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Rest Up Thursday


What a busy day yesterday was – well for my parents anyway.   I was left behind and I bet you can guess what I was up to while they were gone?

Yep – a little bit of this and that and the other……………..in other words – SNORING.

While I was snoring, Mom and Dad were at a doctor’s appointment for Mom, then they went computer shopping for a laptop – my Mom now has a laptop (hallelujah) and she’s very happy about it but in “learning mode” which means it will be FOREVER before she can use the thing.  But we have one now so never again will we be WITHOUT computers so I won’t disappear for two or three days leaving you wondering if I’m alive!

We are patiently waiting for Spring and yesterday was a bit of a break in the colder Spring type weather because we got up to 74 – HOWEVER today rain moves in and back down we go.   It will be nice when we STAY Spring!  Know what I mean?

Can we get a break Mother Nature???????

Can we get a break Mother Nature???????

Whatever you do – enjoy your Thursday.  I’ll be snoopervising Mom’s learning of the laptop.   I guess we’ll need to have wine available for when she gets frustrated and who can be upset for long when they have an adorable ginger cat hugging their legs and saying MEOW every few minutes right?   Right!

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

I’m so danged cute!

Hugs, Sammy


Pre-Tease Monday


Gosh – now I have another day of the week that will probably wind up having a “regular name” like Teaser Tuesday or Tell All Wednesday……..now it’s Pre-Tease Monday!    SHEEEESH!

But it is in fact the day before the photo reveal and the agonizing and screaming and frustration begin (on YOUR part, not on mine!)………………..so get ready – it will hit the LIVE WIRE at an unknown and surprise time………..you won’t expect it – it will just BE THERE and then it’s up to you to be FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, a RIGHT GUESSER or a BIG GREENIE WINNER!

Who will it be this week?    Only the SHADOW knows!   (hahaha)

Do I look like THE SHADOW??????

Do I look like THE SHADOW??????

I had a super busy weekend so I’m having a super lazy Monday………………hope that’s alright with you?   Thanks a bunch…………………

I'll be on this all day.  Snoring.   Loudly!

I’ll be on this all day. Snoring. Loudly!

See you tomorrow gang!   BE PURRRRRRPARED!!!!!!

Love, Sam the Pre-Teaser! 

Resting Up Saturday


I’ve been such a busy boy I thought I’d give myself (and my Mom) a break and just have a RESTFUL Saturday (after bacon for breakfast of course)………………………where else would I nap but in my bacon cheeseburger bed????


Hope you all had fun at the Haunted House yesterday – WHAT?  You didn’t see it?   Well you’d better check it out right now!!


Hugs, Sammy

A Day Of Rest!


Happy Sunday Peeps!

I just bet it won’t surprise you all one bit to know that yesterday was a day of rest for this old guy.  What you might not believe (but it’s true) is that I literally stayed in my afghan tent from 11AM until 4:30PM.  Mom kept putting her hand into my tent to check and make sure I was breathing (!) because I hadn’t budged but HONESTLY – I was exhausted after THE VET VISIT.

A guy can’t get TOO much rest….right?

It really was a great day for napping though ANYWAY because we started the day with light rain……and it was cloudy for much of the day.  Byt he time the sun finally came out I was well into my nap time.  I wouldn’t have known if it was raining or sunny or snowing because all I knew is that I was comfy in my tent.

This morning of course is Sunday newspaper day.  Different kind of tent.  Newspaper tent courtesy of Dad. 

Sam's a fan of the Sunday newspaper.....

Yay! Sunday paper day!

Mom and I have been putting our heads together (when I’m awake of course!) to come up with an idea for a contest on my blog.  I’ve won so many contests I’m thinking it’s high time I HAD a contest of my own so look for some news about it this coming week!!!

Meanwhile, I’m off to finish up my Sunday breakfast.  Then, barring any unforeseen circumstances, chances are fairly good I’ll be napping some more.  At my age I need all the naps I can get (Mom just said she feels the same way……HAHAHA).

Sammy Having Breakfast

Yum! Whatever this is, it’s not bad!

Sunday Sammy Hugs!