Tuesday Teaser Class Time!


Here we are again!   Tuesday!   Clowie and company say all is well around us so let us begin shall we??

“Chief Clowie can we go to the cafeteria for a cold drink and snack?   It’s HOT out here!”

Thanks Clowie I think your crew is ready for a break.  Please enjoy yourselves and keep cool!    Students – please have a seat and get ready for GUESSING.

Ready to go Professors!

Today’s Teaser Photo was suggested by a GUEST and we’ll tell you who that is when we do the TELL ALL with badge awards tomorrow.  Meanwhile, let’s show you the rules and badges shall we???

ALRIGHT!   Now you know what’s at stake and how you should search for clues and figure out the Teaser without resorting to the dreaded and forbidden “GOOGLE SEARCH” or similar effort!

Impossible!  We haven’t shown you the photo yet!  I like your enthusiasm though!

So let’s get our Photo Security Guard in here with today’s photo shall we?????

Here’s today’s photo Professors!


We have another photo of this place which we’ll show you tomorrow…………………all I can say is I love the gardens!!


uhoh…………….sleepers……………………wake up guys or Sarge will get REALLY MAD!

“wait…..what?…..where am I……who am I?”  OOPS – sorry Professors – late night – er – um – STUDYING!

Yeah sure………………….let’s bring on the Cheer Team – they’ll wake everyone up!

Uhoh nappers in the back of the room
Maybe we should sing a really loud tune!
They look awake now so we’ll carry on
Besides the urge to scare them awake is sadly gone!
We hope you figure this one out and that’s no lie
The least you students can do is give it a try
It’s a pretty place though wherever it is
Now get to guessing and show us all you’re a geography whiz!

Thanks girls!   That got everyone AWAKE and ready to work on the Teaser.


Shall we stroll over to the cafeteria for lunch?   I hear there’s some goodies on the line today………….although I must say I think Miss Dingleberry and staff do a super job – it’s not unusual for students to complain about the food in a school cafeteria but I think we have GOOD FOOD!

Happy Tuesday!   Please have a stroll in the cafeteria line and find your favorites and ENJOY!

What’s To Eat Today?

ALL ABOARD!   See you tomorrow for TEASER TELL ALL and GOOD LUCK!

Your Professors

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  1. Tater pancakes and cobbler please, and I agree with The Florida Furkinds…just remembering the day deserves a badge too! I LOVE that picture for today. I wish I could be there walking in that village.
    Katie Isabella

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello! Not first this week…an d to think I was up at 7am…but, the BR was caling me…and then I went back to sleep…
    That sure is an ancient place this week.
    I will hunt it out later…Yawn…

    Can you please save me a piece of Key lime pie to go with my coffee when I get to be awake? Thanks!


  3. The worst of the worst in the world of flora can be found in Leaf Ericsson Federal Plantitentiary, also known as The Big Greenhouse. Here you’ll find poison ivy and poison oak sharing a cell, showers filled with those big spiky weeds that really hurt when you step on them (or turn your back on one), cannabis, the most popular inmate in the whole prison… and of course, its most famous resident, Audrey the man eating plant, who’s grown roots on death row now for years. Barring a pardon from the governor, she’ll be sprayed with Roundup at midnight tomorrow…

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  4. wavez two ewe ted o nator; we hope thiz findz ewe happee & chillaxin:) two day may we pleez order sum bacon burgerz; well done N pleez hold de onionz N horze radizh ~~~~~~~

    de gurl doez knot noe wear thiz iz but her wood like ta live ther if her had ta live in a city…..total lee
    awesum 🙂 sum one haz knot answered yet; we R gonna sneek over two ther holly day blog 🙂 if we findz a cloo we will bee bak 😉 ♥♥


    • Hi Gang! Would you believe this photo is a little village in IT-LEE? Yep – pretty nice isn’t it! I imagine its’ a pretty quiet village but walking on those cobblestone streets might be a tricky thing for humans anyway. Thanks for coming by to say howdy doo AND here’s your order for a pile of burgers no onions or horseradish! We threw in some fries too! ENJOY!

      Love and Hugs, Ted O Nator


  5. We went for a drive and took a picnic. I only just got around to turning the computer on but I had to show my face!
    It looks very Mediterranean, probably Italy with the red brick. I will leave it there though as I a sure it has been long guessed.


  6. Oh No Dad oversleeeeep! AHHH! Hmm. Now that we have our composure all is not lost that is Barcelona Spain? Well we try and at least we get to eat Bacon Egg and Cheese. Yes Toby you can have the Turkey. See you for the reveal


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