Tuesday Teaser


Rrrrrrrrrring!  Time to get to Class!

It’s also time to COMMENT before you sit in your desk chair…….just sayin’………..

Good Morning Students!    I see everyone is at their desks looking bright and chipper and AWAKE…………….congratulations on that!

At my desk!

At my desk too!

Me THREE!!!!!!!

Very good students……very good.    Now, good luck to all of you who got here early – purrrhaps you will be FIRST COMMENTER tomorrow when we announce badges – this could be yours:

Today we have a GUEST TEASER – that’s right – one of YOU sent in today’s TEASER photo and it will be up to you to figure out WHERE the photo was taken and what you’re seeing in the photo.   Sometimes it’s a toughie – sometimes it isn’t, but either way, YOU have to figure it out while still following the rules:

Think you can handle that?    It’s tempting to load the photo into Google Image Search and let your computer tell you where it is but it’s more fun to just figure it out – and if we Professors have taught you anything in class, it’s to trust your brains!

I trust my bwain…..but does my bwain trust me???

Well that’s a question only you and your brain can answer Seymore……………..let’s see if our Cheer Team can clear your brain up in time for you to figure out today’s Teaser shall we?????

Sigh…..I wish one day I could be a glamorous cheer team member…..

Boomalacka, boomalacka, bim bam boom
There’s a whole lot of “bwains” here in this room!
We’re about to show a photo to you that’s no lie
Just don’t get frustrated or else you might cry!
Maybe you can find a clue or you’ve been to this place?
All we can tell you is it’s from EARTH and not outer space.
Skippy Scrappy Scrunch

I see your tummies ruled your cheer today team……well, that’s OK…….I’m sure Miss Dingleberry will appreciate your ENTHUSIASM.    First things first though – let’s bring in our ever devoted and efficient Security Guard with today’s Teaser Photo!


Sorry I’m late…..here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Ready – Set – Go – where was this photo taken?

Here’s what’s up for grabs for our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, our RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST GUESSERS and our WRONG GUESSERS:

Gosh….it looks familiar…..hmmm……

While you’re all studying the photo and trying to figure it out, feel free to take a tiny break and have some lunch.    Our wonderful cafeteria staff has prepared an Italian feast for us today……..Miss Dingleberry will be happy to take your order – just remember to be NICE while standing in line or – well – you know how grumpy she gets!




Mama Dingleberry, we Professors would like to sample EVERYTHING please!

Good Luck Students!   We’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL class!   

Your Professors


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  1. This came up about ten minutes ago, and I left a First?! comment, but then everything disappeared. When it came up in my inbox about two minutes later, I would get a 404 message when I tried to click on it. Something is wrong. We are disappointed!


    • Yes you and a couple others said they got the same thing – WordPress told ME that I’d “missed schedule” which was not true……so I changed the time to repost it and it DID go through but somehow a couple actually GOT the first notice. Anyway, YOU, Phenny, Timmy and Katie are our FOUR FIRSTIES today. WordPress makes me mad sometimes – most of the time it’s fine but this morning maybe the HEAT got to it??????

      Hugs, Teddy and Mom


  2. We’re not first, but when we tried to comment after we got our email at 8:02, we got once of those silly page not found messages. Happy Teaser Day!


  3. Here we are and we know where this is fur sure. Dad visited England when he was a young, um, younger Cat-Dad. This is the Battle Abby in Sussex England. He saw a lot of fun things while there like churches with scratched graffiti that was like 800 years old. He thought that was so cool. He also saw the first bridge build by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He spent so much time there his hosts had to drag him away. Yes he is an engineering geek MOL
    Thanks so much to you very Scrappy Cheer Team. We are ready fur lunch too
    Mama Dingleberry thanks fur the Spag and Meatyballs. We had that as Dad had that for breakfast. Thanks Professors. See you tomorrow to see if we have this one right.
    Timmy, Dad and Family

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Timmy! Sounds like a fascinating spot to visit for sure but it is what you think it is??? I guess we will find out tomorrow for the Tell All……….enjoy your spag and meatballs – don’t forget some dessert!

      Love, Teddy


  4. Great cheer ladies and thank you for the hint ( it is somewhere on earth). 🙂 I still have no clue, but I will take a cannoli. XO


  5. I’m late, but I’m here.

    I agree with the people saying Hastings.

    Would it be greedy to have ravioli on my pizza? I don’t want to upset Miss Dingleberry.


  6. **huffin puffin** Here mee iss Teddy an angel Unccle Sammy!
    Now mee finkss this Normandy caseel iss inn United Kingdom of France. LadyMum sayss Northern Germany. Not berry specific are wee???? Mew mew mew…butt wee tryin!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXXx


  7. Well, my morning has become my after lunch time! MOL! Oh well….
    I think like many others that this is: Battle Abbey, the site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings in East Sussez, England. It must be furry furmouse!! And imagine all the fun a fur or even a peep could have in there, OMC! I don’t think I envy the cleaners there…MOL!

    And since petcretary is on detox routine/diet right now, I think she will be too envious if I indulge and she can’t so maybe I can find some nip tea and a coffee or herbal tea for her? Wait, Nip Tea is Herbal!!

    Anyways, gotta go she has an appt in a little bit…see ya’ll!


    • Might be Battle Abbey – several Teaser Students think so anyway. We will find out tomorrow of course…..meanwhile, sorry Miss D couldn’t tempt your petcretary with some hugely caloric Italian delights!

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. No doubt about it….this old dirty castle is not Canadian. My first guess would be it’s in the United Kingdom. It’s very old so I guess Rapenzel lived there with her hairs. She has several towers she can perch herself in. She could wander from tower to tower for that matter. I would just wander out the door myself.



  9. That suspiciously looks like the same castle prison that Snuggle Bear rescued Mitzi from a few months ago… maybe just the photo on the back side of the travel brochure for the Captured Princess Tour…

    When I think of Italian food, I naturally think of Miss Dingleberry. Or maybe it’s the fact that Miss D’s probably a Godmother in the mafia and will leave a half-cooked unicorn’s head garnished with tater tots and “special sauce” in my bedroom for all the nasty things I say about her…


  10. OMG! We made it back! We tried to get onto your site in the wee hours of the morning and we got a “NOT FOUND” error, and then Mom had to go to work…and had to wait for her lunch time and when we finally got here, We finally know one! But we are like the ellebenty billionth who knew it was in Sussex – Battle Abby! Mom was there in her youth when she went to England for a family reunion…
    I guess I will just ask Ms Dingleberry for one of each of the Cannellonis and I’ll skip the pasta so I can eat them all!


    • Hi Marv! WordPress messed up big time yesterday and made the Teaser posting disappear at one point then reappear. Made Mom mad so it was my job to calm her down again. We sure have to do that a lot don’t we? Anyway, you are right with your guess of course – your Mom was there and so was Miss Jackie I guess since it was her photo we used! As for cannoli – I am ALWAYS on board for that treat. Mom could eat a whole plae full of them too!

      Love, Teddy


  11. Dang, I am late! The day ran away with us! Spaghetti and meatballs, I have been craving them! The Teaser photo looks like a castle. Lots of arches I do see. I don’t know its location but I see a favorite choice in comments. Good Night!


    • YES the favorite choice in comments was the right answer after all………Battle Abbey……very cool photo isn’t it? Looks as old as it is too (kinda like my Mom). Spaghetti w/meatballs is on the agenda for dinner tomorrow around here. Maybe if I’m lucky I can have a TINY bit of hamburger????? Tiny??????? Maybe?????

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


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