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Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!


Here we are again dear class………….I see you all look wide awake and ready to have a go at the Teaser today but before we head down THAT road – remember to COMMENT on this post.   You may be the winner of one of our newly designed badges – the one for FIRST COMMENTER!    You may have to share that honor should others comment during the first 60 seconds here but hey – sharing isn’t so bad right?    Go on – hurry up – comment – then come right back for more torture fun in class today.

Wait!   Wait!  Don’t take a nap while your classmates are gone……..


Thank you Sarge……………ok – looks like everyone is back from commenting.   Let’s resume.    Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you.   Is it a toughie?  I believe it is.   It’s also an “aerial shot” meaning you can’t really look at signage or license plates or some of the usual “hints” in photos.    Just give it your best shot – and if you can, resist the temptation to use “GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH” to find out where this is – it’s SO much more fun to study the photo, the architecture or water nearby or other things that might be hints than to just locate a similar picture online in an image search.

If you make a guess remember in order to WIN First Right Guesser or Right Guesser badges you will need to say what city/town/village AND what country (if not USA) or state (if USA) the photo was taken in.    Clear?   Cool!

Before I continue I must say that Suzie called in sick today.    Yes I think she’s kind of embarrassed about her behavior yesterday when she told us about her date with the guy who runs the dog spa.   She DID promise to be here tomorrow though for the Tell All and a special TELL ALL CHEER for the winners………there’s THAT to look forward to.

Right now though, we have our “substitute cheerleader”, our own SARGE who will give us a cheer to pump you up for working on the Teaser photo – SARGE??

Trust me this ain’t easy
I’m getting kind of wheezy
Leapin’ and yellin’ and stuff
I’m feeling kinda rough
I think I hurt my back
Or I’m having a heart attack
So ‘scuze me while I STOP
Before my sweat pants POP!

Alright!  Let’s hear it for SARGE!!!!

Thank you Sarge for filling in – I’m sure Suzie will thank you in person tomorrow (or maybe not…..you know how she is!).

Let’s go ahead while you’re changing in the locker room and bring in our Camp Counselor/Forest Ranger/State Police/Security Guard guy with today’s TEASER photo and show it to you so you can start agonizing over it shall we?

Just so you know Professor Sammy, I sure won’t be a cheerleader sub for class! No way Jose’ ! Here’s the Teaser photo though…..

Study the photo class and give it your best shot!!!!  

We have brand new badges for the winners and we’ll hand them out in tomorrow’s TELL ALL!    Here’s a preview in case you missed them yesterday………..you know you want one of these right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now for a surprise from Miss Dingleberry!

No grabbing and spilling!


Patriotic Millkshakes

Patriotic Smoothies


From Angel Professor Sammy (and Teddy too)

To enjoy an AMAZING slideshow with photos of many of our friends just watch the wonderful show Peaches and Paprika and their Mom Miss Carol put together!   

Happy 4th !



Happy July 4th !

Today is a day that we celebrate our independence……many people choose to spend the day giving thanks in church, or participating in special family get-togethers, or just taking the day to reflect on life in this great country of ours.   I’m spending it by starting off having breakfast complete with bacon along with my Mom and Dad.   We will then RELAX and enjoy each other’s company and will NOT be one of the hoards of peeps who will drive their neighbors crazy by setting off fireworks all night or having a loud party or cookout with out of control craziness….oh no….we will be peacefully enjoying the day.

We're decorated though......just a little.

We’re decorated though……just a little.

We have RAIN today which will (so they say) keep all the people who normally flock to Washington, DC for the BIG, GIGANTIC fireworks display on 4th of July away……….they will, instead, probably have them tomorrow night.   They usually are pretty darn spectacular I just admit – we see them on television the next day when they replay the whole show from the fireworks.

This is what it USUALLY looks like down on the Mall in DC with the crowds waiting for the night display!

This is what it USUALLY looks like down on the Mall in DC with the crowds waiting for the night display!

And they are never disappointed (assuming there’s no rain which would postpone them for a day!)…………some photos of the past fireworks in our Nation’s Capitol:


We are hoping that the world can celebrate with us with a day of PEACE…………………now wouldn’t that be nice?

In addition to celebrating our nation’s birthday, I’m here to remind all of you Teaser fans that tomorrow is Geography Class!   That’s right – we will be having a GUEST TEASER too – so be sharp – be ready – and know that should you be the FIRST to comment on the Teaser post tomorrow (this means YOU!), you will get this:

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 7/05/16

I was First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 7/05/16

You may remember LAST week we had FOUR (yes FOUR) people who commented within the first 60 seconds that the Teaser blog went LIVE – a four-way tie so we had four winners of this badge!   Will we do that again tomorrow or will someone be lucky enough to catch it on their own?????    We’ll find out soon enough!




I’ve been asked if SuzieQ will be out of Rehab in time to cheer us on……………….we will have a substitute cheerleader tomorrow as Suzie is still up to her eyeballs in THERAPY.    Yep – when you’ve gone off the trail as far as she has, you need time to find your way back!   Counselor Grizelda says she’s doing well…………..

SO, I’ll see you tomorrow – meanwhile, join me in celebrating today – July 4, 2016 – another birthday for the land of the free and the home of the brave (and me too!).


Hugs, Sammy (the REAL Uncle Sam!)

Sunday Selfie and Thank You!


