Mr. Cranky Pants


Can you believe it?  That’s what Mom called me all day yesterday!  Just because this weather is getting to me….it’s getting to everybody I think.  I kept checking at the front door though, hoping that something miraculous had happened and there would be a nice cool breeze out there……but every time Mom opened the door – YUCK! 

Funny Face Sam

Do I look cranky? I think I look CUTE!

I know that some cats love the hot weather…..I can take it for maybe ten minutes at the most and that has to be in the total shade.  Like yesterday afternoon, Mom went out to fill up the birdbath with more water so I decided to come out with her.  I seriously thought about asking her to spray ME with the hose but decided that wouldn’t be dignified!  I stayed in the shaded area of the garden and watched her…..the minute she finished coiling up the hose again by the back door I QUICKLY flew to the door and told her to please open it ASAP!!  We both came inside and boy did that nice cool basement feel great………Whew!

Mom started calling me Mr. Cranky Pants because I got really bored yesterday – so bored I resorted to driving her nuts by asking her to let me into closets, pantries, the garage…..every time she’d sit down I’d ask (nicely of course) for her to let me through some closed door SOMEWHERE.  When she’d get up and come to where I was asking to be allowed entry, I’d run off….tee hee….she was not amused.  The other thing I did was pretend to be a tiger taking down its prey in the Serengeti – I’d wait for her to walk by me and leap out and bite her ankles.  Again, she was not amused. 

Mr. Cranky Pants????  Well, maybe a little………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (ready for this heatwave to be OVER!!)

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  1. Ah, it was just one of those days, Mr. Cranky Pants, and we all have them. Shame on you though, you need to give your mom a little slack with a;; this getting up and down just because you want it, that does get quite old, you know.

    I’m talking from another pet owners perspective, Sammy, Zoe has those days also, and, like your dutiful mom, I rise to the occasion and fall all over myself getting done whatever she wants at the time.

    Oh, being sprayed a little cool water (although it may be hot being out in the sun all day) isn’t undignified, it is survival. Do it!


  2. Well, I’m trying to be better about the “demanding this and that” thing today…..really I am. That won’t necessarily mean I won’t be CRANKY – just less demanding! HAHAHA

    Zoe and I appreciate all you human folk do for us – believe me – it’s just that sometimes we get a little bit……..BORED………and have to resort to our own way of getting your attention!!

    Have a nice day Uncle Jerry
    Sammy (aka Mr. Cranky Pants)


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