Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!

Today is our “Christmas Teaser” Geography test so I do hope you have your magnifying glasses, maps, brochures, globes, computers, IPhones and whatever else you’ve got available to help you figure this out because (drum roll please) I have SPECIAL CHRISTMAS BADGES for you this week!


YES, it’s true – we have badges for tomorrow’s Teaser just for this particular Teaser then it’s back to the “regular” ones.   SO, I think we should get on with the show right?????



Let’s go ahead and start this off with a bang (or a whimper or a scream or something like that) with our little pal, SuzieQ!!

Jingle Bells Garbage smells Santa better be good Like he knows he should Bring me some stuff Don't make me get rough You'd better make me happy Santa make it snappy! I worked hard all year Now Christmas is here Don't disappoint Or I'll visit that North Pole joint I'll tell Mrs. Claus That you've got grabby paws!!

Jingle Bells
Garbage smells
Santa better be good
Like he knows he should
Bring me some stuff
Don’t make me get rough
You’d better make me happy
Santa make it snappy!
I worked hard all year
Now Christmas is here
Don’t disappoint
Or I’ll visit that North Pole joint
I’ll tell Mrs. Claus
That you’ve got grabby paws!!

Only our Suzie would dare threaten Santa!    Good luck Suzie!

Now let me remind you that in order to WIN today you must tell me what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE the Teaser photo was taken in AND what State (if USA) or Country the photo was taken in………..got it?  Town and Country or State OR you won’t win!  

Here are the NEW badges you will win if you are lucky enough to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, A RIGHT GUESSER WHO ISN’T FIRST, OR EVEN IF YOU LOSE OR GUESS INCORRECTLY!







Let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase with today’s TEASER PHOTO CHALLENGE!

MERRY CHRISTMAS PROFESSOR and I hope all your students have a good Christmas too.  I'm hoping for a locksmith to get this danged briefcase off my arm so I can eat my turkey dinner peacefully!

MERRY CHRISTMAS PROFESSOR and I hope all your students have a good Christmas too. I’m hoping for a locksmith to get this danged briefcase off my arm so I can eat my turkey dinner peacefully!


WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN??????????????????????

Tomorrow we’ll have our TELL ALL and award prizes – will you be winning something or will there be TEARS in your house??????  

See you then!


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  1. Good Morning All! I just want to say that while I love Phenny, Phenny cannot win because Phenny has not been around on this Earth long enough to win!!! (wink)………..ok I am going to give a totally wrong guess Amsterdam Netherlands?


    • HAHAHAHA….I think his Mom filled him in on what THEY will be doing on Tuesdays! Amsterdam is a good guess though Miss Caren and we’ll see if MAYBE you get a Christmas Badge tomorrow!!!!

      Love, Angel Sam


  2. LadyMum sayss portside village Cornwall, UK Unccle Sammy…..
    Which meenss there iss all ways doubt about it, mew mew mew…..
    As fur Suzy; shee needs PussnBootss Camp again!!!
    ***air kissesss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx


  3. Definitely not anywhere near being the first comment, but, we’re going to guess Mousehole Harbour and we see another friend made that guess too! We think its a great name!


  4. We never have a clue but we enjoy dropping in now and then just to see if maybe we are lucky enough to know one. Hugs and nose kisses, Pooh, Chancy and Mumsy


  5. MOLMOLMOLMOL “Santa’s got grabby paws”. Mom snorted her coffee at that one. Suzy Q you are just about too cool for school.Bravo Suzy
    Ok down to business…it is not here on my ‘hood cause we have no water or bridges. Hey maybe in 2017 we need a badge for
    Hugs madi your bfff

    Liked by 1 person

  6. SUZIE! You are too adorable to do that! Besides, Santa like everybody else wants to pet you!! Now..as to where that is…ya got me. s usual.


    • So you think it’s Mousehole Harbour???? Well, we’ll just have to SEE about that tomorrow!!!!! YES we do read Mousebreath because the Denmaster of Cat Scouts (to which I belong) is an Editor of that mag!!!!!!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  7. Sammy, we sure like that Christmas Greenie, so we may not even guess, not that we know where this is; though, it does look familiar. Suzie certainly is crazypants threatening Santa. We think maybe you better cut off her egg nog supply. We are still waiting for a Christmas Miracle to occur at your house. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like the Greenie for Christmas too – not a bad “uhoh” prize is it?! Yeah Suzie’s got a lot of nerve threatening Santa – I think she may be just a BIT disappointed with what she finds in her stocking Christmas morning!!!! I think there will be a post-Christmas miracle at my house or even a post-new year’s eve miracle but old Dad still isn’t on the “same page of music” as Mom on that…..but I’m workin’ on it!

      Love and Christmas hugs, Angel Sam


  8. Hi Sammy! I told you my mum was unreliable and there was no telling what time I’d get here. 12.30 our time and she suddenly decided she needed to go to the sorting office to collect a parcel that couldn’t be delivered. Half an hour, she said. She’s just got back because she decided to do some shopping at the same time.
    It does look familiar, but she says that about most of your Teasers.
    Looks like Suzie has a cart load of coal coming for Christmas!


  9. I’m gonna think this out. It’s not the US because there’s no litter on the ground or junk in the water. The vehicles look North American. It’s probably a capital city since nobody is working. OK, they might be taking the boat census. I’ll go with Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in Canada.


    • Gosh Kismet…..very scientific process applied to the “figuring of the Teaser” today……….maybe it worked and you’re right??? OR maybe it didn’t and you get a Christmas Greenie! TIME WILL TELL………….(but your reasoning is wonderful especially the litter on the ground thing).

      Love, Angel Sammy


  10. There is a movie out called Manchester by the Sea so I will guess Manchester MA. I love the new badges and Suzie’s cheer was a hoot. Are you confusing Santa with the future president though Suzie? 🙂


    • Suzie is a hoot for sure………as for confusing Santa with Mr. You Know Who, I’m not sure the word JOLLY applies to both of them! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Tune in tomorrow for the Teaser answer!
      Love, Angel Sammy


  11. Those are lovely Christmas badges! We are horrible at guessing. We think somewhere in the UK, but have no idea exactly where!


  12. Well, we say green is the perfect color for Christmas, so we really WANT that badge….really! 🙂
    Um, Suzie, I don’t know how Santa is going to respond to that….it seems kind of risky, but then again….it just might work. MOL


    • Suzie lives on the edge…….she likes DANGER…….and apparently likes to get a bag of coal for Christmas because I think that might be coming to her! As for the Teaser – glad you like GREEN……..!

      Love, Angel Sam


  13. oh man, this is hard! It could be Newfoundland or Helsinki or the coast of France near Normandy.

    I will have to hazard a guess and say Newfoundland. Dad says no, cause of the buoys on the boat. I will say St Johns.

    Ever lovin’,



  14. Mes LATE!!! Mommy helped Daddy load his truck this morning so she was late to work, she did nots get a chance to stops by unitl she gotted home and wes was cuddling! Mes does not has a clue where yous is this week, so mes guesses mes going to has to takes a spiffy new greenie!!!


    • Hi Nellie Bellie! I know your Daddy was heading back home so I figured your Mommy would be too busy for Teasing…..but here you are anyway – even late is better than NEVER!! Besides, I made special Greenies JUST for Christmas and you get one! YAY!!!!!

      Love and Christmas Kisses, Angel Sammy


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