Pre-Tease Monday

Hello Students!


Here we go with another week which of course means another Teaser photo coming your way TOMORROW.   Will you be ready?    I hope so – especially those of you who haven’t won a badge yet – of ANY type……….even a Greenie because you don’t even win THAT unless you’ve guessed and are wrong!    So, whaddaya say?   Maybe THIS if your week??!!

Remember I told you last week that because my Mom and Dad aren’t QUITE ready to adopt a new kitty yet (who would naturally become my TEACHING ASSISTANT here), we would be temporarily employing a friend of our very own SuzieQ to be our Assistant for a while?    Well, today you get to meet him.    Suzie allowed me to interview him before he starts today, but SHE provide all the questions I was to ask and honestly – I don’t think it was a very tough interview.    What do you think?

Questions You Are Allowed To Ask

  1. Do you believe in disciplining uncooperative students?
  2. Do you think cheerleading should be part of school curriculum and not an “activity”?
  3. Do you have a problem with substance abuse (i.e. catnip,silvervine,etc.)?
  4. Will you promise to protect me from Professor Sammy when he gets upset with me for being late to Teaser on Tuesdays?

I ask you – is that a tough bunch of questions?   I think not.   Especially since SuzieQ provided each candidate with THE ANSWERS and slipped them a bribe to answer accordingly.    So, I had a lot of interviews with the same answers given.    I just tossed their names up in the air and here’s who got the job.

May I introduce to you, our temporary Teaching Assistant, Freddy Farkelbomm.    Freddy is a retired Marine Drill Sargent so he knows how to keep a class in line.   He knows how to keep ANYONE in line.   Ahem.


Freddy Farkelbomm, at your service!

Does anyone have a question for Mr. Farkelbomm?


Yes Bobby – what is your question for Mr. Farkelbomm?

“May I please be excused to go to the litterbox??”

I can handle that one Mr. Freddy – YES you may go but hurry back because we have a lot of business to cover on our Pre-Tease Monday……………….go on……………run like the wind!

Now, where was I…..oh yes.   Welcome to Geography class Freddy – I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know the students here.   When I have to be absent, you will be in charge of this group of smarty-peeps!

Suzie is going to give you all a cheer tomorrow instead of today – she has a dental appointment this morning.   She’s having her FANGS sharpened.

So, we will look forward to seeing all of you here in class tomorrow morning – at a time that will be a COMPLETE SURPRISE so be on the ALERT – keep an eye on your inbox for our TEASER post to arrive.   If you are the FIRST to comment on the post tomorrow you will win this:


All you have to do is just comment – don’t even have to guess – and if you’re first you get the badge – cool huh?    You might have to SHARE it if others comment during the same 60 seconds that you do but SHARING is CARING………..yes?

THEN, if you correctly figure out and guess where the photo I post tomorrow was taken – the town/city/village AND the state (USA) or country (not-USA) you will win one of these:







SO, Mr. Farkelbomm and I will look forward to seeing you in class tomorrow………….Don’t be late – I don’t think Mr. Farkelbomm will be KIND to those who arrive LATE!!!!!!    Right Mr. Farkelbomm????


“Ya Betta Believe It!!”


See you tomorrow Class!   Class dismissed!

Angel Professor Sammy

62 thoughts on “Pre-Tease Monday

  1. Whoot! We are almost furst this time..but of course it doesn’t count, MOL!!

    Minko just came back from said litter box…and Pipo is sleeping in classtime….MJF?? Snoring even!!


  2. FF looks like a guy who means business. I have a feeling he won’t be impressed with my arrival time – perfect record of never being first. Or my geography skills – almost perfect record of guessing Mars and the park near my house. *gulp* May I be excused to go to the litter box…. Wait. What?

    Love and licks,

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hmmm….. that Mr. Farkelbomm looks the very opposite of ANGEL Sammy…. if you get my drift. He oughta be able to keep a class in line with no problems at all!
    Happy Monday, Angel Sammy!
    Love, Sundae


  4. Yikes! That Mr. Farkelbomm is pretty scary… he surely won’t be liking our answers for the Teaser, as we always fail! MOL MOL! It is good to meet you though, Mr. Farkelbomm. Thanks for filling in until Sammy’s parents find the purrfect kitty to join their family! ❤


  5. OMCs my dad was a marine and he told me the Drill Sargents have very very very loud voices and use too any HBO words. Mr. Freddy looks like he has been around the block a time or two so maybe he has toned down his orders.
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • HAHAHAHA……only YOU could come up with that one Shoko! Actually, Farkelbomm likes to be called “SARGE” since he used to be a US Marine Drill Sergeant (eeeek). Come see today – when he talks you can tell he’s not TEACHING material!

      Hugs, Angel Sam


    • HA! Guess what – you’re not the only one to tell me that……..AND I do get some strange comments from people who were totally thrown with the word “TEASER” and thought they’d get – well – something a bit more EXCITING than photos of foreign places! HAHAHA

      Hugs, Angel Sammy


  6. Mr. Farkelbomm has some serious attitude Angel Sammy, we think mew should send him to our blog to get some ZEN-ness in his life!!!! MOL MOL

    Sweetest purrs

    Basil & Co xox


  7. That Farkelbomm guy looks scary. This was so clever of you and Mom Pam, Sammy. You gave us some mighty good chuckles. Can’t wait to see what Suzie is up to tomorrow. Sending lots and lots of love. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • He definitely is “EDGY” isn’t he Nellie? I will ask Sarge if he’s still dating or if he purrrrhaps has a significant other? Even if he does, he’d be a fool not to be interested in a FOXY CHICK like you!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  8. Hey Sammy. I’ve been waiting patiently, oh so patiently, for the teaser. I have to go out now – I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten! I’ll try to pop in this evening and take a guess.


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