Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!

Greetings Students!   You may enter and COMMENT!

Our ACE perimeter and school grounds patrol group reports that all is well and they will continue to patrol while we are in session.   Isn’t it a wonderful SAFE feeling having them around?????  (and besides – they’re all adorable).

I feel safe and secure………I also think Clowie is very attractive!  Hubba Hubba……..

I agree about Clowie…..I’ve never been attracted to woofies but there’s something about a girl in a uniform!

OK now let’s get down to business………………..today’s Teaser was suggested by one of our classmates’ Mom although the photo we are using isn’t from her.    So we are giving her credit as our GUEST TEASER and she will get a special badge tomorrow in class.

Here are the rules for guessing today……….AND the badges you might win!

And since Thursday is “TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY” in the blogosphere, we have pirate-themed badges for you to win and for us to pass along tomorrow (even though it’s a day early!):

Some of us will be in pirate costumes by order of the Principal for class tomorrow so no giggling – got it?????

Let’s quickly (!) bring in our Teaser Security guard to show you today’s photo shall we????

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

OK GANG – here’s your Teaser – Where SPECIFICALLY was this photo taken?????  Hmmmm???   

Time for the Cheer Team to be front and center and get you all in the mood to figure the Teaser out………..you  might think you know this one but be sure before you GUESS OK???????

We’re flying by on our way out for a cruise
We hope you’re all winners because you don’t want to lose!
Study the photo until your eyes go blank
You know if you’re wrong you’ll be walking the plank!
We’ll be back tomorrow in our pirate gear
We’ll be carrying swords so you’d better stay clear!

OK girls…………enjoy your rides – it’s a beautiful day……….I’m sure you’ve inspired everyone to do their best when they make their guess – nobody wants to walk the plank in shark-infested waters on some deserted island right?

WHAT??????  SHARKS??????? 

OK students – let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch……………………..and then you can come back and study for tomorrow’s TELL ALL CLASS!

Happy Teaser Tuesday Students…..time for you to have lunch and get up the energy to GUESS the Teaser!

What’s On The Menu:

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GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!  See you bright and early in class tomorrow! 



  1. 1

    Hello professors

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  2. 6
    Memories of Eric and Flynn Says:


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  3. 10
    kolytyi Says:



  4. 14


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  5. Good Morning!


  6. 18
    Memories of Eric and Flynn Says:

    I think it is the mountains that look like Snoopy but I can’t remember where. Maybe Japan. Got to get lunch now. Back later.


  7. Things be good! I was just going to get up and eat my cereal… Ida really not been early enough then!


  8. 29

    snoopy rock sedona arizona usa?

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  9. 31

    Arrr thankin da cheer team an da Sarge fur dat grand openin. Miss D Ye better git with da pirate talk or ye be walkin da plank! Hey Frenz lov ya all


  10. 33
    kolytyi Says:

    Snoopy Rock, Sedona, Arizona, USA!


  11. 35

    This photo isn’t a prison, but it contains a crime that will put its perpetrator behind bars hopefully for life. The beautiful Sphinx of Egypt! Someone has decapitated it!!!

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  12. 37
    Clowie Says:

    Happy Teaser Day!

    That rock does look a lot like Snoopy.

    I have an admirer!


  13. 39

    Asleep under the desk again. Not a clue but it’s probably one of your gorgeous national parks.


  14. The Snoopy Rock is super smile worthy! I am going to take some Green Bean casserole for lunch… Thank you!


    • 42

      It’s funny but at THanksgiving (which is when I make green bean casserole because I forget you can have it whenever you WANT it not necessarily just a holiday!), I wind up having just little bits of everything else and multiple portions of GBCasserole. I just love it. Why? Who knows……..Just one of my favorite foods. Enjoy!

      Hugs, Pam


  15. 43
    Dianna Says:

    Good morning! As usual, we don’t have a guess, but a previous comment about Arizona sounds good!
    Love, Sundae


  16. 45

    Love the Security Guards.
    I say the photo was snapped in or around the Red Rocks of Moab, Utah
    Hugs Cecilia

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    • 46

      Clowie and her team are adorable aren’t they? And they keep all the hooligans away from school too! Tomorrow we’ll let you know if it’s the Red Rocks!

      Hugs, Teddy and Mom


  17. 47
    katsrus Says:

    Good morning.
    Sue B


  18. Only an hour late (for me that’s early😂) Not 100% sure, but could that be part of Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, CO?

    Liked by 1 person

  19. 55

    Good Morning everyone ☀️🌻🍂 We think it’s Sedona, Arizona.


  20. 57
    Kismet Says:

    Yup, it’s Snoopy. I can fly there in 30 minutes but I’d rather take the hour to ride there in a car. It is tough for me to get it first because you went live before 5 in the morning here in Arizona. Even Snoopy was sleeping then.


    • 58

      Snoopy sleeps all the time when he’s not pestering someone…….so you’re close to him there huh? I’d rather take a nice A/C bus there than fly even if I could!

      Hugs, Teddy


  21. It has to be Snoopy Rock above Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona. Because i am working and not on the computer early enough, i won’t be first, but i will be here!


  22. Is there a badge for being really really late? Mom had court this morning so we couldn’t come close to a firstie!! That bacon alfredo pizza looks good. Could we each have a slice please?

    The Florida Furkids


  23. 63
    Brian Says:

    This box of rocks doesn’t know where that rock is Teddy!


  24. After getting up way too late for this…and then getting some chores done, well…um…lets face it: I AM LATE…MOL! You know I was awake to use the facilities at 730…should have stayed up for a bit, Hah! Oh well.

    Hey that is a furmouse place I think.
    I do have to concur with many others; its Snoopy Rock, Munds Park, Sedona, Arizona. Yes??!


  25. LadyMew sayss it iss a Mesa inn Arizona U Ess A….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma


  26. 70
    Shirley Matthews Dunn Says:

    Uh-oh, I been gone a while and I forgot about Tuesday Teaser. I was not very good in the past and not very good at it now. Oh well, it still fun to see the pictures and hope you have a clue.


  27. Definitely not the park near my house….

    Love and licks,


  28. 74

    We’re a little late and we’re sure someone else has already guessed right…but we bet this is in Sedona, Arizona.


  29. 76
    Carole Schulman Says:

    Well, we know AZ is not the State. Heeee.


  30. 78

    Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO. or someplace in Utah or Arizona. When we got up and you had already gone live, we figured there was no reason to hurry to post. Thanks for coming to Mau and Misty May’s birthday party and for the nice card. Good luck to everyone, XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  31. 80
    15andmeowing Says:

    Great cheer ladies! I can’t wait to see your costumes. No clue where the photo was taken. XO


  32. 82

    Sedona, Arizona!


  33. 84
    Crystal Says:

    Hi professors, we think it was Sedona, Arizona


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