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Sparks on Monday


Sparks on Monday!


SPARKS is the idea of my good friend Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.   She thinks it’s important for us to share something uplifting to start our week and we think so too.   We are happy to be part of this positive Blog Hop and hope you will join in – just click her badge above and enter your blog link and share your SPARK!!!

It’s Monday again……..already………another week gone but another week ahead.    Time is like that – disappears then reappears and gives us HOPE.    Speaking of HOPE, that’s the subject of my SPARK today.   Something I keep in my heart as much as possible and it seems as time moves on I try to have MORE and MORE of it “standing by” in my arsenal of weapons to get through life one day at a time.   HOPE is also a big part of my mantra of positivity.    You can’t lose hope and be positive.   At least I can’t!

Another Maya Angelou quote that speaks to me.    I have room in my life for MANY things and always have in my 70 years here…….but given a choice between Hope and Fear and allowing one of them to RESIDE in my day to day living, I’ll choose hope every time.    Fearing sort of says “I’m beat and nothing can help”…….Hope says “I may be facing something scary but I have hope and I will win”………much more powerful.

My “heavy thoughts” for this Monday!      I am choosing to be HOPEFUL today – how about you??

Hugs, Pam


SPARKS on Monday


Time for a little SPARK to start the week.   This Blog Hop was the idea of our hostess, Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and the purpose is to bring a little inspiration, a little light, a SPARK, to everyone who reads our thoughts on how to make life better for ourselves AND those around us in some way.   We don’t just make our way through life FOR OURSELVES – we make it WITH others so why not try to brighten that sometimes dark path we all travel with a happy or inspirational thought??

If you’d like to join us with a SPARK of your own – please do……….just click on Annie’s graphic above and you’ll go to her blog where you can not only read her SPARK for today but join in the Blog Hop by providing the link to your own blog……..share some light this week with all of us!

Since it’s the week before Christmas, my SPARK this week reflects that fact………and while it’s a simple graphic with a simple message, it can change the coming holiday for everyone around you.   I present my SPARK with a smile this week because smiling in itself can change your day or someone else’s so SMILE and enjoy this week before the celebration of Christmas…………..

It’s the THOUGHT that counts!

Make sure you sparkle this week – holiday cheer is infectious!

Love, Pam

Monday Sparks!



Mondays are the start of a week – who knows what that week will bring our way – but it’s a day we can use as a “launching pad” for a week that’s POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.   It’s our choice.   If we face it with positivity who knows what we’re capable of – but we want to find out so we start it with a powerful SPARK.    This is the idea of Annie at McGuffy’s Reader who wants everyone to be the light in their OWN lives and everyone else’s by posting an inspirational/positive/uplifting message every Monday to share.    When we heard about it, we were immediately ON BOARD.    If you’d like to join in the SPARK PATROL (!), just click on her graphic above and go to her blog, enter your blog address and share your inspirational quote or thought…………. what a GREAT way to start out the week………………..!

Here’s our contribution for this Monday…………….

Oh boy is this ever true…………most of us talk about how difficult and complicated things are when if you stop and think about it, we start out each day with a clean slate – a new chance – why do we insist on loading ourselves up with “STUFF” that simply drags us back down?    Live simply and do the things you MUST do, but just say NO to the things that aren’t really NECESSARY to do that complicate your life.    OH YEAH…………COUNT US IN ON THAT ONE!

Have a SIMPLE day!

From Pam and Teddy too………..

HUGS are simple!