Teaser Class Is NOW!


“Good job Security Team!  Let’s report in and let the Professors know it’s CLEAR!”

Happy Tuesday Class!  Have you COMMENTED yet?

Time for our weekly contest to see which student(s) are FAST enough to be First Commenters, and which are good enough investigators to figure out the location of the TEASER photo to be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

“We’re READY!”

Alright then let’s get going – first up – the rules then the badges:

There you have it – all the “prep” work for the Teaser is done so it’s time to move on to the MAIN EVENT!!!!!

“Wait – No – not THAT kind of MAIN EVENT!!”

No boxing allowed in class!

Anyway, we’ll go ahead and get our Photo Security Guard in before another fight breaks out and get started on the guessing of WHERE today’s photo was taken!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where Was This Photo Taken????

That is for US to know and for YOU to find out!


“I thought you said this week’s Teaser would be EASY after last week!!!!”

Now don’t blow a gasket………….this one might be easier than you think depending on what clues you may pick up in the photo.    This is supposed to be a challenge – remember????

Cheer Team – maybe if you come in and give this group a pep talk they’ll calm down and start studying the photo???

Come on students lose those frowns!
You all are the smartest students anywhere around!
Calm down and study the photo and look for clues
You’re guaranteed to lose those blues!
You know how to do this so show the Profs you’re smart
Give it your best effort right from the start.
You might win a badge if you get it right
We love the FALL badges – they’re outtasight!
We’ll be back tomorrow to celebrate the wins
Now study those books to figure this out until your brain spins!

Very interesting cheer ladies……………especially the spinning brain part.    Now – who’s up for lunch?    I think if you have a good lunch then you might have a better chance to figure out the Teaser photo.    SO LET’S GO!

“Can we have a food fight?”

Absolutely not!

Hello Students!    Had to wear my freaky smile mask today – my bandana is in  the wash!   Enjoy your lunch!


All aboard for home sweet home!   We’ll see you in class tomorrow gang!! 

Your Professors

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      • I had an English lesson – I do it online, the other pupils (my colleagues, university profs, two historians and two linguists) take part in purrrson, thus it is hard. Then, I had dinner. Then, I watched an episode from a French TV series. But what is most important, my mom is in the hospital because she undergoes cataract surgery on her left eye. The right eye was operated about 6 weeks ago. She must come home in 2-3 hours. And we didn’t sleep well, because we worried a lot about the virus situation – whether there will be a sudden lockdown in hospitals like in the spring.

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        • Oh Csilla I sure hope your Mom will be just fine and I know you both will be happy after her second eye is done. Hopefully the surgeries mean her vision is MUCH better now! Hope there is no sudden lockdown – and she has the surgery and is home TODAY. Sending her (and you) hugs………………..


    • In a perfect world (which this is not of course!) my Mom and Dad would be in Maine RIGHT NOW. They were supposed to go yesterday but of course all those plans were cancelled! Maybe this is Bangor – we’ll find out tomorrow! By the way, is your Mom’s paw out of the jar???????

      Hugs, Teddy

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  1. Thanks so our Security, Cheer Team and of course Ms D. Now before we have some noms… where is this Teaser? Hmmmmm. Dad says Cali but we think it was more like New Mexicali but… Seems we are a bit behind the curve in our timing. No worries lets dig into some great food. We are going to have the BCT, Italian Sub and some of that tasty French Onion Soup for six please as Dad is joining us. Thanks Profs and everyone. Cheer Team lets see you in action tomorrow.

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  2. Well, it’s a city that has electrical power…. which is more than I had this morning thanks to another four hour “squirrel outage.” Good to see the prisoners in the pen up there on the mountain are keeping those hamster wheels rolling…

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  3. I’m here! We had a lovely day out, nice and sunny and temperature mid 60s. I see the Teaser has been guessed but knew it would be by now.
    I have to say it did look familiar though. Have you previously used the Mission at the end of the street but by daylight?


    • I have had a Santa Fe shot but I don’t recall if the Mission was in the photo – I wondered if anyone would remember the mountain in the back of the town though and I guess the answer was YES! Glad you had a wonderful time on your picnic!

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  4. Mee an LadyMew are sure this iss where efurr “Q T’ Hush” cartoon was filmed….which meenss wee have absolootley NO clue Teddy!
    Butt wee DEW know what wee want fore lunch Missus Dee> Pleese may wee have 2 Groupurr sammichess an a large order of Festive Fries an sum milk too! THANX Missus Dee….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew


  5. LAST!! We think it’s Sante Fe New Mexico! Also we want some Turkey Noodle Soup please! It’s nice and cold here now! Mom needs to buy us a warming bed


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