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Happy Saturday!  I’m letting Mom take over again just like I SAID I would earlier this week…….Isobel of IsobelandCat suggested that Mom tell a bit about some of her past kitty cats.  Today, Mom’s going to tell you about someone who looks JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All….thanks for the intro Sam.   Sam and I were going through photos looking for likely Tuesday Teasers for next week and I came across this photo of a sweet and darling cat named Charli who owned me many years ago.

Sam and Charli would have made a cute couple!

Charli was a cat I who was with me through some big changes in my life.   I adopted her from a home where their cat had a bunch of kittens and the owner was looking for homes for them.  A friend and I each adopted one!

They were VERY tiny little things and Charli was the only red tabby and the most active of the bunch so I took her home.  My husband at the time and I weren’t sure if the kitten was male or female (duh!) so we called it Charlie…….soon thereafter we found out SHE was a SHE so we decided to drop the “e” and just leave it Charli – short for Charlene.  This was back in the mid/early 80s. 

We were living in a rented house at the time – the first house we’d lived in vs. apartments so it was also our first YARD.  We also already had two other cats (I’ll tell about them another time) – Ricky and his sister Linda Sue.  Ricky was ALSO a ginger tabby and he and his sister were around five or six years old.  Both of them had always been indoor cats for obvious reasons living in apartments.

Charli would have NOTHING of being inside all the time……she insisted on exploring outside right from the start.  We had a screened door on the kitchen out into the fenced back yard and she’d climb the screen constantly and just hang there sniffing the smells of outdoors.  We decided to let her out in the yard and she loved it.  She stayed in the yard too amazingly enough.  There was one HUGE and very tall tree in the back yard and she decided to climb it one day – quickly – too quickly for us to catch her – and she climbed almost to the top of it and began screaming to get down.  LOUDLY.  She was way up there too!   My husband and I tried to coax her down over about an hour’s time to no avail.  I was scared to death that she’d just let go and fall and she was WAY up this tree……….she figured out that she could come down to a branch but she would come no further.  My husband climbed the tree – which was tough since there were very few branches…………….but he got her, tucked her into his jacket and down she came – still screaming!


She was always very adventurous and that got her into trouble once……..we had eventually moved from that house into another house closer to the hospital where I worked.  Charli wore a bell on her collar and we’d formed the habit of my shaking a bell out the door and she’d respond to the sound by coming home from WHEREVER she was.  She ALWAYS did this – for years.   This house had a higher fence than the last but she figured out a way to climb it and go over the fence and explore the neighborhood. 


One day I rang the bell and Charlie didn’t come……and didn’t come……and I went out looking for her with my bell.  I walked everywhere and called her……..nothing……….eventually I posted notices on all the phone poles, in the local library, called the local vets and shelters – NOTHING.  Then about a week later a miracle happened!


We had a “cat door” in a window in one of the unused bedrooms that Charli used to come and go.  I was watching television one night when all of a sudden there was Charli.  She hopped up on my legs and just stood there like nothing was wrong – staring at me……!!!  She had a minor limp and I’m thinking she’d been injured somehow and COULDN’T come home or someone took her in to care for her and she “escaped” and came home.  Anyway, I was so happy to see her………she was a very loving, happy, creative, funny, sweet girl and when her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge came, I thought life would never be the same. 


We always do, don’t we……….think things will never be the same…..but then we find another little soul to take care of that needs US as much as we need THEM.


So that’s the story of little Charli………..who looks so much like Sam it’s amazing!!

Pam (thanks Sammy…’re a pal for loaning me your blog space!)

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  1. What a wonderful story, Pam! And Sam, thanks for sharing your blog today. Charli really did look like Sam! You would think they were siblings! Our ginger Fat Kitty got locked under the house once when the plumber was doing some repairs under there…it was nearly 5 days before we found her! She finally decided to migrate toward the part of the house where we could hear her meowing! I felt so bad for her – I am sure she was scared and I know she was hungry! We all have our stories, don’t we?


    • Hi Linda…yes we all do have our stories and many of them are similar! But one thing we ALL have in common is that we adore our little “kids” and take care of them for as long as we’re lucky enough to have them. That little piece of our heart we initially give them STAYS with them even after they’re long gone. Happy SATURDAY!

      Pam (and Sammy too)


  2. Oh, Pam, thanks for sharing your story about Charli. She was definitely posing in that picture! As Linda says, we all have our stories about our kitties. I know you couldn’t believe it when she just appeared after all that time away from home.
    Happy Saturday, Pam. And give Sammy a hug from Sundae!


    • Hi Dianna…happy Saturday! Charli was so sweet – reminds me a lot of Sam in that respect – a lovable lap kitty. BUT, unlike Sam, she was a real adventurer. Sam’s too shy to explore his world (other than our front yard) which is FINE by me. I still have Charli’s bell……..

      Hug delivered to Sam
      Both of us deliver one right back to you and Sundae!


  3. Hi, Pam. I really enjoyed reading about Charli. She sounds like she was such a wonderful kitty. I was so relieved to read that she reappeared after her week away from home. So many stories don’t have happy endings like that. Thanks for sharing these memories!


