Monday Sparks!



Mondays are the start of a week – who knows what that week will bring our way – but it’s a day we can use as a “launching pad” for a week that’s POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.   It’s our choice.   If we face it with positivity who knows what we’re capable of – but we want to find out so we start it with a powerful SPARK.    This is the idea of Annie at McGuffy’s Reader who wants everyone to be the light in their OWN lives and everyone else’s by posting an inspirational/positive/uplifting message every Monday to share.    When we heard about it, we were immediately ON BOARD.    If you’d like to join in the SPARK PATROL (!), just click on her graphic above and go to her blog, enter your blog address and share your inspirational quote or thought…………. what a GREAT way to start out the week………………..!

Here’s our contribution for this Monday…………….

Oh boy is this ever true…………most of us talk about how difficult and complicated things are when if you stop and think about it, we start out each day with a clean slate – a new chance – why do we insist on loading ourselves up with “STUFF” that simply drags us back down?    Live simply and do the things you MUST do, but just say NO to the things that aren’t really NECESSARY to do that complicate your life.    OH YEAH…………COUNT US IN ON THAT ONE!

Have a SIMPLE day!

From Pam and Teddy too………..

HUGS are simple!

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  1. Interesting perspective. It is oneself complicating life, instead of it being the other way around which makes purrfect sense. The things we do or do not do usually results in these mysterious life’s complications which would otherwise allow us to avoid said “complications” had we done what we were supposed to in the first place. Now, this is some food for ponder, huh? Thanks for the “Sparks”!

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  2. This brings to mind how I have to keep saying ‘no’ to a needy friend who wants me to drop everything and help straighten out her life. We can’t fix someone who insists on staying broken and I’m tired of making the pointless sacrifice. ~sigh~ Can’t get much simpler than that. Happy Monday!

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    • Oh yes – I’ve certainly “been there/done that”….we all want to help each other through the ups and downs but some people seem to require constant and never-ending propping up! Often it’s a choice they’ve made to be helpless and not even try to help themselves. We can’t fix what WANTS to stay broken.

      Hugs, Pam

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  3. Oh we like your saying. Sometimes we spend all day just working on making it complicated! We really like this Sparks idea too – and YOU guys inspired us, so….we did one too! And we had fun. So, thank you, King Teddy and Mom Pamela. Hugs to you and kitty kisses.


    • It’s so very easy to complicate…..but it’s also easy to DE-complicate because you feel light as air once you let go of all the things you tend to hang on to. We think Annie at McGuffy’s Reader was brilliant starting SPARKS. It’s growing already – glad you did one too!!!!

      Love, Teddy (and Mom too!)


  4. That is so true cousin. We just need to stop and breathe sometimes. Heck I’m trying to be more like my brother Houdini here. Poop and then kick it to the side. Who needs all that grief – snorts with piggy laughter. Love your picture with your mom ❤ XOXO – Bacon

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    • Your craftroom is set up and looks just the way it “works” for you and that’s all that’s important. Piles of stuff can be very inspirational and as art-minded and talented as you already are – I’d recommend not changing a THING!

      Love, Pam

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  5. Simple Simon met a pimon..wait, I don’t think thats what that saying meant…sorry…

    Well yes we do make things way too complicated. We need to be like children, who see the wonder and do not make issues out of *everything*.


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