Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!


Here we are again dear class………….I see you all look wide awake and ready to have a go at the Teaser today but before we head down THAT road – remember to COMMENT on this post.   You may be the winner of one of our newly designed badges – the one for FIRST COMMENTER!    You may have to share that honor should others comment during the first 60 seconds here but hey – sharing isn’t so bad right?    Go on – hurry up – comment – then come right back for more torture fun in class today.

Wait!   Wait!  Don’t take a nap while your classmates are gone……..


Thank you Sarge……………ok – looks like everyone is back from commenting.   Let’s resume.    Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you.   Is it a toughie?  I believe it is.   It’s also an “aerial shot” meaning you can’t really look at signage or license plates or some of the usual “hints” in photos.    Just give it your best shot – and if you can, resist the temptation to use “GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH” to find out where this is – it’s SO much more fun to study the photo, the architecture or water nearby or other things that might be hints than to just locate a similar picture online in an image search.

If you make a guess remember in order to WIN First Right Guesser or Right Guesser badges you will need to say what city/town/village AND what country (if not USA) or state (if USA) the photo was taken in.    Clear?   Cool!

Before I continue I must say that Suzie called in sick today.    Yes I think she’s kind of embarrassed about her behavior yesterday when she told us about her date with the guy who runs the dog spa.   She DID promise to be here tomorrow though for the Tell All and a special TELL ALL CHEER for the winners………there’s THAT to look forward to.

Right now though, we have our “substitute cheerleader”, our own SARGE who will give us a cheer to pump you up for working on the Teaser photo – SARGE??

Trust me this ain’t easy
I’m getting kind of wheezy
Leapin’ and yellin’ and stuff
I’m feeling kinda rough
I think I hurt my back
Or I’m having a heart attack
So ‘scuze me while I STOP
Before my sweat pants POP!

Alright!  Let’s hear it for SARGE!!!!

Thank you Sarge for filling in – I’m sure Suzie will thank you in person tomorrow (or maybe not…..you know how she is!).

Let’s go ahead while you’re changing in the locker room and bring in our Camp Counselor/Forest Ranger/State Police/Security Guard guy with today’s TEASER photo and show it to you so you can start agonizing over it shall we?

Just so you know Professor Sammy, I sure won’t be a cheerleader sub for class! No way Jose’ ! Here’s the Teaser photo though…..

Study the photo class and give it your best shot!!!!  

We have brand new badges for the winners and we’ll hand them out in tomorrow’s TELL ALL!    Here’s a preview in case you missed them yesterday………..you know you want one of these right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now for a surprise from Miss Dingleberry!

No grabbing and spilling!


Patriotic Millkshakes

Patriotic Smoothies


From Angel Professor Sammy (and Teddy too)

To enjoy an AMAZING slideshow with photos of many of our friends just watch the wonderful show Peaches and Paprika and their Mom Miss Carol put together!   

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  1. Holy moly we were first….see that is what happens when my devoted mom stays home on Tuesday and does not take her pie hole out to breakfast!!


  2. Happy Happy Independence Day to everyone.
    Mom says one thing she knows for 100% certain…that photo was not taken in here.
    SusieQ…stop that wheezing it is so unlady like.
    Madi your bestie


  3. I can’t find one single ding dang arch in this photo! But all the roofs are cool and I like the white buildings as contrast! This is a toughie! I am going to say Somewhere in Portugal, which is always what I say when a bunch of buildings are all close together with water in the picture!


    • HAHAHA…..no badge for THAT one and I doubt you will be the LATEST one anyway!!!! I wondered where you were though – you’re usually one of the firsties for Teaser Tuesday!

      Love, Teddy


  4. No idea today on the locale. We’ve been trying to comment for about 20 minutes, but Astrid is sitting half in Mom’s lap and half on the computer and refuses to move. Shakeups changing what Mom types. Anyhoo, we wish you all a happy and safe Independence Day Try to stay cool. Sending lots of love and hugs. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHAHA for Astrid! She knows how to keep Mom’s attention even when she’s at the computer! Happy 4th to ALL of you from ALL THREE 9four including Angel Sammy)of us!

      Love, Teddy


  5. I’m going to guess Portugal, Spain. That was an awesome cheer Sarge. If Suzie isn’t careful, she may loose her job and end up working for Mrs. Dingleberry. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Good guessing but tune in tomorrow to see if you’re right or wrong!! I don’t think Sarge is interested in continuing with the cheering – I hear he got a bad muscle strain from today’s leap – not to mention torn sweatpants!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. Happy Independence Day ! What cool new badges and Sarge is pretty athletic! WOW!
    I don’t have a clue where h you are this week…I am thinking, how about Milan!
    Now,I got to get off to work.


