Teaser Tell All, Christmas Style!


Tell All Time!


Welcome back to class students………….as you know this is our last class BEFORE Christmas so I am very happy to say that we did in fact have a winner who guessed our photo yesterday AND three who were first to comment during our first 60 seconds yesterday!!    Nice when people WIN stuff at Christmas right?

Would you like to know who the three lucky winners of the Christmas First Commenter badges were????

Miss Pix, Bacon, AND Phenny!

Each of you get one of these of your VERY VERY OWN!    (Phenny, you are off to a fine start working with your Mom on the Teasers!  Easy would be VERY PROUD of you!!)


Our wonderful Teaser photo was sent in by my buddy and ginger pal Flynn and his Mum Miss Jackie!    This is for you Flynn:


Here’s the photo they sent in which, by the way, many of you came VERY CLOSE to guessing before my First Right Guesser got it – it is indeed a village in Cornwall but which one???


So many of you knew it was in Cornwall………several guesses that it was the little fishing village where Doc Martin is filmed…….but it’s not…….it’s Mevagissey Harbour in Cornwall and Miss Jackie and her husband visited this charming port on a trip!    THANKS FOR THE PHOTO!

Now, I have to say that Mom and  I sat here for a long time before we finally got the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    Who was it????

CarolMaeWY !     Good for you Carol!    This is for you:


As for other “RIGHT GUESSERS”, at the time I send Mom and Dad to bed last night, nobody else had guessed correctly BUTTTTT, if another CORRECT guess came in, you win THIS:


AND……………….a whole bunch of you guessed INCORRECTLY, so that means you will get the Christmas Greenie badge to show off!!!!!


Next week we go back to our usual badges but it’s always fun to have SPECIAL badges for SPECIAL occasions right?

Now everyone in class today gets some special hot chocolate and Santa cookies and donuts before you go………help yourselves!

christmashotchoco christmasdonuts christmascookies

I think this guy will be enjoying his hot chocolate all morning since it’s all over his whiskers!


May I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a HAPPY HOLIDAY – however you celebrate it, celebrate it with LOVE (and a cat at the top of your tree!)


Happy Holidays Friends!


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    • Hi Miss Katty and Da Phenny! You all did so well being one of our FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday and I know a whole bunch of my followers who are kitties were VERY VERY interested in the fact there’s a MOUSEHOLD HARBOUR in the world that they all want to visit now!

      Love, Angel Sammy

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  1. Bravo bravo to all Pix, Bacon and Phenny on having fast finger/paws!! Woo Hoo My mom and dad made an executive decision yesterday……they went to First Watch for breakfast at 7 am yesterday and they came home smelling of bacon.
    Hugs madi your bfff
    Speaking of BACON tomorrow is B poetry day


  2. Sammy, I do have the distinction of having come close on several occasions…at least in the right hemisphere or Country. But that is about it. Lot of good all MOM’S travel is doing me!


  3. Concats to all the winners. YAY for Phenny! Way to go, little guy! And Miss Pix is a mutual friend, so we’re happy for her to be in the “tie”.
    Beautiful little port, that’s for sure.
    Love, Sundae

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  4. Congratulations, CarolMaeWY! Thanks to Flynn and his Mum for the cool picture! DONUTS… Yay! Thank you… and I will be taking that festive holiday First Commenter badge and putting it on my blog… 🙂 Congrats to Da Phenny and his Mom, and Bacon!

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    • YAY for you being one of the FIRST COMMENTERS!!! It was a good Teaser wasn’t it? I kinda thought nobody was gonna guess the right little Cornish port town as there are so many and they look a lot alike! Phenny ALMOST had it right but it was Carol in Wyoming who got the FIRST RIGHT GUESS……….!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  5. Mes so happy to has gotten a festive greenie! Mes was so furry late, mes think ed mes would not has gotten a badge at all. And look at Penny goes! He’s doing fabulishiously!
    Many Nellie kisses
    Your Nellie Bellie


    • Oh Kismet….you are VERY smart – don’t sell yourself short my squaaaaaawky friend! Besides, remember you still can have a Christmas Greenie since you didn’t guess it – that’s not so bad right?

      Love, Angel Sammy


  6. Well, Sammy pal, we didn’t know the answer, and that is okay. We think the special Greenie is darn cute. We absolutely adore today’s memes. Super adorable…indeed. Mau’s been at Scouts for the past hour and a half. Now it’s time to take a little break. Please tell Mom Pam, that our Mom appreciates all her kind words and will answer her e-mail in just a bit. Sending lots of love to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth ad Calista Jo


    • I’m glad you like the Christmas Greenie – it seems to be POPULAR ! HAHA I was beginning to think nobody would guess the Teaser until Miss Carol from Wyoming popped up with the correct guess! I’m also happy that Flynn and his Mum got my special “Thanks for your Teaser” badge for Christmas………Tell your Mom we love her and send her big hugs!!!

      Love, Angel Sam


  7. Good Morning from the West. Yeah, I get a cool badge for sleuthing the internet for the right harbor. Jasmine and Sammy are great mousers. They’d love Mouse Harbor. Off to post my pretty new badge.
    Merry Christmas everyone. 🎄

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  8. Woo Hoo!!!! LadyMum got a right guesser badge!!! Yes!!!!
    What a grate way to end the eyear Angel Unccle Sammy an Lady Pam.
    Fankss fur thee kewl Katmeaa card Lady Pam….
    ***air kissesss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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  9. Oh my COD, I just found out about Phenny! It’s a Christmas miracle. It is after all the season of light and hope. Angel Sammy, I bet you had a hand in this with Angel Easy. I could swear I’ve seen than Cornwall town in Poldark the series on PBS which takes place in 18th c. Cornwall. Much love & light to all xoxox

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