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Rest Up Thursday


What a busy day yesterday was – well for my parents anyway.   I was left behind and I bet you can guess what I was up to while they were gone?

Yep – a little bit of this and that and the other……………..in other words – SNORING.

While I was snoring, Mom and Dad were at a doctor’s appointment for Mom, then they went computer shopping for a laptop – my Mom now has a laptop (hallelujah) and she’s very happy about it but in “learning mode” which means it will be FOREVER before she can use the thing.  But we have one now so never again will we be WITHOUT computers so I won’t disappear for two or three days leaving you wondering if I’m alive!

We are patiently waiting for Spring and yesterday was a bit of a break in the colder Spring type weather because we got up to 74 – HOWEVER today rain moves in and back down we go.   It will be nice when we STAY Spring!  Know what I mean?

Can we get a break Mother Nature???????

Can we get a break Mother Nature???????

Whatever you do – enjoy your Thursday.  I’ll be snoopervising Mom’s learning of the laptop.   I guess we’ll need to have wine available for when she gets frustrated and who can be upset for long when they have an adorable ginger cat hugging their legs and saying MEOW every few minutes right?   Right!

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

I’m so danged cute!

Hugs, Sammy