Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


It’s Double Duty Day! 

Thankful Thursday and

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

First let’s talk about being thankful – because we are – all of us!   I’m thankful to be here in this home with my two parents who love me and spoil me rotten (Sammy told me they would!) and they think they are lucky to have found me at the shelter where they found Sammy so long ago…….(what they don’t realize is that Sammy arranged that to happen on purpose!).    Also I’m thankful that Mom and Dad let me go for long walks on my leash where I can explore the whole big yard and woods……….I love digging in the mulch especially!    Tee Hee      Would you like to tell the world how thankful you are?    Then click the above badge and go to Brian’s blog where you can join in the THANKFUL hop – use his Linky Tool, enter your blog address, post about what you’re thankful for and THAT’S IT!

The other thing we do on Thursdays is let my Angel brother Sammy continue with something he did before he left for the Bridge last December – write poetry together!!!     We are on our THIRD go-thru of the alphabet now and this week’s letter is:

“B” !!  

Today you can write a poem about ANY word/thing that starts with the letter “B” OR you can use one of the prompt words that Angel Sammy gave us LAST Thursday for this week – what were they???

(1) Banana  (2) Bath  (3) Brave or (4) Balloon

Here’s the post Angel Sammy transmitted to me on my computer overnight!!!

Hello My Sweet Friends!  Greetings from the Rainbow Bridge!   I wrote my poem last night and sent it to Teddy to share with you today – I hope you wrote a “B” poem too!   Remember you can write about anything you want starting with a “B” or you can use one of my prompts.   I’m using the prompt “Bath”!


By Angel Sammy Kimmell 6-22-17

Some cats really love to get wet

But drinking from my bowl is as close as I’d get!

The first day I came to live in my house

When I was tiny – small as a mouse!

Mom said at the shelter I’d gotten quite stinky….

So she got baby shampoo and a cloth and put me in the sinky!

She washed me gently but I was VERY unhappy

She tried to clean me quickly and make it snappy!

She rinsed me off and sat with me on the floor

She kissed me and said that I was stinky no more!

A nice warm towel and Moms lap both felt good

I knew I’d landed in a GREAT neighborhood…….

That bath was the ONLY one that I ever had

I kept myself immaculate and never was bad

I kept my furs neat and clean as can be

Right up to the day that my soul was set free………

(p.s. we don’t need baths at the Bridge!!!!)

I hope all of you wrote a poem today to share with us – you can put it in the comments here on the blog OR give us the link to your “B” poem in my comments and we’ll follow you to read it!!    Next week we will do a “C” poem…………… can write about ANYTHING starting with the letter “C” or you can use one of next week’s PROMPTS from me here at the Bridge – ready?   Here they are:

(1) Car  (2) Camera  (3) Cookie  (4) Carpet

OK?   I hope to see you next week – I’ll have another poem direct from the Rainbow Bridge for you and I hope you have something to share with all of us too!    Until then:

Love and Light From Angel Sammy

Thanks Angel Sammy…………..I like your poem.  Know what?   Even though Mom and Dad got me from the same shelter they did NOT give me a bath when they got me home that first day – I guess I wasn’t stinky!!!!

See You All Next Thursday!

Love, Teddy



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  1. how great that you walk on a leash… we could go on patrol together ;o) I’m with you, water in a bowl is the only thing I tolerate… and a wet tongue counts too for getting wet, right?


    • Oh a wet tongue is the only way to have a bath as far as I’m concerned! If I can’t keep myself cleaned up and presentable then I’ll be a dirt ball before I’ll ALLOW a bath!

      Love, Teddy


    • Oh I hope your Mom will give a poem a try….remember – poetry doesn’t even have to rhyme to be officially a poem which helps! It’s fun to try anyway…….thanks for coming by…….

      Love, Teddy


    • I know Teddy is grateful we didn’t give him one (although we probably should have!)…….but poor Sammy – well – he really was a stinky little thing when we got him home and I wanted him to “start fresh” in his new forever home. He was so little…..and really for a little guy did very well. It was kind of a sweet experience for us bonding over a bath on his first day here. It was February and I had the powder room door closed to hold in the heat (and had turned up the thermostat too!)…….it almost got stifling in there while I dried him but he was just so incredibly SWEET….always was until the day he went to the Bridge.

      Love, Pam


  2. It’s a strange coincidence, but my bipeds said I was ‘stinky’ when I first went to live with them and I had to have a bath!


  3. You get to take your mom and dad for walks, Teddy? How fun! And what a fantastic poem. We kitties here hope to never have a bath, and we sure are glad you got a warm towel and a lap after yours, Angel Sammy!


