Teaser Tell All Time!


Good Morning Class!

Ah yes………….another TELL ALL session where we find out ALL the info regarding yesterday’s photo – who sent it in and who guessed it right (and who didn’t!).    Is everyone settled down in their seats and ready to begin class?

Good Morning Professor Sammy!

Alright – then we will begin………………..first of all, our FIRST COMMENTER was actually TWO FIRSTS……….within the first 60 seconds two of you were right there commenting and who were those lucky peeps you ask?????

Miss Annie of Animal Couriers AND the Kitties Blue of The Cat On My Head


Then we come to the BIGGIE – the photo from our Guest Teaser!     Let me tell you FIRST of all who that was – it was Miss Sharon from Friends Furever and this is the photo she sent in:

So what’s the SCOOP on this photo?   It is a photo taken from the Colorado Springs Airport of the amazingly beautiful Pike’s Peak!!!    Miss Sharon, this is for you:

For Friends Furever’s Teaser photo of 6/20/17


Now, who was the very first to guess right yesterday and tell us this was Pike’s Peak in Colorado???????   It was…………………….KITTIES BLUE at The Cat On My Head and that means they are DOUBLE WINNERS today………..one of the FIRST COMMENTERS and the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!   Can I get a cheer for them??????

I think Suzie is going to give us a cheer later too but for now, let’s present the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS badge to Kitties Blue shall we?????


There were some OTHERS who guessed Pike’s Peak too – and each of you who did get one of these little gems!

AND – those of you who guessed but were WRONG………..well………..you know………you don’t go away empty handed either because you get a GREENIE:

BIG CHEER FOR EVERYONE!  Suzie would you like to do the honors?

Animal Couriers and Kitties Blue
You guys were FAST and we’re proud of you!
You slept by your computers so you could be FIRST
Then everyone after you felt like they’d been cursed!
I kept an eye out to see who’d guess right
And someone did that EARLY – before day was night!
Who was the lucky ducky who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?
Her name is Miss Janet and she’s a real snappy dresser!
She’s the Mom for The Kitties Blue
She didn’t win ONE badge today – she won TWO!
Let’s all clap and give her a cheer
Or better yet, hand her an ice cold beer!!!!!


Uhhh…………thanks you Suzie!   Good job………………I hope our winners appreciate that you worked so hard on your INVENTIVE and INSPIRING cheer!

Didn’t she do a good job class?

Uhhhhh………..well…………..uh huh……

OK OK………….let’s move on and just say THANK YOU STUDENTS for being here today and let’s look forward to next week when we will again show you a real stumper of a photo and you will get to figure out where in the world it was taken!    Who knows – next week YOU might be the winner!!!

Good for you!

Hugs, Angel Prof Sammy and Teddy too

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  1. MOL we got that so wrong, we we’re thinking Chile, Santiago!!! MOL The P.A. defo needs new glasses!!!

    Happy days guys

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox


    • Hi Basil and Co! There were a WIDE RANGE of guesses for this Teaser – it probably could have been ANY of the guesses we got but we didn’t fool Kitties Blue did we ?!!!!!

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  2. Can you feel the earth shaking? That is all of us jumping for joy that our mom didn’t screw this up like she did Calista’s birthday. She’s going to try to convince Calista tomorrow that she won these badges just for her. And SuzieQ, thanks for that amazing cheer. You certainly made us feel extra special. We are all sending love, including mom, and extra loud purrs. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy 💖🌺

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY FOR YOU!!!! TWO BADGES!!!! That hasn’t happened often over the years that’s for sure. I’m thinking Calista might just “buy” the “I won these for you sweet kitty” for the birthday excuse – I mean really we don’t know what day it is like you humans do – we just know when we get TREATS! HAHAHAHA

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  3. Well done Janet you are one fine Mom of all those Blue Kitties and one smart gal fur sure. We got a greenie, but we got the right country MOL… Suzie you are a fine cheer leader and we purr that you get your man soon, Sarge we hope you get a, gulp, lucky gal.


  4. Ha! My human saw that and thought it was somewhere in the central west U.S. Her guess would have been Salt Lake City, since we were there most recently – the last time she was near Pike’s Peak was in the 1990s.


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