My Patriotic Selfie

For July 4th!

I had to wave a flag and hang a banner high to celebrate my country’s birthday and while I was at it, Mom and I put this Sunday Selfie together – I couldn’t possibly be more patriotic if I was Uncle Sam himself!     Happy Birthday America!



Thanks to my friends at The Cat On My Head who sponsor this weekly Sunday Selfie Blog Hop – and if you’d like to see MORE selfies and especially if you’d like to join in by posting your OWN Selfie this Sunday – just click their badge below and visit – tell them Sammy sent you!!!



My Wins from Friends!

In the past few weeks I’ve been the very lucky recipient of two fabulous drawings for giveaways by my friends………………the first one was a wonderful Kitti Kubbi cat bed from Kitty Cat Chronicles which is one of the most amazingly crafted beds/hidey spots EVER.    I ordered it courtesy of Kitty Cat Chronicles on Amazon and the one I got was the teal/white one which is adorable!    Now this is NOT me sitting in this bed – Mom can’t seem to catch me IN IT when she has her camera……..but this guy models it so well on Amazon (don’t you love his expression) that I decided to let HIM show  it off anyway!


Here’s the descriptive info from Amazon:

The KittiKubbi is carefully handcrafted from 100% all-natural wool by artisans in Nepal. Using an ancient fabrication technique called felting, every cat bed is individually molded using only soap, water, and pressure. The cat bed is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fabrics and is safe and non-toxic both for your furry friend and for the environment. The bed can be used as a cozy hideaway or flattened into a relaxing padded mat. KittiKubbi is durable and stays clean as wool naturally repels odor, dirt, and stains.

Thank you Miss Emily and everyone at Kitty Cat Chronicles………….I am beyond thrilled!

Then a week ago I heard from Miss Layla at Cat Wisdom 101 that my name was drawn at random to receive a prize package that we’d chosen out of the many Miss Layla was offering on her website……….we loved all the wonderful prize packages that were up for this “bonanza” giveaway but when she mentioned that Merlin loved the treats that were part of this particular giveaway package – well – I just HAD to try for that one and we won!   Just look at all the fabulous stuff that was in the box I got two days ago!

I was a little overwhelmed!

I was a little overwhelmed!

WOW!  So many things came!

WOW! So many things came!

Thank you Miss Layla and Miss Emily – you made this old guy’s heart happy – getting two great prizes put a little ZIP in my step and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank You Friends!  

Love, Sammy



Happy Independence Day!



Happy 4th !

It’s a big day for our country and for those of us who are patriotic up to our eyebrows, like me and my Mom, we’re happy to be living in the home of the brave and the land of the free.   We also remember WHY we can celebrate another birthday for our country.   We’re forever proud and pleased to be here!

What are we doing to celebrate?  Not much!   No big parties, no big fireworks display, no big celebrations at my house anyway………….Mom and Dad plan to grill burgers outside if it’s not raining, and have a quiet evening at home.   We’re not much on BANG, BOOM, ZOOM  fireworks…………we’ll just watch TV and hopefully get a good night’s sleep when everyone else stops shooting off their fireworks!


We are also celebrating the day at Tabby Cat Club if you want to visit and see how much fun we’re having!   Just Click HERE!

Now get out there and enjoy your day……………………………celebrate the 4th in whatever way you want……………..you’re FREE to do that here you know!


The REAL  Uncle Sammy!


Marvelous Monday



Marvelous  – pretty strong word isn’t it?!  Well, I’m using it because yesterday we had a near-perfect weather day and today is more of the same…………and that – for me who was getting soggy from day after day of rain – is MARVELOUS!!!!  I got to lounge on the front porch with Mom (after she mowed the lawn) and enjoy some sunshine – not a lot because I get too hot very quickly – but just enough to enjoy the feeling of sun on my furs………..


Today is a treat because starting tomorrow rain is back in our forecast off and on for the rest of the week…………….There’s nothing wrong with rain unless of course you’re in one of the spots on  the globe that has TOO MUCH and it causes flooding and loss of life; animal and human………there truly IS such a thing as too much of ANYTHING.

What’s tomorrow?  I think you all know by now that it’s Teaser Tuesday.   I won’t say much about the photo for tomorrow except that  – well – it’s not a Guest  Teaser.  So – remember again that the post will appear at some time unknown to you – Mom will schedule it for some time she determines (depending  on her mood!)  so keep an eye out for it to pop up  tomorrow!   I may work on some NEW designs for the  badges  during this week – who knows….maybe I’ll have them done before NEXT Tuesday Teaser a week from tomorrow…….fun huh?  But you can bet one thing – there will always be a BIG GREENIE for those who don’t guess right……..I’m liking the GREEN theme for those badges!   HAHA

Any plans for the 4th of July?   We don’t have any – Mom and Dad will probably grill something outside (weather permitting) or inside (weather preventing) and I’ll perhaps get a taste.  Other than that, they aren’t doing fireworks this year – I’m sure others in our neighborhood WILL do them though so I’ll be prepared!

My Flags for the 4th!

My Flags for the 4th!

Hope you all have a fantabulous week………but especially today because most humans do NOT like Mondays…………..we animals don’t mind Mondays……..and if you’re ME – your favorite day of the week is SATURDAY/BACONDAY anyway…………not Monday!

Hugs, Sammy