Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Let’s Get Poetic! (and Thankful too!)

First of all, may I say that not only are we poetic today but we’re also THANKFUL – and we join with Brian’s Blog for that happy occasion – while we’re at it, HAPPY GOTCHA DAY Brian!

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Happy Poetry Day!    Today we celebrate the letter “B”………………there are a Bazillion words that start with B……picking just one was a trip I tell ya!


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 12/22/16

I think that I shall never see

Anything as beautiful as this particular “B”

Bacon makes my world go round

I could eat it by the pound……….!

King of Bacon on Earth and The Bridge

I’ve got it stocked up in my refrig!

That salty crispness I totally crave

Yes I’m addicted – I’m Bacon’s SLAVE…..

Breakfast, lunch and dinner too

Its gotta be pork cuz turkey won’t do!

Now I just bet you all KNEW I’d write about Bacon for “B” right?   In fact, I just bet a bunch of us write about Bacon since I have discovered through the years that I’m not the only one who loves the stuff………even the turkey stuff which is better for you BUT………..!!

I hope everyone is ready for the holiday because it’s HERE………….that’s right – in just a couple of days Santa Paws will be coming down chimneys all around the world so at this point I’m pretty sure that those of you who have been NAUGHTY are out of luck to turn things around…………just means you have to try harder next year.    Being on Santa’s NICE list means lots of new toys and foodables and maybe blankies, etc.      Up at the Bridge, we don’t get presents (even though Santa DOES come visit us before he heads down to visit all of YOU on Christmas Eve!)………..we get a special PASS that allows us to not just visit our families back home for a little while like we do all the time – but to spend the night Christmas Eve and stay Christmas morning……that’s so we can see them enjoying their holiday and remember what it was like when we were there with them.   You might think that would make us SAD but it doesn’t – it makes us HAPPY……..HAPPY that we were lucky enough to be with them for as long as we were.    After all, a “FOREVER HOME” really is forever because even after we’re gone to the Bridge, that home is in our hearts FOREVER.

If you wrote a poem today and want to share it, just post your blog link in my comments and we’ll come read it OR you can post your poem in my comments – then we can just read it here!   I bet there are some good “B” poems!    Let’s hear yours!


Oui Oui!  I am zee poet and I truly know it!

Monsieur Angel Sammy

Too much bacon? Don't let this happen to you!

Too much bacon? Don’t let this happen to you!


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  1. BACON: of course, what else?! Crispy, crunchy. You are making me want to head to the kitchen for … BACON!
    You sound quite happy over the bridge and we are glad to know that … even though you are missed here.
    We tried (tried being the key word) to write a “bee poem” today, for a friends birthday … truth be told, we did not succeed … sigh.
    But wanted to come by here anyway and say “hi and meowy Christmas” to you and your family. Love “Us”

    Liked by 2 people

    • It had to be bacon that I wrote about today OR I might have had to forfeit my King of Baconia throne and crown!!!! Good for you writing a B poem today – I shall visit to see how you did!!!!! Love and Meowy Christmas! Angel Sammy ❤


  2. Angel Sammy…Bacon us up…a great poem…and i love the way visits are allowed at Christmas..i will put some extra cookies out for Forrest…
    B …hmm….

    Bacon and beans for brekky
    Bacon and beans for tea
    Iv’e got a most funny feeling
    I’ll be needing to buy more tp
    …..Angel Sammy i think i just scored a bag of coal and a trip to the top of the naughty list 😆😆 loves Fozziemum xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I LOVE YOUR POEM TODAY – a true story complete with an old black and white photo – nothing better than that (just ask my Mom!)………of course my poem was about bacon…….first thing that popped into my ginger head for the letter “B”!

      Love and Hugs,
      Angel Sammy


  3. Sammy, thank you for ending with that funny graphic ’cause Mom is crying again after reading that you get a “pass” to come home for Christmas. Your Bacon poem was total perfection. Today was our day for 25 Days of Holiday Fun, and we resurrected a Mau-adapted song. Here’s the link to our post where you can read about BROILED BIRDS. MOL. We love you and your mom and dad. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Mom Janet


    • Oh it was PERFECT that you posted Mau’s fabulous Cat Scouts poem/song because it couldn’t have been more fun to read again. Glad you liked my bacon poem – I’m sure everyone expected that one considering it was “B”!!!! Fiona and I will be home for Christmas indeed…..those special passes mean a lot to us. We miss our homes even though we are in our humans’ hearts always.

      Love and super big hugs to all of you!
      Angel Sam and Mom


  4. Loved your B Bacon poem, Angel Sammy Kimmell! I so think the special pass is a most wonderful thing… ♥ Don’t want no bacon but the real thing! Potato cakes here this morning, yay… no bacon… ding dang! Hugs!


  5. Mee-you Angel Unccle Sammy wee hope you have a good Katmass getting a ‘free pass’ an seeing yur Pawentss once again….
    Here iss mee poe-em fur thee letter ‘B’.

    “Beein Buudhist
    Mee luvss beenin Buudhist
    an meddy-tatin….
    Tryin to attain Bliss,
    risin above thee noisy din!
    Mee purrayss efurry nite
    fur all mee deer furendss.
    Mee lookss to thee Lite
    an thee warmth it sendss.
    It iss not all wayss easy
    to bee a Buudhist kittyboy
    butt there iss nuffin else
    that bringss mee such joy!!!!
    Mee LUVSS beein a Buddhist kittyboy!!”

    Hope you likess this poe-em Unccle an Lady Pam….
    ***air kissesss*** an *paw patsss* neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


    • What a FABULOUS “B” poem Siddhartha! You always look to the light dear boy…… it, feel it, aim for it always and you will be just fine!

      Love your poem……….
      Love you too! Angel Uncle Sammy


  6. So not surprised you chose bacon, MOL! We weren’t going to have a tree this year, because my human said there was too much going on, but her boyfriend sounded so disappointed that she decided to put it up anyway. So yay!


  7. Great poem Sammy! I just knew it would have to be bacon. My mum had turkey bacon once when she was on a cruise and she says no way is that bacon!


    • We’ve got to do something about your Mom’s lack of sensitivity to your need (and it IS a need you know!) for bacon. Honestly – it’s the SEASON OF GIVING!!!! Tell her to GIVE YOU SOME BACON!

      Love, Angel Sam


  8. We had no doubt at all that your poem today would be about BACON!!! Great job, Angel Sammy. AND guess what, Mom bought a super-sized package of bacon today – we can’t wait for the weekend.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  9. YAY for bacon! AND for being able to visit your pawrents for Christmas…. I know that makes them happy to know that you’re “there”… you always will be.
    Love, Sundae


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