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Friendly Fill-In Friday


Fill-In The Sentence Day!

It’s Friday which means we are joining the co-hosted Friendly Fill-Ins!   McGuffy’s Reader and 15 and Meowing have Friday reserved for this FUN sentence fill-in game we play.   They each contribute TWO sentences with blanks and we fill ’em up!   Would you like to play along?   Just click the badge and go to McGuffy’s – use the linky tool and join in the fun!

Today’s sentences are filled in by my Mom………..her fill-ins are in GREEN!

1. Blind dates sometimes work!    My hubby was a blind date and just look at us now 27 years later!.
2. Fifty years ago, I got my first cat – when I moved into my first apartment and I’ve had cats ever since.

3. I admire people who will TRY something before saying “I can’t do that” because it’s a GREAT way to learn something NEW.

4. Reading makes me think about things I probably would never have thought about before.


Thanks Mom!   You did brilliantly………better than me………….I don’t know what a blind date is for one thing!!!!

Now if you’re all finished Mom, let’s turn off the computer and NAP!

Love, Teddy


Sam’s Sunday Selfie


Happy Hopping!

We’re pawticipating as always in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop………………this time around, Mom used Lunapic and tried the “Fantasy” effect and added a cool “Prismatic Paw Prints” border.    I think it reflects what I’m dreaming about in my sleeping selfie…………..all you have to do is set your camera to snap a photo of you in say 15 minutes from when you get settled in for a nap and VOILA – SNAP – and you don’t even know it’s done!


If you would like to add your selfie to the Hop, just click on The Cat On My Head’s logo below – go there and use the linky tool to join up………..OR, you can just go there and take a peek at all the fabulous other selfies!


Happy Fantasy Sunday

Sammy the Dreamer………..

Rest Up Thursday


What a busy day yesterday was – well for my parents anyway.   I was left behind and I bet you can guess what I was up to while they were gone?

Yep – a little bit of this and that and the other……………..in other words – SNORING.

While I was snoring, Mom and Dad were at a doctor’s appointment for Mom, then they went computer shopping for a laptop – my Mom now has a laptop (hallelujah) and she’s very happy about it but in “learning mode” which means it will be FOREVER before she can use the thing.  But we have one now so never again will we be WITHOUT computers so I won’t disappear for two or three days leaving you wondering if I’m alive!

We are patiently waiting for Spring and yesterday was a bit of a break in the colder Spring type weather because we got up to 74 – HOWEVER today rain moves in and back down we go.   It will be nice when we STAY Spring!  Know what I mean?

Can we get a break Mother Nature???????

Can we get a break Mother Nature???????

Whatever you do – enjoy your Thursday.  I’ll be snoopervising Mom’s learning of the laptop.   I guess we’ll need to have wine available for when she gets frustrated and who can be upset for long when they have an adorable ginger cat hugging their legs and saying MEOW every few minutes right?   Right!

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

I’m so danged cute!

Hugs, Sammy


Snoozy Sunday Selfie


Seems all my Sunday Selfies lately are involving SLEEP.  

I say if you’re good at something, keep at it.   You might say it’s my “Specialty of the House” !

Joining up with The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie – click their badge and enter your OWN and see all the other great selfies!



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Pee Ess   I have some brand new friends I wanna share with you!  

Two ADORABLE Gerbils named Timon and Pumbaa

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Cleaning Day



When the weather outside is too cold to do anything out there – what do you do?   CLEAN THE HOUSE!   Yep – even if it wasn’t the usual day for housecleaning around here (which it is), we’d probably be doing it.   There’s been a lot of in/out/in/out around here – trudging down to the mailbox at the bottom of the driveway, taking ME ME ME out on the front porch and down the sidewalk (now that it’s free of snow and ice!) and trips to the outside trash can…………..so even though Mom and Dad (not me of course) change shoes from “inside” to “outside” shoes, some dirt/sand/whatever gets inside.

Out comes the MONSTER………………..it handles it all – noisily of course but it’s handled!


I’ll tell you how it makes me feel Dr. Puppy, it makes me feel like my head will explode from the noise!    BUT, I just go down to the basement and wait it out.



Before you know it – things are back to normal………………..



I say normal but you know what?  I’m not sure there is a “normal” around my house……………..if there is, he’s hiding in a closet somewhere and only comes out at night when we can’t see him.   Probably goes to my treat bowl and helps himself.   Watch it Mr. Normal……..I’ve got my EYES on you!


Happy Friday!!  


Monster Friday


“Knock, Knock….Cleaning Service!”

Oh how my Mom would like to hear that every Friday instead of dragging the monster out of the closet and doing all three floors of housecleaning herself – well, truth be told, Dad DOES help but still, for two humans and a cat it’s a lot of cleaning!

So I’m going to start helping…………..It’s only fair…………….


Then when things are all nice and spic and span (or at least as close to it as my parents will ever get!), I can finally curl up and get in a nap (or 10) and all will be right with my world………..!!


Keeping this spot on the Guets Room bed nice and warm for Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig when they get here to visit me NEXT week!!!!!

Now – what else can I do (or not) today????

Hugs, Sammy, President

 Sammy’s Cleaning Service

Rainy Thursday


Hi Peeps!   So it’s another rainy day here in my part of Virginia…….it was dreary yesterday but that was OK because Mom wasn’t home much of the morning/early afternoon since she was at the dentist.  Dad and I were on our own.  He spent the whole morning in the library reading and I was in the basement in a comfy chair snoring snoozing.  When Mom got home we “resumed our regular programming” and I followed her up the basement steps and popped up on her lap for some quality Mom time.

zzzzz.....snoozin' on Mom's leg....zzzzz

Next week I have to go to the vet to get my bloods checked again – it will have been 3 months since I started taking my medicine for hyperthyroidism and he’ll want to see if one pill a day has me within normal range.  I was WAY over when I had my last checkup.  We’re ALL hoping one pill is enough because Mom is having a fit getting the one pill down me (tee hee) – she crushes it into smithereens and mixes it with yogurt as a treat – I love that yogurt but I can taste that medicine most times.   I’m getting smart about it too but once in a while she fools me and I get MOST of the pill down.  Anyway, Mom’s going to talk to the vet about transdermal medication.   There are places where you can have the medicine compounded with a cream and then it’s just rubbed in our little ears and we absorb the medication through our skin!!!   Amazing?  I think so and Mom figures THAT will be easier than the pill crushing/yogurt hiding thing anyway.  So wish us luck on that one!

Catnapping on the couch

Don’t wave that yogurt around in front of me and expect me to slurp it up! I know what’s hidden in there!!!!!!

What else is going on?   Well today is sheet changing day – that’s always exciting.  In my younger days I’d help Mom with that (well I called it help but she called it distracting tactics) but I don’t do that leaping about any more – I’m a senior guy who tries to behave in a dignified manner at all times (giggle giggle).   Mom will also do some other laundry perhaps…….that means an empty laundry basket and once in a while I get a ride in the laundry basket courtesy of Dad.  He attaches a rope and pulls me around on the wall to wall carpet in the laundry basket – now THAT’s fun!!!

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

Aw gee Mom….do you HAVE to put the bedspread back on the bed? This fleece blankie is so NICE!

What’s up for you today?  Anything exiting?   Just about ANYTHING you do today will be more exciting than MY day that’s for sure.


Mr. Excitement