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Tuesday Teaser Class Time!


Here we are again!   Tuesday!   Clowie and company say all is well around us so let us begin shall we??

“Chief Clowie can we go to the cafeteria for a cold drink and snack?   It’s HOT out here!”

Thanks Clowie I think your crew is ready for a break.  Please enjoy yourselves and keep cool!    Students – please have a seat and get ready for GUESSING.

Ready to go Professors!

Today’s Teaser Photo was suggested by a GUEST and we’ll tell you who that is when we do the TELL ALL with badge awards tomorrow.  Meanwhile, let’s show you the rules and badges shall we???

ALRIGHT!   Now you know what’s at stake and how you should search for clues and figure out the Teaser without resorting to the dreaded and forbidden “GOOGLE SEARCH” or similar effort!

Impossible!  We haven’t shown you the photo yet!  I like your enthusiasm though!

So let’s get our Photo Security Guard in here with today’s photo shall we?????

Here’s today’s photo Professors!


We have another photo of this place which we’ll show you tomorrow…………………all I can say is I love the gardens!!


uhoh…………….sleepers……………………wake up guys or Sarge will get REALLY MAD!

“wait…..what?…..where am I……who am I?”  OOPS – sorry Professors – late night – er – um – STUDYING!

Yeah sure………………….let’s bring on the Cheer Team – they’ll wake everyone up!

Uhoh nappers in the back of the room
Maybe we should sing a really loud tune!
They look awake now so we’ll carry on
Besides the urge to scare them awake is sadly gone!
We hope you figure this one out and that’s no lie
The least you students can do is give it a try
It’s a pretty place though wherever it is
Now get to guessing and show us all you’re a geography whiz!

Thanks girls!   That got everyone AWAKE and ready to work on the Teaser.


Shall we stroll over to the cafeteria for lunch?   I hear there’s some goodies on the line today………….although I must say I think Miss Dingleberry and staff do a super job – it’s not unusual for students to complain about the food in a school cafeteria but I think we have GOOD FOOD!

Happy Tuesday!   Please have a stroll in the cafeteria line and find your favorites and ENJOY!

What’s To Eat Today?

ALL ABOARD!   See you tomorrow for TEASER TELL ALL and GOOD LUCK!

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!



Hello Students!   Hurry Up and COMMENT!!

Then of course have a seat in the classroom and get ready for class.    We hope you are ready for another tough Teaser today because we’ve got it for you.    This will take your excellent investigative skills and we hope we can award a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and several RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST badges today!!

Now that you’re all TUNED UP – let’s start class shall we?

First a quickie review of rules and badges to win……………yes I know you know all of this but you never know when a NEW student who isn’t familiar with things peeks in the door here and THEY need to know how we do Teasers right?

We’re new!  

We Professors are happy to have you in class with us Rodney and Roxy.    Good luck on your first day!



Gosh that Roxy is kinda cute!

I think Rodney is ADORABLES!!!!

OK class – let’s get down to business now.    Our Security Guard is back and he’s going to bring in our Teaser photos for today – YES there are TWO photos of this MYSTERY LOCATION and it’s up to you to figure out WHERE the photos were taken!    Ready?


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!


See?   Toughies right?    Well, if you use some appropriate search terms you might be able to figure this one out.    Then try to be FIRST and win a badge OR if not FIRST you might win another badge!!

Our Cheer Team finally got some uniforms that they REALLY like and I must say, we think they are 1000% better than those lemons (literally) they had on yesterday!     And they don’t have to wear skin colored tights – they can let their natural furs fly!!!    Cheer Team?    STRUT YOUR STUFF and fire up the students for guessing will you please?

Looky Looky aren’t we cute!
We’re really lovin’ our cheering suits!
Now let’s get you ready to make a guess
Studying hard is the key to success
You students can do it we know it’s true
So c’mon and guess – the RIGHT GUESSER could be YOU!!!!!
Slippity Slappity Slurple
We look CUTE in purple!!

WOW Cheer Team!



Alright now class – we agree – the Team looks great………now don’t get too excited or their egos will swell even BIGGER than they already are!    We don’t want THAT to happen.

Can’t imagine anyone’s egos being THAT big!

While you’re thinking about the Teaser – remember that you can go have lunch in the cafeteria whenever you wish.    You can go NOW and get some brain food for figuring the Teaser out OR you can stay at your desks and research and work on making your guesses.    Up to you…………..we Professors are heading to the cafeteria!

Welcome to the Ding Dong Cafeteria Students!   I won’t be out here in the lunchroom with you today because my….er…..um….Supervisor…..is here and I…..well…..NEED to be back there with him – you know – so he can supervise me back there……..yeah……supervise.     So enjoy your lunch!

Excuse me Miss Dingleberry….it’s time for our…….uh……MEETING.

Today’s Delightful Menu:

We’ll see you in class tomorrow students – regular time………GOOD LUCK!!  

Your Professors



Pre-Teaser Monday Time


Good Morning Class!

Time to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s TEASER test.    You know the drill by now but it never hurts to do EXTRA preparation does it!    So let’s do a quickie review of the rules and badges shall we???

Wake me when this part is over will ya? I know this stuff!

Now if you will recall LAST week’s Teaser class………….NOBODY got a RIGHT GUESSER badge!    So I suggest all of you study tonight so SOMEONE will win that badge and some others will win a RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST badge.    You don’t want to FLUNK out two weeks in a row right?

HECK NO!!!!!!

We promised that our Cheer Team would not only be back on duty this week BUT have brand new uniforms.     I think they look swell but I kinda miss the “old look” don’t you?      What do you think everyone?

Well our uniforms make us look kinda lame
AND shaving our arms and legs was a shame!
We think we liked the OLD look better
We’re chilly and need our sweaters!
We think we might keep on lookin’
While you all sample Miss Dingleberry’s cookin’ !!

We Professors are old fashioned and think maybe these uniforms are just a bit TOO MUCH for our cheerleaders here at Ding Dong Sheep School.    They don’t feel comfortable either – and we want our team to be able to be proud of their uniforms so BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!    Nice try Ding Dong Seamstress but TRY TRY AGAIN!

The Cheer Team did say one thing in their cheer that makes sense though – how about we sample Miss Dingleberry’s cookin’ and head to the cafeteria???


I think the Cheer Team looks totally groovy…..

Happy Monday Students!   Who’s “UP” for lunch?   

Today’s Menu:

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See you for Teaser Tomorrow!!!!!