Welcome Students!   Time for your Professors to TELL IT ALL……..

First of all we forgot to mention that our Graphics Department (who we decided not to fire until we have a replacement!) contributed the Teaser photo yesterday.    Not a bad job although we HAVE had a Teaser in this same town before!

Secondly we wish to tell you that we had FOUR (yes we said FOUR) First Commenters.    The Cheer Team wasn’t told about them though until they were at the Pub and having a good time – we texted the good news to them about FOUR and they texted back…………”BURP…..FINE……THE MORE THE MERRIER!”       So – we made out OK in spite of a pile of Firsties.

“Four Firsties?  Bring it on!!”

So let’s tell you who those lucky First Commenters were!




“Yay for Four Firsties!!!!!!”

Your badge (please take a copy!)

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of September 29, 2020! YAY FOR ALL OF US!

“I tried to comment when I got here but the commenting line was too long……….”

Uhhuh…..sure!!!!    Anyway, let’s show you the photo from yesterday and then we’ll tell you WHO the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was!

It’s beautiful downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico!!

We have had a Teaser photo from here before but we wondered if anyone would remember – several of you did – GOOD JOB recognizing the place.   It was the cathedral at the end of the street AND the mountains in the background that most of you recognized!



Congratulations Csilla!!   Here’s your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of September 29, 2020!!! I’m a SMARTIE!

AND there were several others who got it right – you all get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of September 29, 2020 but I was NOT FIRST! Not fast enough I guess…….!

And of course we have a few Greenies to pass out too for those who guessed but were WRONG:

PHOOOEY! I guessed WRONG on the Teaser photo of September 29, 2020. But I tried! That’s worth SOMETHING – right?????

Cheer Team?   You’ve got your work cut out for you!!

Holy cow you all went crazy
Lots of early risers – you’re sure not lazy!
FOUR First Commenters and that’s a crowd –
We’re here to tell you their names out loud!
Janet, Sharon, Ingrid and Timmy were super quick!
Then right after that our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER came and Miss Csilla made the right pick!
See we did the cheer with all the names because we’re real pros!
But next time we have to work with all those names, we’re pinching Teddy’s toes!

Uhoh………………now that’s a threat if I ever heard one!!!!!     Well students and cheer team – how about some lunch to round out the day – then you can go home and RELAX!   Next week we’ll have another doozy for you – maybe even something you’ve never seen before instead of a REPEAT!

Welcome to the cafeteria!   Lots to choose from today!

Today’s Delights:

See you next Tuesday Students!!! Your Professors

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  1. Congratulations to the Speedy Four and Csilla! The Teaser photo looks like a nice place to visit. New Mexico has been a nice place to vacation for us. Cheer Team, you done good but no pinching of the Boop’s toesies! I would like bacon wrapped chicken breasts and scalloped potatoes please!


  2. My goodness, haven’t been there in ages, but what a lovely town. And the tilework is beautiful in NM. Off to have lunch, black lentil salad with pears, spaghetti alla carbonara, lovely fruit….Have a winsome Wednesday!


  3. Concats to the speedy winners! First, and right guesser! Yea! For some reason I have always wanted to go to New Mexico. This just added to the wish to go. 🙂 Good meowning!
    Katie isabella


    • I was very young when we were traveling cross-country from Virginia to California in order to fly to Taiwan (Air Force Dad’s next assignment) but we went THROUGH New Mexico to visit old friends of my parents. All I recall is that it was such DIFFERENT landscape – but so beautiful in its’ special way. It was hot as heck but everybody has a pool. It is an interesting place to visit FOR SURE!

      Good Meowning to you too!
      Hugs, Pam

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  4. Thanks cheer team. Mom has been to Santa Fe and saw someone had guessed that, but she didn’t recognize it. Since it is too early for lunch, we are each going to have some key lime pie. Thanks! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  5. A good nap at the beginning of class makes wonders! At least, sometimes it does. 🙂 After a little bit zzzzzz-ing, I came up with the magic combination of ““romanesque church usa street night” within a few seconds.
    I have a very impurrrrrrtant question to the principal of Ding Dong School: Do feathered students behave properly? Look: https://www.comicsands.com/parrots-lincolnshire-zoo-separated-swear-2647859206.html?fbclid=IwAR3WYTWn8lHzWHh3xNT8drj_1oclCigOBOG_GoD_SAw1QRXwM6xz94RNTsk

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    • HAHAHAHA…..that’s hilarious – I think talking birds could possibly get into a whole lot of trouble if they are allowed to GOSSIP or SHARE jokes or HARASS each other! That’s so funny.

      CONGRATULATIONS on the excellent detective work for the Teaser this week!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. How exciting to be a first commenter but golly gee we wish we could have got the Teaser right. Guess we will have to try next week and have some of this wonderful lunch. Today we are having the brats and kraut and then dessert Macarons, Irish Mint Cake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. Yummy. See you next week Profs


  7. Concatss to 4 Ferstiess an HURRAH Miss Csillia!! Yore a geeneuss!
    Pleese pass a Greenie Teddy…..
    An Missus Dee cudd wee PLEES have 1 Tuna Cake fore mee an sum Bratwurst an Sauerkraut fore LadyMew an fore ‘ssert may mee have a bit of milk an LadyMew a peece of Key Lime Pie. With humbell thanx!
    Teddy wee sure xcell at Lunch don’t wee???? 😉
    Mew mew mew BellaDharma


  8. What a downpour of first commenters! Congrats all of you. This cannot be Santa Claus, New Mexico. It looks like an animation…..but if you think its NM, we’ll take your word for it. Csilla thought it was New Mexico so you must both share the same delusion.



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