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Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard
Yesterday was nice and sunny….purrfect for grazing.

It was beautiful yesterday morning – perfect for a little grass grazing as the sun was coming up.  This morning I thought I’d go out again and get a little exercise and breakfast munch in before my parents left for a little road trip!

You see, my Mom’s blogging friend Miss Dianna from These Days of Mine and her hubby and my Mom and my Dad are meeting out in the country to go antiquing and have lunch today!  I totally approve – you see Dianna’s cat Sundae and I are kind of SWEET on each other so our parents SHOULD meet don’t you think?

I hope they have fun – I bet they do.  I’ll be home waiting to hear all about it when my parents return.

Meanwhile, I’ll be busy.  I have my tissue collection to reorganize:

Sam On His Tissue

And that will take a while you know…getting it just right for the week ahead.

Then I’ll probably tackle my toy box/wagon…….never hurts to go through that stuff from time to time – have a bit of a clear out you know!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

It's full...but there's always room for JUST ONE MORE!!

So I’ll have plenty to keep me busy……! AND – MOST IMPORTANTLY – I want to be around to celebrate my friend Cody from CAT CHAT ‘s FIFTH birthday today!  Won’t you go wish him a happy day too? Have a super Sunday everybody…….KITTY HUGS ALL ‘ROUNDSammy

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    • Good Morning!!! I love my tissue….I discovered it one Christmas and Mom’s kept me “supplied” ever since. I nap on it, play in it, mostly it’s that “swishy” sound it makes when I leap on it with a toy. Happy Sunday……….

      Hugs, Sammy


  1. Sam I can hardly wait to see pictures and hear about your Mom and Dad’s day meeting Miss Dianna and Motor Man! I know they are going to have the bestest day 😀 Have fun reorganizing your tissues. So thoughtful of your Mom to leave tissues for you. Our Zcat loved tissue too. Tell your Mom I want to hear about lunch too!


    • Good Morning!!! Mom says she promises to tell ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about lunch today with Miss Dianna and MM – she’s taking a camera so if she remembers she HAS it (which she often doesn’t) she’ll try to snap a picture too. Yep – my tissue is in pretty good shape right now, but after I’ve played on it a while I’m sure I’ll need a few replacement sheets. Zcat was a tissue lover too huh? Some of us just know the PURRFECT toy don’t we??

      Kitty Hugs


  2. I know they will have fun! What a wonderful day they have planned! And it sounds like you have a busy, fun day ahead too, Sammy! Hoping to hear all about the trip when they get back and hope you enjoy your day organizing!
    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda! I liked your froggy picture on your blog….I LOVE frogs. I haven’t seen my favorite frog yet this year but I hope he hasn’t moved away. I’m sure my Mom and Miss Dianna will have LOTS to share with all of us after they meet today AND I hope my kitty girlfriend Sundae isn’t too lonely while her parents are gone…..I’ll occupy my time with all my Sunday projects – maybe she has some planned for herself too???

      Happy Sunday
      Hugs, Sammy


  3. Me waked up this morning to MORE SNOW! That was Mother Nature’s sick April Fool Joke on me!
    Hope your Mommy has a great time!
    And me will come and visit yous Sammy, me is just not sure when.


    • Nellie! MORE SNOW????????????????? YUCK!!! It indeed sounds like Mommy Nature decided to play a really MEAN joke on you and your peeps. Well, it wasn’t all that swell here but NO SNOW – in the 50s and windy but no white stuff. I’m glad you’re planning to come through your tunnel to visit me some day Nellie. I promise you the BEST squirrel TV ever!

      Kitty Hugs


  4. Wow what a fabulous day all of you are going to have! Sammy organizing all of that tissue paper will keep you busy!

    My Mom said she sure wishes she could go to lunch and antiquing with both of you! That sounds like so much fun and we love Sundae!!

    THANK YOU for the shout out for my birthday!!! You are the NICEST kitty ever and we love you and your Mom!

    Oh and we love that red wagon too!

    Love, Cody and “Mom”


    • Well we sure hope today’s been an extra special FUN day for you Cody, and that Mom enjoyed giving you a big birthday hug and kiss from ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL your fans out here in blogsville! I’m glad you liked your card. I worked on that all day yesterday JUST FOR YOU Cody! 😉

      Mom said she wishes you could have gone with her and Dianna too Miss Caren – they had a wonderful time. It’s always nice to meet someone you’ve talked to forever but never laid eyes on before!

      Birthday Hugs for you Cody, and Kitty Hugs for you Miss Caren
      Me and Mom


  5. Sounds like you’ve got great plans for the day and you’re gonna have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear all ’bout your peeps’ antiquing. Bet you’re anxious to hear too, huh? HAVE A GREAT DAY SAMMY! purrs


    • Hi there!! It was nice having the house to myself but I have to admit – I missed my peeps! They got home about half hour ago and didn’t buy a THING but had a super time. As soon as they walked in the door I insisted on a trip to the front porch though because it’s a pretty springy day here. They – of course – indulged me!!

      Hope you’ve had a good day too………..
      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • HAHAHA….I should have played some kind of April Fools joke on these old folks parents of mine but by the time I remembered what today is – they were gone on their road trip! Now I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for another opportunity…..triple darn.

      Kitty Hugs


  6. Hi, Sammy,
    My mom apologizes for that encrypted comment earlier!! She and Motor Man had a WONDERFUL time with your Mom and Dad today. They are SO sweet! I stayed busy today keeping an eye out on the happenings in my yard. And I was MORE than ready for a tummy rub when they got home.
    Sometimes, Sammy, you make me blush! 😉
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae…..I was a good boy yesterday myself. Didn’t get into any trouble or have any “accidents” of any kind while Mom and Dad were with YOUR parents. I guess they all had a fun time and we should be glad they did – they all came home happy!

      Love, Sammy


    • Tissue paper fans too huh? Yeah – what is it about that stuff that’s just so darn FUN?!?! Is it the crinkle? Is it the slippery slidey thing? Is it the softness? All I know is I love it and Mom has a BIG supply of it so I’m a happy guy. Cody had quite the birthday yesterday I hear – wish I could have been there to get a slice of birthday cake!!!

      Kitty Hugs


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