SPARK on Monday


I love this graphic and always will.   Although the blogger who started the SPARKS Blog Hop is no longer blogging…….she certainly lit a spark when she inspired so many of us who followed her blog to begin each week with a bit of positive inspiration.    A thought, a graphic, a story – anything that might bring hope or LIGHT into each others’ life by sharing it.

Sometimes I spend a great deal of time looking at inspirational quotes – many of them speak to me – some of them loudly and others softly but every single time, my eyes will read something and it’s just “THE ONE”…….the thought I needed at that moment or that I felt would mean something to someone who reads it and thinks about it.    It might be just what someone ELSE needs to see………..if it rings true to me – maybe it will to you!

Yes – you are “in there” somewhere……………..let yourself out of that box, that corner, that life, that routine and find yourself again…………………

Love, Pam

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    • I had no idea who I was after my first marriage ended…..none…..I’d always been the other half to someone else. It was a few years before I was really comfortable being just me because I had to figure that out first but after that, the BEST thing I learned about myself was that I AM an individual and can feel things and do things for myself. I hope and pray every day that I can REMEMBER that into the future. You absolutely will find yourself again dear friend. I truly believe that. When you’ve been with someone for a very long time you have to rediscover YOU.

      Love and Hugs, Pam


  1. Great spark for today. Love it. Have a lovely day. Supposed to be pleasant for 2 days. Cashew going for a dental tomorrow. I am nervous about it. He is an older cat.
    Sue B


  2. That IS a great spark. We hope it gives the spark that at least one person needs to find their way back.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


    • That would be great if one – just one “gets” the spark and finds the way out of their difficulty whatever it may be. WE are at the center of our lives but life pulls us in so many directions we forget that.

      Hugs, Pam


  3. A timely reminder during these tumultuous times. Some people need to get lost in order to be found. One of my favorite quotes is from Dante and by coincidence came across it scribbled in a journal from 2009. “In the middle of our life’s journey, I found myself in a dark wood where the straight path was lost” and understood it at a deeper level.


    • I always felt I learned from adversity – and I’ve had a lot of that (!) in my long life. Once I was comfortable in my own skin, I handled everything more easily and I feel that gave me the power to be ME without being the shadow for someone else. I love Dante’s quote – and I appreciate that even if we sometimes lose our way, we can TRUST our instincts and turn it into an adventure.

      Hugs, Pam


  4. I really like this one and remember times when job or something other would intrude on who I wanted to be and the direction I wanted my life to go. Now looking back I see many of those things actually helped me focus on my personal goals and attain them while keeping me grounded. We love seeing you and Teddy on Mondays Pam.
    Prayers and Purrs
    Dad Pete and Timmy


    • Thanks Pete and Timmy………..I think the SPARKS idea is one of the BEST to come along. It’s interesting how many of the SPARKS that get posted are things that we already KNOW but forget….SPARKS gets the bulb lit again which is helpful !

      Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too!)


  5. Mee-you Lady Pam an Teddy this SPARK reelly mee-yowed to LadyMum! Shee said shee lsoted herself many years ago (way back as a teenager) an shee did not find herself till her 30’ss an 40’ss. Which iss a reelief shee knowss who shee iss now, rite???
    Life iss a journey… inn-terestin one at that…..
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~


    • Life is a journey and it’s a DIFFERENT journey for each of us – animal and human alike…..we learn as we go, we have good and bad and ugly and still we put one paw/foot in front of the other and carry on. You’ve done that as has your Ladymum………it’s WHAT WE DO. YAY!

      Love, Teddy

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    • It’s been super duper hot here like it has been there Dezi and Raena but we’re staying inside a lot more in the cool. Still, I can’t resist popping out from time to time to check things out!

      Stay cool..
      Love, Teddy


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