Tuesday Teaser Class Is NOW


“Well team the grounds are looking good – let’s see how Officer Kitty is doing at the front door!”

“Hello Officer Clowie and troops – all quiet at the entrance this morning – the rush of students just went through the door to try and be FIRST COMMENTER………………….wonder who it will be this week???”

“Morning Students!   Have you Commented??  Officer Kitty says you all were an orderly bunch today!

SO here we are on another Tuesday morning getting ready to take a peek at a photo and figure out WHERE it was taken.   Are you ready for the challenge?     The Teaser today was one that our Graphics Department found so we hope you find it fun and that you figure it out so you can WIN A BADGE!

Let’s review our rules AND our badges and then go from there OK?

So now you know what you might win if you take a chance on guessing on today’s photo……………..we know you can do it – many of you have and many of you have boxes and boxes of badges in your closet right?    So, let’s see what today’s photo is shall we?



So Class – WHERE was this photo taken??????

“I don’t know where it was taken but I know the Cheer Team is up next!!  Bring ’em on!”

“Ready for the Chicks!”

Is it Tuesday again for heaven sake?
For you students then it’s “make” or “break” !
You’d better hope someone knows where the photo was taken
If you do, we’ll serve you a martini stirred not shaken!
We’ll be back tomorrow to tell you who gets a prize
So get some rest tonight and don’t arrive with half-closed eyes!!!

Thanks ladies………..I think you inspired the students to work hard to solve this mystery!     Meanwhile, let’s head off to the cafeteria for lunch.    Students – you may come now or stay here and STUDY first!

“Well I’m ready to EAT……I need brain food for studying!!”

Welcome to the Cafeteria!   Hope you enjoy your food choices today!

Today’s Menu:

Good Luck Class!!!! 

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  1. Hello! Can’t believe we’re Firsties. It’s early here and beautiful but the heat is coming today. We this castle is Oheka Castle near Long Island, New York. We’ll just have coffee ☕️


    • I loved visiting Biltmore years ago – what a place that is – the tour was hours long because that place is enormous isn’t it. I wouldn’t mind going back again………

      Hugs, Pam


  2. Officer Kitty is so cute. I hope that cardinal doesn’t poop on his hat. No clue as to where this beautiful castle is. Nice cheer ladies. Have a wonderful day! XO


  3. Hmmmm, beautiful scenery but I cannot find out where it is! It seems to be a strange mixture of English, Italian, and French castles and landscapes. I think my brain needs some food – could I have a Chicken Avocado Salad and a Fresh Fruit SSSCream Pie?


  4. Thanks Kitty Kop and Clowies for keeping us safe. We hope we were close with out Teaser test. Now lets have some of that tasty French Onion Soup and 5 Works Burgers Please. We are heading back to our own Castle till tomorrow and thanks Professors and Friends for all the fun! Bye Bye


  5. Here we are again, Teddy. I found the teaser…but maybe whole class did…MOL…it’s Xanadu in California and it’s also a song..MOL ♪♫♪ Pawkisses for a Happy sunny day to all of you🐾😽💞


    • Hi Sivvers! Nice to have you stop by class yesterday – today we have the TELL ALL class if you wanna come back to see where that photo was from. Visit any time – we were happy to see you!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. I’m a bit late this morning…. sorry, it must have been what my pal Fuzzywig gave me last night. That is a former White Castle restaurant that closed down and has now been renovated as a maximum security penitentiary. They may have removed the grills, the tables and the soda fountain… but there are still plenty of sliders served between buns to be found….


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