    • Glad you like Angel Sammy’s poem! I’m sure he wasn’t sure if he was going to like his new home all those years ago if he got “dunked” right off the bat BUT as it turned out – he was a dear boy from day one until his very last moment……………

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Yes we really take pretty darn good care of ourselves for the most part – but apparently my big brother needed some HELP when he first landed here at the house 17 years ago!

      Love, Teddy


  4. Angel Unccle Sammy that was a fun poe-em!!! An Teddy fankss fur hostin Poe-em Day!
    Mee iss goin to try ‘brave’…..wish mee luck!

    Sumtimess mee iss a cad
    an mee can bee so-o bad!!
    Sumtimess mee iss a brat
    an not thee calmest kat!
    Sumtimess mee iss a knave
    butt mee iss all wayss so brave!!

    bye Siddhartha Henry =^,.^= with ❤ LUV ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh Siddhartha that was MAGNIFICENT! You did very well with your poem today! Thanks for playing along with me and Angel Sammy on Thursdays….you’re a great little poet for sure and we hope you’re feeling good too!

      Love, Teddy


  5. Angel Sammy wrote a lovely poem. Both Zoe and Raja were taking their own baths this morning without the help of water.
    Yael from PlayingInCatnip


    • HAHAHA……..Well I didn’t volunteer for that first bath of mine but I have to admit it felt good to get in that sinky……Teddy likes sinks for purposes of getting water but I just bet he wouldn’t be TOO BRAVE taking a bath in one!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  6. Sammy, that is a great poem. Mom has tried to bathe some of the Kitties Blue in the past with mixed results. It never worked out well. Teddy, you are lucky to never have been subjected to this indignity. The poem gets an A++ from us. Very well done. Our poem can be found here: as well as Calsta Jo’s birthday party and a giveaway for a Jackson Galaxy Space Station. So every buddy drop on over for some great noms (including bacon) and a chance to win. XOCK, Kitties Blue


    • Your pawty was FABULOUS Miss Janet!!!! I know that Calista Jo was just as happy TODAY as she would have been on her actual BD so no worries there. AND on top of that, your poem was incredible as always so that’s yet another DOUBLE WIN just like the Teaser was for you! WHEEEEE!

      Love, Teddy


    • That’s right – it’s sort of a CLUE when you get a bath that a magical trip or show is coming – I’d probably tolerate bathing if there was some kind of light at the end of the tunnel (hahaha).

      Hugs, Teddy


  7. We don’t blame you! Drinking from a bowl is the only way I prefer to get wet but mom has other plans
    Lily & Edward


  8. That’s a good poem. I’m glad Angel Sammy only needed that one bath in his 17 years. Cats do a good job of keeping it clean.


  9. We knew Angel Sammy was watching out for you Teddy and it all worked purrfectly! I will skip any bath with real water please MOL! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  10. sam on nator: DOOD….we heer ya on de hole bathe roo teen….if a spit N groom shine doez knot take care oh de… sit ewe way shunz…then we…… STAY DIRTEE !!!

    haiku B

    Baby face came Bye
    N him saw de mezz we had
    that Bass terd goBBler

    we waz like.. sew dood
    did ewe take a Balloon heer
    noe…. him said… eye drove!




    • Yep we made it by to see what my alter ego was up to in the land of the Trout Mafia……seems so far nobody has been “blasted” although Baby Face says he’s ready for action. Love your B Haiku! Thanks so much for playing with us on Thursdays – it makes Angel Sammy smile to have so many enjoy the challenges!!!!

      Love and Hugs, Pam


  11. Teddy, we think it’s cool that you get to go for walks on your leash. It’s smart of your parents to do that with you. And that’s a pawsome poem. We don’t like taking baths much either.


    • Yep – it’s not a pretty sight seeing a wet cat – usually they have a very MAD/DISGUSTED look on their faces……but I actually think most FEEL BETTER after having a good dunk in the water and a wash up (but don’t tell anyone!).

      Love, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

        • I’ve been so lucky so far Miss Csilla because I too love rolling around in the dirt (and mulch) and Mom so far hasn’t dunked me in the sink for a bath – she just cleans me up and gives me another chance. I try to keep my feet clean because if I mess up the rugs I will probably be subjected to water torture!

          Love, Teddy


  12. It didn’t happen to us, but our angel brofur, Simba was covered in fleas…and he had a bath too, as soon as he came to our den.
    Angel-Minko, too was purrty stinky,and he got cleaned up but it was at the stabby place, cause we went straight there…

    We loved that poem we almost felt wet, MOL!

    We know our peeps do not take baths…um…they take showers! MOL!


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