For Being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018!

We had some other folks who guessed it right too – if you were one of those lucky peeps, help yourself to one of these to show off!

I knew the TEASER on Jan. 16, 2018 but I wasn’t FIRST to guess….oh well…..!

And if you were clueless or wrong……..you get a GREENIE!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018 but I got a GREENIE anyway!

Now our fabulous cheerleading team will memorialize this moment for you winners (and losers) with a cheer – take it away girls!

Yesterday we had a Teaser
That certainly was a real crowd pleaser
Miss Jackie and Da Phenny both commented FIRST
Everyone else must have been cursed!
Then back came Phenny ready for a fight –
He was the very first one to GUESS THE PHOTO RIGHT!
It was in Paris in the Musee d’Orsay’s old clock tower
He got that right – he must have SUPER POWER!
Phenny won TWICE so he got more than one badge!
The rest of you get screamed at by Miss Madge!

Thanks ladies – that was inspiring to say the least……………..who knows – next Tuesday YOU might know the Teaser and YOU might get your name into one of the team’s fabulous cheers!!

I promise to study super hard Professors so I can win something next week!

Me too although I might have a gig in Vegas next week doing my Elvis impression so might not be in class…..

And I’m going with him as his personal drummer!!!!

Elvis? Groovy!

Well we will see you next week in class everyone………………thank you for paying attention in class today.   We only had one sleeper and I do believe Sarge took care of him.

WAKE UP!!!!!!



Professors Sammy and Teddy (at your service!)

Teaser Tell All


Another day dawns at Ding Dong School!

I came to school EXTRA EARLY so I could find the door!

Shall we begin?

We hope you liked yesterday’s Teaser photo……………..Mom found it on the internet………..BUT it’s a place she’s been to before with our Dad.    I’ll tell you more about that later but for NOW, we want you to know that we had a THREE WAY TIE for First Commenter!    We know Suzie and her crew will have their names in their cheer for today but in the meantime the lucky winners of a badge were:

Miss Csilla (KOLYTYI) , Miss Sharon (Friends Furever), and Miss Madi (Down Home In NC)

Each of you gets one of these!!!!!!

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of Jan. 2, 2018!

Good job ladies – we had a TRIFECTA of beautiful ladies who were bright and early and on the ball to comment so quickly !!!!


Here’s another look at the photo from yesterday………………

A beautiful photo indeed………………………….and it seems that the Transamerica building on the far left MIGHT have been the hint some folks needed to figure this one out…………..but only ONE was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!    Who was it???????

 Timmy from Timmy Tomcat


I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of January 2, 2018 !!

The photo is in fact JUST WHERE Timmy and his Dad guessed – The INNER HARBOR in Baltimore, Maryland.    It’s a very cool spot – the baseball stadium is down there along with wonderful shops and restaurants and so much to see and do.   They have water taxis to take you from one place to another because it’s such a BIG area to explore.    Our parents spent the night there in a nice hotel and had some wonderful seafood for dinner.    Want more info?   Click HERE to visit the Inner Harbor’s website.

There were some more of you who were “smarty pants” and got it right too!   If you were one of the lucky ducks (or cats, dogs, pigs, birds, humans), then you get to take one of THESE for yourself!!

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of January 2, 2018 !!

Then of course there were the SEVERAL of you who tried but didn’t have a correct guess – you are still winners in our books though because you WON a badge too – this one:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 2, 2018 but I get a NEW YEAR GREENIE ANYWAY!

Congratulations winners (and losers) – you have survived the first Teaser of the brand new year!     I think this calls for a special cheer – right girls?????

Here we are and we’re feeling PERKY!
We walk a straight line and our sight’s not JERKY!
We have some winners for the brand new year
So pay attention and lend us your ear!
First Commenters were a crowd of three
Sharon, Csilla, and Madi but not ME!
Then we waited to see who would guess it right
There was only ONE RIGHT so there was no fight!
Timmy and his Dad were RIGHT ON THE MONEY!
Congratulations Timmy you’re a REAL cute Honey!
So those were the winners of the new years Teaser
We knew you’d enjoy it, it was a real crowd pleaser!

I foresee another Teaser next Tuesday.

Gee it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a fortune teller!) to know that there will be a Teaser next Tuesday……………………..good grief!

OK…..I foresee another Teaser next Tuesday that’s TOUGH!!!!!

Time will tell………………………which is my cue to remind you that if you think you have a photo that might fool everyone or at least be a challenge, please email it to the Professors!    We might feature YOUR photo one of these days!

Those professors can be long-winded……I’m waiting for class to be over so I can clean this place!

Alright class…..time for recess…..we’ll see you NEXT week for another Teaser!

Professor Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted


P.S.   With great sadness we learned yesterday of the passing of another sweet friend – Lily Olivia – one of the Kitties Blue from The Cat On My Head.   If you haven’t already visited the Kitties Blue to extend your sympathies and thoughts, please feel free to use/click on this beautiful graphic Mom Janet did in honor of her sweet Lily Olivia to visit them.

