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Sunday Selfie Hop


♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥

Is it Sunday already?    Where do the days go?    This week is just one big WINTER BLUR for us – snow/sleet/rain/repeat day after day.    I do believe that groundhog that said Spring would be here soon needs to be hooked up to a lie detector next year before we rely on him!

Anyway, today is Selfie day and our hosts at The Cat On My Head are ready for us to load up our Selfies to share with everyone else.    If you click the badge above you can link up too!

Mom took this photo of me last night – I was positioned perfectly on the landing above the foyer and front door keeping an eye outside.     I see lots of interesting stuff from up there – delivery people bringing packages, passing kitties who are using our heated outside cat shelter OR having a snack from the 24/7 food bowl, and the weather – like snow for instance!    My favorite thing to see though are the birds…….they come up on the front porch where the kitty food bowl is and steal the food.    Catbirds??   Maybe.    Anyway, this is my favorite “spy spot”.

Since it’s a kind of dull and boring photo, Mom jazzed it up at Lunapic and ended up with THIS:


And we did a puzzle……………



Hope you have a super duper Valentine’s Sunday………..