    • Hi Melanie….yes indeed you’re right – many of these “disappearing” stories don’t have happy endings. I was so happy Charli made her way back. The look on her face when she hopped up on my legs was priceless. “Hi Mom….I’m BAAAAACK….whatcha got to eat???”…..LOL

      Happy Saturday


    • Oh thanks Jerry….Charli touched me forever. She was with me through my first cancer surgery, my separation and divorce, moving in with David….lots of changes in my life. One of a kind was my little Charli. That’s such a cute photo of her too!



  4. This also deeply touched me. Charli sounded like a character and your loving description of her came from deep within your soul. I am sure it made many of us reflect on the “kitties that came before”….thank you for sharing Charli with us. What a beautiful girl and yes she and Sammy would look so cute together.

    This particularly touched me “We always do, don’t we……….think things will never be the same…..but then we find another little soul to take care of that needs US as much as we need THEM.”

    So very, very true….

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Hi Caren……I’m so happy Charli’s story touched you. I think all of us could tell some tales about our former loves (animal and human!). Charli was not just adorable and dear, she was important to me because she kept me smiling when things were tough and gave me warmth when I needed it in my heart. Thanks for your comments! I guess you and Dakota are getting ready for a PAR-TAY tomorrow since it’s Cody Boy’s fifth birthday huh? Sammy has made a special card for him and will email it to Cody tomorrow……..

      Hugs and have a great Saturday


    • She was a sweetie for sure…..I’ve had a lot of cats but there have been several who stand out in my heart and mind so I’ll eventually get around to talking about ALL of them (if everyone continues to enjoy the stories that is!!). Sammy says HI AND HUGS right back atcha!!!!



  5. Great story and thankfully with a happy ending. In Merlin’s younger days when he had full rein of the neighborhood, I spent many late nights waiting for him to come home. Never again. Like you, we’re lucky to be able to provide a safe supervised outdoor experience now.


    • Hi Layla…sorry to be so late responding to your comment but it had landed in spam and I didn’t “discover” it until today. I agree with you though about saving ourselves the worry of wondering where our “kids” are when they’re NOT at home. The incident with Charli really stuck with me through the years and while I’m all for letting cats explore the great outdoors, there’s a lot less worry involved when we SUPERVISE our little roamers out there to make sure they’re safe. Hope you’re having a ball in NYC!



  6. Charli sounds a lot like the cat before me, who was a couple of years younger (my human found her in 1986) and a fluffy calico. She used to wear a bell collar too but kept “losing” them (on purpose). My human had a stockpile of them and just kept putting on new ones. But she needed to be outdoors and always came when called, bounding through the bushes and making a Big Deal out of it.


    • I’m thinking we all have AT LEAST one “Charli” type cat in our past – those of us who fell in love with felines many years ago and have loved their company since! Each cat is special and unique – little purrsonalities all their own. So Sparkle, your predecessor Sparkle was a “bell baby” like Charli? I can still remember wandering around our neighborhood shaking the bell when she disappeared….I also know that if she COULD have come to me she would have and that’s why I believe she’d been injured or someone had found her and brought her indoors. I’m so glad she “escaped” and came home!! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by Miss Sparkle….Sammy says HI !


  7. Ah bless her. Cat responded and Not Cat responds to the sound of my keys. It was Cat that started it. I used to wonder how he knew I was on my way home.
    You just have been out of your mind with worry when she went missing. Did you ever discover what happened?


    • Hi Isobel….no I never did find out but while I knew my immediate neighbors I didn’t know everyone and I think perhaps someone that I didn’t know and who wasn’t aware Charli lived with me had taken her in thinking she was an injured stray…..then the minute she was given an opportunity to “escape”, she did and came back home to her Mom! I remember you mentioning NotCat and his hearing your keys – – I think it was a similar thing with Charli and the bell. Just a familiar sound that made them think “MOMMY WANTS ME”…….LOL



  8. Dear Sammy,
    Me loves to hear the stories of the Cats Who Came Before from your Mom! All my Mommy’s cats have been different from each other! Mommy says that we has always helped her through the tough parts of life.
    Kisses to yous both!


    • Hi Nellie! We kitties are all different and special in our very own way aren’t we?! I’m glad my Mom has always had cat children around her to make her smile, give her hugs, and all those other things we felines are ever so good at!!

      Happy Sunday Queen Nellie…..
      Hugs, Sammy


  9. Pam I have been looking forward to Sam letting you borrow his blog and tell about your other kitties. Charli’s story is sweet. A pretty ginger she was! Easy to make those little naming goofs. It’s hard to tell sometimes 🙂 We had a cockatiel we thought was an Annie but turned out she was an Andy so she went by AnnieAndy!
    I am doing a happy dance that she came back to you when she was missing!


    • Finding Charli’s photo in my box full of pictures got me going on that “cats from the past” project. She was quite a dear little thing. AnnieAndy was a clever way to take care of the boy/girl mix-up you faced! LOL I did a major happy dance after Charli popped back in the house through the cat door that night while I was watching TV and missing her – I couldn’t hug her enough!

      Happy Sunday


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