    • Have a good day at work Miss Barb! Milan COULD be where the Teaser was taken – right roofs and buildings – we’ll find out tomorrow if you are right! Meanwhile, we are getting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for a Marvelous update! 🙂

      Hugs, Teddy and Mom


      • I got an email today that Marvelous will be going with the next courier his Looooonnnng flight (28-40 hours!) in the middle of the month! I’ll know more when the date gets closer. I hope you had an exceptional Independence Day!
        Love Barb


        • Oh Miss Barb Mom and I are so excited for you AND Marvelous – we know he is going to be so happy with you and especially happy to have a safe, secure home!! Can’t wait to hear when he “lands” ! That’s a VERY long flight.

          Love and Big Hugs, Teddy and Pam (and Angel Sammy who is thrilled too!)


  7. That is a lovely view of the neighborhood from the watchtower of the Shady Acres Maximum Security Penitentiary in Happy Gulch, Oregon. Most citizens would fight the government to keep a penal institution out of their backyard, but not the good people of Happy Gulch! All of the free labor keeps litter off the streets, they get a huge discount on their new license plates, and you can’t beat it for safety. I mean, what criminal on the lam is gonna want to come anywhere near a prison!?!? Property values have skyrocketed since the Big House moved in…

    If Suzie remains on her penicillin treat….. er, I mean sick leave next week, I vote for Miss Dingleberry to take her place. I think I speak for everyone when I say we want to see her in Suzie’s cheerleading uniform….

    Liked by 1 person

      • We’d need them wouldn’t we…..the mind boggles at a Dingleberry Dangle in Suzie’s uniform…..anything (including Sarge splitting his pants) would be better than THAT!

        Hugs, Teddy


    • Hmm….well Kismet doesn’t QUITE agree with you about Miss Dingleberry and frankly I think a Dingleberry Dangle in a cheerleading uniform is a totally frightening possibility……I’d rather have a depressed Suzie any old day! As for your guess – that’s QUITE a watchtower on the Pen in Happy Gulch – even Rapunzel’s locks wouldn’t be able to dangle down far enough to be used in any kind of escape!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. We don’t know where that is but the squirrel might be onto something. Happy Independence Day from all of us. We hope it’s a quiet one in your neck of the woods.


  9. Thanks fur dat Cheer Sarge.
    Ah gotz some gud gud gud muskle rub that make ya feel betta later on. Yoo need it MOL.

    Anymeow, Hi classmates. Happy 4th of July!
    Thank Mew Miss Dingleberry. Yummy noms fur sure.
    Thanks Angel Sammy and Teddy fur the great fun time. I have to get home to our family Pawty and Kali is waiting fur me. Lets see…

    I think the Teaser is from:
    Prague in the Czech republic..
    I thought it was Bristol PA but those roofs are not what we have here.

    Purrs friends from yer Bloo Buddy
    Buddy Budd


    • Hello Buddy Budd! Sarge almost split his sweatpants for that cheer of his but somehow made it out without any “danger” !! Enjoy the snackables from Miss Dingleberry – she came through for us!! It might be Prague for the Teaser but we won’t know for SURE until Mom spills the beans (sorta) tomorrow so check back! Meanwhile Happy 4th!!!!!

      Love, Teddy


  10. We enjoyed the slide show. We have not a clue where the photo was taken. Happy 4th of July to all of you from all of us. Hugs and nose kisses Mags, Pooh and Chancy


  11. I am very late today but got here eventually. It looks a lot like Tallinn in Estonia so that is my guess.
    Happy Independence Day Angel Sammy and Teddy.


  12. OMC! Petcretary forgot it was Tuesday…and well, I, Pipo and dog-guy need to send her to Sarge I think. We thought Sarge’s cheer was rip-roaring and petcretary almost split her own self with the giggles.
    Happy Fourth of July!!
    Petcretary is soon going to spend the evening at her work…there will surely be special holiday goings on there too.

    That picture is showing its European heritage by all the red roofs. Some industrial area judging by the tall chimneys and we know rivers are places where industry flourishes. Now where; is the thing!

    Likely we will be snagging a new greenie badge, MOL!


    • You might have been on the trail of the Teaser but remember even if you’re WRONG you get a new BADGE so it’s not a total loss! Hope your Petcretary has a good afternoon at work…..and HAPPY 4th to all of you!

      Love, Teddy


  13. Sarge, you did the splits like a pro…way to go. Miss Dingleberry, you must come home with me…you make great treats.

    The teaser….a very hard one. The town or area appears old but there is new modern development of an apartment with balconies. I think its newer than the houses anyway. The cars appear to be parked on the wrong side of the street. So….hm…I will say London, England cause I don’t know where else they drive on the other side of the road.

    Shoko and Kali


  14. To Whom It May Concern: Please excuse Siddhartha Henry from class today. I need him here to take care of me as I am unwell. I have looked at the photo & it certainly is not Tahiti…. maybe Somewhere in Spain…. I am probably wrong….Sincerely, LadyMum Sherri-Ellen


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