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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Time sure is flying by…………..have you noticed?   Wasn’t Christmas just yesterday??  No?   Well, it seems like it to me!    But here it’s already VALENTINE’S DAY.    Sure got here fast didn’t it.    Well, I’m very thankful that I can say HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to Brian for hosting this great hop and to everyone else who is seeing my blog today.    Thanks for being my friends and here’s my Valentine’s Card to you all:

Today is also all about being Thoroughly Poetic and my Angel brother Sammy knows all about that…………he’s the Resident Poet on my blog…………and I have his poem for the week to share with you below.    I hope you wrote one to celebrate Valentine’s Day too?  If you did, let us know in comments and give us your link so we can visit and read your poem!!!!


It’s Poetic Thursday time friends…….and Happy Valentine’s  Day from the Bridge

Last week’s inspirational artwork has been on my mind all week – it’s an extraordinary bit of artwork that expressed what I would call unconditional love in a beautiful way.    I always felt unconditional love from my Mom and Dad when I was with them……..they let ME be ME and that was certainly an expression of unconditional love.   Now granted, I was a good boy – I never got in trouble or did anything bad or mean.   I was loving because that’s all I knew and all I experienced for 17 years with them.   I only felt sick for the last year or so and even then, I didn’t take it out on the world….I just did the best I could and so did Mom and Dad.     But this photo I gave you SPEAKS to that “feeling” I think.     Here’s the photo from last week and my poem to go with it.

“Lasting Love”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell     February 14, 2019


When I told you that I loved you

It came right from my heart

I thought it was forever though –

It felt right from the start

But then as time went by I saw

You thought there should be rules…..

You can’t do this, you don’t do that

I felt like a carpenter without my tools!

My love for you had no strings attached

I was wide open with my feelings

Perhaps that’s why the day you left

It sent my heart a-reeling.

The rules I found were JUST FOR ME

You could do whatever you wanted

The castle of love I’d build around us

Became so lonely and so haunted.

Love shouldn’t need conditions

It should be accepting, honest and true

I found that out after we parted ways

When my life puzzle found THE CLUE.



OK – time to “fess up”…………..that poem was actually written by my Mom.   I let her write it because she wanted people to know that if they HAD love and lost it, or are looking and haven’t found it yet, it’s NEVER TOO LATE.     She learned that herself!      Me?   I never knew anything but love and I want my little brother Teddy to grow up that way too.    He sure picked the right Mom and Dad to learn about it.    Unconditionally.

Ready for next week’s photo???     Give this one a whirl and see what you can come up with!

I love this painting by Norman Rockwell – reminds me of how exciting it is to see SOMETHING popping through the soil !      Let’s see what you do with this one shall we?   

Hope you decide to write a poem this coming week to share with us next Thursday.  Meanwhile:



Thank you Angel Sammy………………………I’ll look forward to you sending me an email this coming week with another poem.    It was nice of you to let Mom write this week’s poem.

Love, Teddy

Sunday Review


My “silent Sunday” isn’t all that silent because I’m going to show you some photos from all the Valentine’s celebrations I was in this weekend………………..it was a whirlwind I tell ya……….for an old guy, I was a real “mover and shaker” !!

See?  Who says the old guy has lost it………………I’m just getting my second wind!

Happy Sunday

Hugs, Sammy

(off to take a long nap!)


Teaser Tell All


We Have A Winner!

So we may have missed handing out the “First Right Guesser” badge LAST week, but this week we DO have a winner…………..and in fact MANY winners but only one “FIRST”…………..but before we get to that, here’s the photos from yesterday!


Where was my Mom standing when she snapped these photos?   LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND!    My Mom and Dad were there in 1990 on their honeymoon and were crossing a bridge to get to the side of the river where a BIG street flea market was being held.  In fact, if you squint or blow up that photo SUPERSIZE you might see a crowd in the distance by those buildings.

Lucerne is a beautiful city…………my Mom and Dad would love to go back one day – they were only there for two days which was not nearly long enough to see everything.  Good excuse to return right?

My “First Right Guesser” was Kjelle Bus, aka “Charlie” who lives in Sweden and his Mom whispered in his ear what the answer was and he was FIRST!    This is for you my good buddy!


There were a LOT of you who guessed correctly though so I also get to hand out bunches of THIS badge to those of you who said Lucerne – the “Right Guesser” badge which also didn’t get awarded last week (of course)!


If you were “in the dark” and didn’t guess right or didn’t know – you get the BIG GREENIE……………now you’re happy you got SOMETHING right?  I hope so!


