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Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Hoppers!   Time for the Selfie Hop hosted by our buddies and pals at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.    Want to have fun with us?   Click the badge above and link up!

I’m doing my usual FLASHBACK SUNDAY selfie………………I look back in our photos files and find something CLOSE to this date in one of the last two years I’ve lived with my Mom and Dad and VOILA – FLASHBACK SELFIE!

Today’s FLASHBACK is from September 10, 2017 which means 8 months after I was adopted.    I was already suspecting the camera was spying on me…………….Mom added a Lunapic filter to this one and came up with this little gem (thank heavens I didn’t have anything stuck in my nose when she snapped this one!)

Talk about close-up……………well that’s about as close as it can get without me swallowing the camera.     Anyway, for those of you who want puzzles on Sunday, I’ll give you one!!   Ready?

Just click on this MINI-ME and you can go crazy doing my puzzle today!



Love, Teddy