Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


FRIDAY!!!!  YAY!!!!   Well, my Mom says she can truly remember when she felt like that anyway about Fridays back when she was working.   Friday was the BEST DAY EVER.    Now it’s “housecleaning day” which is still a good day because Mom gets help from Dad for this little chore.   I say little but in a three story house there’s a lot to clean and it’s SWELL of my Dad to pitch in!

So, here we are again – this is a great Hop that’s co-hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15andmeowing and the badge above will take you to 15andmeowing where you can link up for the Hop and share your FILL-INS.    Filling in sentences with blanks is a totally painless way to find out more stuff about your friends…….AND it’s fun!

Here are this week’s sentences and Mom and I kind of traded off filling in the blanks…….MY fill-ins are in RED and Mom’s are in GREEN.


1. Better to be quiet when asked a question you really do NOT have the answer to than give someone incorrect information.
2. Don’t pet me just because you think you “should” – I’d rather that you pet me because you WANT to!.
3. You couldn’t pay me to go back to working full-time.    (Note:  Don’t get me wrong – I loved working MOST of the jobs I had in my working life but I still prefer choosing what to do with my days now I’m retired!!)
4. “Delectables Squeeze-Ups”  is (are!) my comfort food.    MY MOST FAVORITE TREAT!!!
There you have it – some more exciting information about me and my Mom.   Well, maybe not EXCITING but perhaps interesting????     At any rate, be sure to join the Hop and check out everyone else’s FILL-INS!!

Happy Friday!   Teddy

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  1. Three storeys is a lot to clean! We are all on one level and that takes enough time for me.
    I like your photo, Teddy. You look like a leopard with those spots…a very handsome leopard.

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    • One of those floors is the basement and it’s pretty much MY domain……I decorate it with some of my toys AND Mom plays “red dot” with me down there every morning. It doesn’t get the BIG CLEAN as often as the other two floors because it’s an unfinished basement with our old furniture and rugs around…..and “STUFF” – lots of “STUFF”. I do look very leopard-like in that photo don’t I ? GRRRRR!

      Love, Teddy

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    • Maybe you should have your Mama start a special day on your blog – “Ask The Mamma” day….we can ask ANY question and get ANY answer. You boys could even help out. I’m sure you have answers that we’d all like to hear too! LOL

      Hugs, Teddy


    • I guess a lot of pets, cats and dogs as well, will take pets no matter what BUT we can tell when it’s “just because” and when it’s “I wanna do this for you!”……..we can FEEL it !!!! Happy Friday to you too!

      Hugs, Teddy

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    • I’m glad you are appreciated Katie….me too….Mom is always grabbing me and lifting (with a crane) me into her lap for a good old scratch/pet/rub session. I almost fall asleep with all that going on. Mom gets an awful lot of fur off me that way – I don’t like to be brushed but I imagine if I’d let her do that, I’d probably weigh two pounds less with the loose fur off me! HAHAHA

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Motor Mommy says she thinks Marshall gives his kitties that “squeeze up” food. She hasn’t bought any for me yet. What’s up with that, Mommy?!
    Loved the fill-in answers!
    Love, Sundae


  3. Thank you both for these great fill-in answers. I definitely WANT to pet you Teddy, you are such a cutie. I am glad you found a treat enjoy. Have a nice weekend! XO


  4. My human has never worked a traditional 9 to 5 sort of job, so Fridays and Mondays never made a difference to her! And of course, for me as a kitty, every day is a good day as long as I’m not getting a bath or going to the vet. And, well, I’m getting ONE of those today! Oh well.


  5. Your number 1 reminded me about a situation that happened probably twenty years ago or more. I was working at a collection agency and I called a house and asked to speak to the client. A child answered the phone and he took my name and number and then he asked me if I knew where Vermont is on the map. He was working on a school assignment. I told him to look on the north east side of the country and that it was probably purple on his map. He found it and it really was colored purple. I know that Vermont means “Green Mountain” but purple is just what popped into my empty head. He asked me how did I know it would be purple. I told him, “By law, Vermont is always purple on the map”. I don’t know what made me say that. Anyway, I told him to be sure to share that with his teacher. I wonder what ever became of that.


  6. Getting to chose how to spend your time is absolutely wonderful. It hasn’t quite worked out that way here, but it’s getting there.

    I agree, Teddy. Affection because the giver wants to give it is way better than the have to kind, which isn’t really affection at all. It is just putting on a show.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  7. Mom totally agrees on the being retired. Teddy, this is one of our favorite photos of you, and the arty version is great! You look like a “big” cat! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  8. These are terrific fill-ins from you and your mom, Teddy! #1 is so very, very true. Giving false information just to sound knowledgeable is not the way to go. You know, Teddy, this here human is going to have to pick up some of that food you like. The kitties here are picky as can be, but perhaps they’d love this stuff just like you do. Purrs!


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