Teaser Tell All


Hello Class!  Time to TELL ALL!

I for one am anxious to find out where that photo was taken!

Well let’s do first things first shall we?    Yesterday when the Teaser Blog went live, there was only ONE FIRST COMMENTER!   Can you believe it?   Within the second minute though we had three or four more chime in but the DEAL was already SEALED for our FIRSTIE and who was that????

Friends Furever !

WOO HOOOO FOR Miss Sharon, Raz, Noelle and Allie~

This is for you:

We were FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of June 12, 2018! YAY FOR US!

Then I want to tell you that that photo yesterday was NOT a Guest Teaser – the Professors’ Mom found it and thought it would be a super cool photo for class to agonize over…..here it is one more time:

So what are we seeing here?    This is the beautiful town and beautiful backdrop in Queenstown, New Zealand!    What a view.   We wondered if this would be a toughie or if it would be easy……and we had some really GREAT guesses too.    We kept our eye on things to see who might be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………and boy oh boy oh boy – it turned out to be someone who would get a BRAND NEW BADGE from us.    Why?    Because our student has been the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for three weeks in a row!    Who?

In the future, should we have another THREE IN A ROW winner they too will receive one of these stunning badges designed by our design team (Mom) so now you have something super special to aspire to!


Were you right too?   Right but not FIRST RIGHT?    Well you deserve a badge for that……………and here it is:

I got the Teaser right but I wasn’t first on June 12, 2018. Darn!

Were you WRONG with your guess?   Well, we are sorry about that but maybe as you take your GREENIE today you’ll start thinking POSITIVE and win a “non-GREENIE” next week???

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 12, 2018 but I’ll TRY TRY again next week!

I’m SURE our Cheer Team was totally thrilled to only have one FIRST COMMENTER and of course Speedy’s triple win ought to be worth some special mention so let’s bring ’em on in shall we???

We couldn’t believe it but they say it’s TRUE
Only one FIRST COMMENTER not three, four or two!
Miss Sharon and her team, Raz, Allie and Noelle
Get the FIRST COMMENTER badge now isn’t that swell????
Then the big winner was our friend Speedy the Bunny
He’s tall, white and handsome and a real fuzzy HONEY!
THREE WEEKS IN A ROW is no small feat
He’s got a special badge cuz he’s extra sweet!
You can win one too if you get three in a row
Then we’ll do a special cheer for you
To end our Teaser Tell All Show!!!!

ALRIGHT!    A bonanza of a Tell All today and now all of you smarty pants students need to work EXTRA HARD next week because I’m sure you don’t want Speedy to win ALL the badges around here right?   So this is your wake-up call….time to dust off those globes, dust off the geography books and grab your study buddy and whip it into shape for next week!

Miss Dingleberry thought today would be a good day for cookies and ice cream……………..what do you think about that??????

Yep – ice cream AND cookies – you can help yourself to the cookie pile – just let me know how many scoops of which flavor for your cone!!

Your Professors!


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  1. Congratulations Speedy! Three in a row is quite an achievement!

    Congratulations Miss Sharon and crew for commenting first.

    I was in the wrong hemisphere – I’ll try harder next week.

    Have a great day, everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES – and isn’t it just so much FUN to figure out what to search for and eventually FIND it? Part of being a good detective is looking for clues and you did it !! YAY!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. concats team Raz and concats captain speedy… wooohooo… he knows all places of this world , he is the fearless pirate captain ;O) oh how wrong we were… but wait norway and new zealand starts with the same letter… that’s better than nothing hehehehe

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  3. New Zealand is among the most beautiful places in the world… and…if you look up, you’ll see the Southern Cross in the deep night sky. Something there is no way we can see in our own starry sky. Professors, you chose a gorgeous scene…a treat to the eye. And Congratulations to the Triple Winner!

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  4. I’m glad Miss D isn’t serving poisonous mushroom pizzas. She’s doing ice cream which is normally safe but with Miss D you never know………………..


  5. Congrats to Friends Furever for being the first commentator. Way to go! Now, Speedy the Rabbit is a very clever guy….he told me so! To win three in a row shows he’s no slouch. I would never have guessed New Zealand but it is very pretty there.


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  6. Oh! My Cod!!! Queen Penelope is over the moon that her buddy Speedy won the triple winner badge! And it is such a lovely badge! And now, after seeing where this picture is, she wants to go visit there!
    PS ICE CREAM Please


    • Oh I just knew that Angel Queen Nellie would love that her bunny has the Triple Crown! New Zealand looks rather magical doesn’t it? What flavor MICE Cream do you prefer Marv??

      Hugs, Teddy


  7. Yummy…cookies and ice cream make losing okay. Dad was wondering if this was Bergen Noway as some had guessed, as his s stepsister is visiting there right now. We see that guess was incorrect. Wow, three wins in a row for Speedy. That will never happen for us. Concats to him and Mom Sharon, Raz, Noelle and Allie.


    • Speedy sure can figure the Teasers out quickly – I knew bunnies were FAST but didn’t know they were THAT fast! I can see why people thought Norway or Alaska or anywhere in Canada….even Switzerland which someone guessed. We were kind of surprised to find that photo was New Zealand too. Finding photos is fun just like guessing is.

      Hugs, Teddy


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