Tune in next week for another fabulous round of Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser……….you never know where we’ll go next or if it will be a Guest Teaser – or even if it will be a “THING” instead of a “PLACE”!    I’m just FULL of surprises!


Happy Wednesday!

Sammy the Teaser

Lookin’ for a fun Valentine’s Day event??? 

How about the one the new Mayors of Blogville are having? 

Want some info?  Need details? 

Just click the poster below and zoom over to the Mayor Doods, Murphy and Stanley for the SCOOP!


Flashing Back


Hey All!   Since I’ve been getting excited about the Valentine’s Ball my girlcatfriend Sundae and I will be attending soon I had the occasion to peek back in my photos at the LAST Valentine’s Ball we went to…….boy was THAT something else!    Sundae and I had to charter a jet to fly over the “Pond” to Mollie’s where the Ball was being held.   I even rented a fab limo to pick Sundae up for the trip to the airport to hop on the jet!   That’s right – I was dressed to impress and treating my lady right that night for sure………….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Well this year I have to admit I don’t know the hostess of the event Miss Madi – so I’m going to get all the details straight so I can make all the arrangements well ahead of time!

This is the BIG event Sundae and I will be attending.

This is the BIG event Sundae and I will be attending.

Inquiring minds want to know – and I bet you want to know too right?  Well I’m going to be checking out EVERYTHING because I want this to be a PERFECT evening after all – I’m a gentleman cat and want everything to go smoothly……after all, I only see Sundae once a year on Valentine’s Day!

Are you doing anything special for Valentine’s Day?

Mr. Love – aka Sammy ! 😉



Furrsday – otherwise known as Thursday of course!  It’s here and it means CLEAN SHEETS………..

LOVE clean sheets!!

Oh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE clean sheets!! Almost as much as this tootsie roll I stole from Mom’s purse!

Does your Mom (or Dad) have certain days when they do certain things?  Boy do we ever have a schedule around here!  I can count on it like clockwork.  Not EVERY day is like that but certain days I know without a doubt what will be going on.

Wednesday is my Mom’s grocery shopping day.  I always have to make sure that I’ve made proper notations on her shopping list so she gets all the stuff that I want like my Temptations treats, litter if I’m almost out, kibble if it’s running low and my most favorite thing to add (but not too often or she thinks I’m greedy) is this one:

   – Yep – I’m shameless…..I sneak that on so she’ll bring home a surprise toy for me (and she does).
Thursday (Furssday) is laundry day.  If the laundry basket is full of clothes she’ll wash those too but mostly it’s sheets/towels wash day.  I love it when she puts fresh sheets on the bed – I like to hide under the sheets or blankets!
Friday is monster out of the closet day or cleaning day.  Mom and Dad share that duty.  I think it’s swell that Dad helps Mom.  He started doing that a few years ago when she was really sick.  After she was well he just kept it up!  How swell is that?! 
The other days of the week they sometimes do stuff – either together or on their own but THOSE three days are “FOR SURE IT’S GONNA HAPPEN” days.   How about you?  Do your humans do stuff like clockwork or do they keep you on your toes/pawpads wondering what they’re up to every day??????
Well, whatever is going on in your house today I hope it’s fun.  Speaking of fun – you know it won’t be long before the BIG REALLY BIG SUPER BIG HUGE VALENTINE’S BALL that Mollie and Ranger are hosting.  Did you know that Mollie has special Valentine’s Bandanas for sale on her website HERE??   Purrfect for the Ball I’d say !  Her Mom is also doing one of a kind mousepads…..amazing.  The drawings she does are fabulous and I was one of the models!  WOWZERS!
Hope to see you there!

Hope to see you there!

I hope you have a fantabulous Thursday and I’ll see you all tomorrow……..
Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Valentines and Teasers!

Sam's Valentine's Day Card

I hope you all have a super special day......!

So – first things first my friends…….HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!  Thanks for being my buddies – both human and non-human (you know which category you’re in) and following my blog.  I love following yours too!

Everyone asked me if I’d still have a Tuesday Teaser even though it was Valentine’s Day and the answer is OF COURSE I AM!!!!!!  Now – let me start by saying I think this one might be TOO EASY but the other two haven’t been so easy………I’m being extra nice because it’s Valentine’s Day. 

So here’s your teaser…….only hints I’ll give you are that Mom took this photo on her honeymoon.  So there.  That’s it.  Now put on your thinking caps and let me know where you think this was taken way back in September of 1990???  Huh??????

Mystery Photo #3

Where in the world was this photo taken??

I hope this one wasn’t too easy…….you guys are pretty darn good at Tuesday Teasers.

Happy Valentine’s Day again everybody…….BIG HUGS AND KISSES.

Sammy the LOVE machine!! 😉