My Little Red Wagon

Sam's Wagon

Some cats have a toybox....I have a toy WAGON!

Those of you who have followed me for a while have seen this picture before….but since Mom and I cleaned it out recently (well…sort of) I’m reposting the photo.  Also, lots of other kitties who blog have talked lately about their toys and so I thought I’d show my wagon off again!

Mom and Dad saw this “mini Radio Flyer” in the window of a hardware store in some little town they visited and bought it for ME!  They thought since I love to ride around in cardboard boxes (being pulled by a string) I would really like to ride in a little wagon.  However, I didn’t like the noise the wheels made on the floor SO it became one of my toyboxes.  Let me give you a tour……..

That super fluffy thing on top is a fake foxtail that Mom got for me at a car show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania some years ago – boy is it fun to wrestle around on the floor with that sometimes!  In front on the floor is a yellow whistle and I like to drag it around by the ribbon because it makes a funny noise.  Then piled around outside and inside are lots of stuffed toys…..stuffed mice, bears, fish, birds – lots of stuffed stuff ;).  The wand thing in the back is pretty cool.  It has a long piece of flannel attached to the end and Mom and I play with that on the stairs sometimes.

In the front on the right you see a cat.  Guess what THAT is?!  It’s my kitty cat bank.  It’s made out of metal and it’s got a hole in the top for pennies.  That’s where I have my savings account.  Mom puts pennies in it for me and I’m saving up for a beret like Sprocket and Chun’s on The Miao Chronicles – except maybe a green one instead of red and blue like theirs!!  Of course if Santa brings me one this coming Christmas then I can spend my savings on something else exciting…..perhaps a Hawaiian vacation to visit my friend Pedro.  I’ve always wanted to learn to surf. 😀

So there you have it……..a tour of my toybox/toy wagon….now that doesn’t show you the pile of current favorites I have stashed on top of my tissue collection in the living room.  Nor does it show you the toy basket upstairs or the toy basket in the basement……yeah, I know…..I hear ya….you’re saying “that’s one spoiled cat!”…….. Yep – you got that right………. tee hee

Happy Friday!  (and Happy Birthday to my Uncle Mike)


22 thoughts on “My Little Red Wagon

  1. Love the wagon! Boy, your mom really does take good care of you, Sammy. And I know you appreciate it too. My puppy only has a basket for her toys – nothing as cool as yours on wheels! Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda…..baskets, wagons, boxes – they all work. We aren’t picky – we just like having a spot where our favorite stuff is kept that’s easy to go to and drag everything out so our Moms have to pick it all up again (haha). It’s part of the game we play with our humans I guess. Glad you like my wagon – it’s way cool isn’t it??

      Happy Friday………..
      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  2. Quite a toy collection you’ve got there, Sammy! I have a ways to go to catch up with you. Mom discovered this week that one of my favorite things to play with is a wadded up piece of paper. I love the sound and it’s so much fun to bat around. Sometimes I play basketball with it, sometimes baseball and sometimes hockey. More fun than regular cat toys – and cheaper too!
    Have a good Friday, Sammy – get ready for more snow!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! I love paper wads myself….especially when Mom wads up a post-in note and puts it in her office trash can. I know how to scoop them out and she finds them all over the house on cleaning day. Tee Hee. Paper wads were one of the first things I learned to play fetch with. You’re right – they are cheaper! We cats don’t need expensive toys for entertainment….trash works too (haha).

      Love, Sammy


  3. How adorable! What a great place to keep your many lovely toys. I should get a piggy (kitty) bank for my Miaolings to encourage them to save money too. Sprocket also wants to go to Hawaii but he’s a long way from being able to afford a plane ticket. Maybe train would be cheaper? Pedro can teach both of you to surf.


    • Perhaps Sprocket and I can take advantage of those pre-paid shipping boxes that Pedro has talked about to visit him in Hawaii?? As long as mine has a blanket, treats, and a couple of toys in it, I wouldn’t mind the trip there in a box. Pedro and Sprocket would look so way cool on matching surfboards – COWABUNGA ! (Mom says that was a word they used in the old beach/surfing movies…she would know about that since she’s more – er – um – “mature” – than I am).

      I think the Miaolings would enjoy a kitty bank. Mine’s too heavy for me to knock it over but imagine it would make a nice sound with those pennies inside!

      Happy Friday to the Miaos!


        • I think I’d probably fit in the medium size. I weigh 12 lbs. but I can flatten out pretty well – I can skip breakfast the day of the shipping and that will help I’m sure.

          Happy Friday!


          • I’m so excited that you’re talking about a Hawaiian vacation! I’d recommend the large flat rate box for you and Sprocket – that way you’ll have a little wiggle room. And don’t skip breakfast, Sammy. It’s the most important meal of the day! 😀


          • Oh Pedro you always know the best way to do ANYTHING – whether it be stool acrobatics or flat rate box shipping. I thought if I skipped breakfast I might fit in the box better (and might not have any “accidents” either) but you’re right about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Maybe just a couple of bites…..and a small bag of portable treats…..oh, and a barf bag just in case.

            Your Bud Sam


          • Sprocket would never skip a meal. He still has 6 (or 5?) lbs to grow. He’s almost as big as you now, Sammy!

            And I bet he’d love to ride in the little red wagon wearing his red beret.


  4. What a GREAT collection of toys you have there. I bet you’re really proud of it. You should be! And you’ve got your own savings account? Wow! I’m gonna talk to the peeps about this… what a great idea. Just LOVE it!


    • Hi Nerissa! Wow…thanks for visiting me this morning. So you like my kitty bank huh? It will come in handy I’m sure – just in case Santa happens to miss bringing something from my annual wish list. We visited your blog and signed up. In your answers to the “tag” you mentioned that you wish you had opposable thumbs. I’m a polydactyl kitty so I have thumbs and they do indeed come in handy for gripping things and writing letters, dressing myself, etc. (tee hee). I’m also formerly feral….and the only humans I trust are my Mom and Dad. I run and hide if someone else comes here or even if they ring the doorbell! I guess at 12 years of age THAT’s not gonna change but I do have the life of a spoiled kitty that’s for sure…..and I love it!

      Kitty Hugs
      Your New Friend Sam


  5. A Wagon! That is so cool! Do yous still gets pulled around in boxes!
    Me sees that Kozmo sent yous a FBI Badge. You may now call me Queen Penelope!
    Queen Penelope


    • Hi Queen Penelope! Wow….I’ve never met a queen before. YES my Mom (and Dad) still pull me around in a box (or occasionally the laundry basket if it’s available). I’ve liked that since I was a TEENY guy. I’m very excited about my FBI credentials – today’s post is all about it!

      Kitty Kisses and hugs
      Sammy the FBI Guy


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