Sunday Selfie Hop


♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥

Is it Sunday already?    Where do the days go?    This week is just one big WINTER BLUR for us – snow/sleet/rain/repeat day after day.    I do believe that groundhog that said Spring would be here soon needs to be hooked up to a lie detector next year before we rely on him!

Anyway, today is Selfie day and our hosts at The Cat On My Head are ready for us to load up our Selfies to share with everyone else.    If you click the badge above you can link up too!

Mom took this photo of me last night – I was positioned perfectly on the landing above the foyer and front door keeping an eye outside.     I see lots of interesting stuff from up there – delivery people bringing packages, passing kitties who are using our heated outside cat shelter OR having a snack from the 24/7 food bowl, and the weather – like snow for instance!    My favorite thing to see though are the birds…….they come up on the front porch where the kitty food bowl is and steal the food.    Catbirds??   Maybe.    Anyway, this is my favorite “spy spot”.

Since it’s a kind of dull and boring photo, Mom jazzed it up at Lunapic and ended up with THIS:


And we did a puzzle……………



Hope you have a super duper Valentine’s Sunday………..

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    • Hmm……not sure why the cropper wouldn’t work! I just this minute went to The Cat On My Head and linked up and the cropper worked for us. I saw your photo though Loulou and it looks just FINE!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • I am a master guard of my domain! That spot gives me the inside scoop on who’s coming to our door and whether they are a threat or a friend. If it’s a kitty looking for a handout I go tell Mom…..if it’s a stranger I stand alert and ready for attack…..if it’s a package I go down to the door to wait for Mom to bring in the box and I can inspect it immediately! It’s part of my duty as official HOUSE CAT to keep an eye on things.

      Happy Valentine’s Day Miss Jackie to you and Mr. Ivor too
      Love, Teddy


    • Miss Pix it’s the best seat in the house! I’m getting tired of seeing nothing but ICE on my sidewalk and yard though. This morning our visiting kitty was all tucked inside the heated house on the front porch sound asleep – I can’t imagine how he managed to get here with frozen ground/streets/sidewalks everywhere but he did. Glad you liked my Valentine’s Selfie…..Mom said it didn’t make my butt look too big so I “OK’d” it.

      Love, The Booper


  1. TEDDY! I loved that picture of you and how your mom jazzed it up with those PERFECT for you, hearts! I can look over and see my mommy smiling so big at that. Both of us here enjoyed what you told us this morning. About the passing cats, the birdies stealing fuds…the every day rotation of snow, sleet and rain. Sounds like us here in TN.


    • I think everyone is tired of these endless blasts of arctic – I am upset that I can’t walk on our icy sidewalk or in our icy yard. I could POUT but I guess instead I’ll just NAP more!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  2. Happy Valentine’s Day. How do you keep your outside food from freezing? I have change mine all day and don’t leave it out overnight. All gets frozen and hard. Where did you find a heated bed?


    • We got the heated cat house from several years ago but they also have a nice selection of heated outdoor shelters at Amazon. Mom puts dry food out for the visiting kitties. The front porch is under shelter so that helps a bit too!

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  3. That is a perfect spot for spying. Great selfie and I love how your mom artified it. Thank you for the puzzle too. Hope you and your folks have a nice Valentine’s Day! XO


    • I find it perfect – I can see everything going on out front (then switch to the basement where my cat tree is and I can see everything back there) – AND keep an eye on Mom and Dad as they go up and down the stairs – Mom is doing stairs GREAT now!

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. No picture of you is ever boring, T. You are always up to something – even if it’s watching the things going on outside. Happy Valentine’s Day, buddy! xo

    Love and licks,


  5. Teddy I just want to snorgle that delicious belly! What a great place to watch all of the happenings! Your Mama is wonderful that she has a heated cat shelter, I am sure the kitties appreciate that! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! xoxo


  6. Teddy Teddy Teddy!!! Wehre did Miss Pam find those floaty heartss on Lunapick?? LadyMew did Sparkleyss an they are too sparkley!!! An yore obsirvation spot iss purrfect! Mee has littel ‘catbirdss’ too…they are Sparrowss an lotss of fun to watch…..
    Yore Valentine Selfie iss beeuteefull….
    Happy Valentine’ss to you an Miss Pam an Mistur David.
    **purrss** an ❤ BellaDharma an ❤ an {{huggiess}} LadyMew


  7. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    I got here earlier than I expected because the work place had too many helpers, so I got the go home and enjoy the day ticket! Yippee!

    Nice selfie with art, Teddy!! And thanks for the puzzle!!

    We are going to be dumped on with up to 7 inches of snow over the next couple of days…sigh…at least I am off till Thursday…but, I do need to take the van in, the tire pressure light came on…sheesh, great timing! Not. We might need to put off the restaurant gig, too…but then it will be something to enjoy later!


    • Glad you got the day off – nice TREAT! OOPSIE though on lots of snow coming to you AND van tire pressure problems. Hopefully you can get that taken care of before snow comes!!!

      Hugs, Teddy and Mom


  8. That looks like one heck of a spy perch, Teddy! We bet your snoopervising keeps the neighbors in line, too. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! XOXO


  9. Teddy, that does look like a great vantage point for watching the “news.” Thanks for hopping and happy belated Valentine’s Day to everyone at your house. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


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