Tuesday Teaser


Ring a Ling Ding Dong!  School bell time!

Good Morning Students – now run quickly to the COMMENTS and who knows – you might be the FIRST and win a badge!!!   You have our permission to leave your desk but hurry back!   Sarge is watching you!

tick tock tick tock

Glad you’re all back – good luck – hope you win the FIRST COMMENTER badge today or at least are ONE of the winners – lately we usually have more than one who comments in the first sixty seconds here – any later than that and it’s TOO LATE!!!!

Don’t worry – not everyone can comment FIRST – your turn will come!

Are you ready for class today????   Did you all recover well from your turkey coma (if you celebrated Thanksgiving that is)?   Miss Dingleberry contributed a bit to the turkey coma around here because of her turkey feast before Thanksgiving but she’s back to serving LIGHT SNACKS as a treat before recess so today it’s just cookies and hot chocolate for you OK?

Yes it is time to get busy!   Eyes forward class…….!!


Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you.    It will be up to all of you to take a good look at the photo and then figure out WHERE the photo was taken!    Not always easy – as we showed you in the last TWO weeks here in class because NOBODY guessed the Teaser but today might be your lucky day!     Here are the rules:

  1. When you make your guess as to where the photo was taken you must include the CITY/VILLAGE/TOWN as well as the COUNTRY (if not USA) or STATE (if in the USA) that the photo was snapped.   No credit for a partial answer!
  2. We always ask that you NOT use any kind of computer program to TELL you where the photo was taken – Google Image Search lets you load up a photo and WHAMMO does all the work and shows you similar images so you can let IT do all the work for you.   We want you to figure it out on your own – study the photo and make your best guess – EASY PEASY……and more fun for everyone too!

So shall we bring in our little TEASER CHEERLEADER DUO for a peppy cheer before we show you the photo?    Oh let’s do it – Suzie and Lucy?   STAGE CENTER!

Today’s Teaser might be a doozy
But one thing’s for sure, we girls aren’t floozies!
Even in our birthday suits!
If you’re the winner that would be swell!
Lucy’s “people talk” is getting better wouldn’t you say????

Good job girls………Suzie – I think soon you and Lucy might consider adding to the CHEER TEAM – your training program is certainly doing wonders for Lucy!

Now, let’s bring in our security guard with today’s photo…………………………

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Whatcha think class?   Toughie?   I have a feeling someone will get this one today…………………………..take your time – then when you’re ready to guess – GO FOR IT AND GOOD LUCK!

There’s what’s up for grabs so do your best!    We’ll hand out the badges tomorrow to all you lucky students who have been studying your world geography!

Now you may go to the back of the room and politely and quietly help yourself to cookies and a smoothie or hot chocolate and go outside and enjoy your recess!!    Thank you Miss Dingleberry for the treats!

No shoving, tripping, spitting, grabbing, biting, bruising, stabbing, hitting, poking – just take some cookies and go outside!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



P.S.  Before you leave, won’t you visit Winnie’s Wish Auction site?   This pawsome rescue does fab auctions full of wonderful donated goodies that will benefit the Winnie’s Wish effort………maybe you’ll find something totally cool to give as a gift this holiday OR maybe something YOU will keep for yourself!   There are some adorable things to be had this year AND it’s a “QUICK AUCTION” so don’t wait too long to visit – stuff will go fast!!   


 You’ll be glad you helped……….. ♥

Pre-Tease Monday


Time to Get Ready for The Teaser!

Welcome to Geography Class Students!

We are all stuffed with turkey just as our turkeys were stuffed with stuffing last Thursday.    Surely you’re ready to settle down and get back to studying so we’re here to goose you along the road to tomorrow’s Teaser Tuesday when you will need your WITS about you!

First thing to remember about tomorrow is that our post will be LIVE at a surprise time and if you just happen to be AWAKE when it goes live and you get notice that the Teaser is “UP”, you best come here and comment IMMEDIATELY because if you are FIRST (or one of the FIRSTS) you will get this badge to display on your blog or “wherever” !

Also if you are the FIRST to guess correctly where the photo was taken, OR you are RIGHT with your guess but not FIRST, OR you are wrong with your guess (boo hoo) you still might win a badge!   These are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER, and WRONG GUESSER awards:

If you are NEW to the Teaser Class, you will be given a photo tomorrow and it will be up to you to figure out WHERE the photo was taken.   Sounds easy huh?   Well guess what – it isn’t always and in fact for the past TWO Tuesdays, we have STUMPED everyone – nobody knew where the photo was taken.    We are going to try to give you a slightly (note that word “slightly”) easier photo this week.    Isn’t that nice of us????    So once you see the photo, you will comment here WHERE you think the photo was taken and you need to remember these “rules”………

  1. When you make your guess, you must guess the CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE where the photo was taken as well as what STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) you think the photo was snapped.
  2. The most important rule is that we ask that you not use some computer program to tell you where the photo was taken – we know you can load up a photo into a program like Google Image Search and find out where it is BUT we think it’s way way way more fun and fair if you just use your head and eyes and brain to figure it out without help!

Are we clear?    Good!

I’m new at this school and even I know the rules!

Oh yeah….I know the rules too Professors!

I foresee Bobby raising his hand…………………

Well Madame Lazonga that’s a GIVEN that Bobby will raise his hand at least ONCE in class !!!

I wasn’t gonna raise my hand but since Madame Lazonga said I would, I guess I better!

OK Bobby…………….I don’t think anyone wants to upset Madame Lazonga’s globe-gazing – we should stay on her GOOD side right?

Lazonga SHLAMONGA, she don’t scare ME!

Yes Sarge……..we know you aren’t easily frightened – you are the Class Security Monitor after all……….I think the only thing that scares you is when SuzieQ is having a BAD HAIR DAY right?

Ya got that right!

OK – let’s get on with class shall we?    Today Suzie’s protoge’ Lucy is back from her Thanksgiving adventure and SAYS she has been practicing her cheering so she won’t disappoint SuzieQ.   I know she doesn’t want Suzie to think she’s HOPELESS at learning “people talk” instead of “dog” so let’s see how things are shakin’ with our two TEASER CHEERLEADERS!

Two Bits Four Bits
Six Bits a Dollar
Lucy and I do NOT wear a collar!
Lucy girl knock it out of the park!
Lucy is trying so don’t be snarky!
Lucy you said some words girl – you’re a real scream!
Let’s give Lucy a cheer as she’s getting good!
She’s the newest cheerleader in da hood!!!

Well done Lucy!


OK Class – let’s settle down – save some energy for tomorrow’s TEASER CLASS……………Suzie and Lucy are becoming quite the team but we don’t want Lucy’s head getting FAT from compliments and we don’t want Suzie to think we PREFURRR Lucy to her.    It’s a fine line we walk around here with our tempermental cheerleading staff!

Who MEEE???? I’m not tempermental!

Sorry Suzie…………you and Lucy are both doing an amazing job.    Seriously.   Really.   Honestly.    Now let’s just remind everyone that the post tomorrow will be popping up at a different time than our regular blog posts so BE ALERT.

This would NOT be “alert” !!

THIS is alert!!!

Study Hard Students!   Your Professors of Geography 

Angel Sammy and Teddy


Pre-Tease Monday


Hoooo-Haaaaa It’s Time To Prime for Teaser!

Here we are…….starting another epically epic week at Ding Dong School with our regular feature – PRE-TEASE MONDAY!     It’s also Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day but we did a separate post for that today.

Let’s talk TEASE shall we?    This week we have another fabulous Guest Teaser for you………….we aren’t sure if you will think it’s impossible or maybe it’s an easy peasy one.   That will be up to you to decide!

The BIGGEST DEAL for tomorrow will be that you won’t know when our post will pop into your inbox AND you must hurry up and comment on the post the minute you DO see it because you might be our FIRST COMMENTER!

Last week Miss Csilla was our FIRST COMMENTER and you don’t want her to win TWO IN A ROW do you???????  No – so be on your toes (or paws).

Now just one other announcement before we bring Suzie in for a little CHEER to get your blood stirred up……………today after class and before your recess, Miss Dingleberry is going to be serving us a FABULOUS lunch!    It’s “SOUTHERN FRIED” day here at school – we’ll have fried chicken and all the other fixins for your crunchy/munchy pleasure before you go outside and swing or teeter-totter or climb the monkey bars or chase each other and get all sweaty.   Sounds good right?   Right!

BUT FIRST………………..

Here we are with another tease
You’re all so cute I could give you a squeeze!
Miss Dingleberry has fixed us lunch
Southern fried chicken has a wonderful crunch!
Greasy food is my best friend
Even though it gives me “wind”
I wish you luck on tomorrow’s test
You’ve gotta be FAST to be the best….
So be here early with your brain in gear
Or I just might spank you on your…..um……ARM
(yeah I know it doesn’t rhyme – just use your imagination!)

Thanks Suzie!    That was SWELL…………wasn’t it everyone?

WOW…..is it just me or does class seem bigger than usual today????

I hope Miss Dingleberry has made enough food……………..

Hey – wait a minute….this isn’t your USUAL class Professors!!

Yes we don’t know what happened Miss Dingleberry but I guess your fame as a fabulous cook must have spread far and wide………………….no worries – I’ll handle it!

Attention Crowd!   If you are only here for lunch, BEAT IT.  That’s right – lunch is for our registered Geography Class participants only!   The rest of you go up the street and eat at the GOLDEN ARCHES – yeah – them – they have a grease fest there every single day!  

OK Miss Dingleberry – all those freeloaders are gone………..bring on the food!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now this is what I call EATING!!!!!  Hey Teddy, hand me a pile of napkins will ya????!

We’ll see you tomorrow for the TEASER!

P.S.  Don’t forget this Thursday, August 31st is Shopping Around The World!   This month is “SNACKS” – share your favorite recipe, list of ingredients and prices and hopefully a photo of your masterpiece on your blog and link to PIGLOVE where Bacon lives!!     We’re hosting this month as a favor to Bacon and his Mom!