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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful Thursday Time

(then we’ll be creatively poetic!)

Time again to join Brian’s “Thankful Thursday” blog hop – and you can too if you just click the badge above and use the LINKY tool when you arrive to add your blog link and SHARE!   Today I’m thankful for bunches of things………..I’m thankful that I have a COOL house to live in because it’s been unbelievably HOT around here and it makes me worry about all the animals that don’t have a home to be safe and cool in.   I know Angel Sammy is cool – he says it’s perfect temperature all the time at the Rainbow Bridge……!    We are lucky AND we are thankful.    I can stretch out in Mom’s office and enjoy the perfect temperature…………..

Being CUTE before I went over to my beat up kitty cube to snooze…..

In La La Land snoozing………

Now for Angel Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday and today is the FIRST DAY so we will start the alphabet ALLLLLL over again for the THIRD time!    You have a choice of doing a poem about ANYTHING you pick which starts with the letter “A”, OR, using one of Angel Sammy’s prompt words to write your poem about for “A”.    The words he gave us last week are:

(1)  ANTS   (2)  ANGER  (3) APPLES  (4) ANKLES

Sammy decided to do a poem with one of the prompts and chose ANKLES!



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 6/15/17

When I was just a little kit

It’s Mommy’s ankles that took a hit

I’d wait for her to walk on by

Then leap and grab a leg in a flash of an eye!

I’d wrap my arms and hold on tight

Then bite her ankle with all my might!

I know it was mean but it sure was fun

Mom would usually laugh – THEN RUN!!!!

What is it about an ankle that’s hard to resist?

I’m just not sure but I will insist

That kitties deserve a good ankle bitey

To settle for less just wouldn’t be righty!


HAHA Angel Sammy – that was a good one………………..!!    I can’t wait to read everyone else’s poem today and you all can give us your blog link to your poem in our comments OR even compose and show off your poem in our comments…..but for heavens’ sake, give writing a poem a try because it’s GOOD for your creativity and FUN for us to read!

Angel Sammy gave me four prompt words for NEXT week’s poetry challenge which will be with the letter “B”………………remember you can do ANY “B” word for your poem or use one of his prompts – it doesn’t matter – just write!

(1)  BANANA (2)  BATH  (3)  BRAVE  (4)  BALLOON

Now, what’s tomorrow???

FRIENDLY FILL-IN FRIDAY with co-hosts 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader…….see you then!

Angel Sammy and Teddy too…………….


Monday Morning Meow


Hi Peeps!  What a glorious Sunday we had.  Yep – it was chilly but not TOO chilly…..sunny but not TOO sunny…..and busy but not TOO busy. 

Mom worked on her computer a lot – well, I had to consult a bit because she was working on some designs for my “store” – and as the design consultant of course I had to stick my paw in and stir things up!  We’re making progress though.

When I wasn’t actively HELPING, I was doing some bodily maintenance – you know, like cleaning my ears, straightening out my tummy hair, and of course the old foot cleaning:

Good thing I only have extra toes on my FRONT paws – I’m not much for “fancy foot work” (haha) !

Sometimes we cats have to get into some rather unusual positions to get all the bits and pieces of our fabulous selves – good thing most of us are so good at cat yoga…..and if we are slightly full-figured (not me of course) it’s even tougher to contort the old body in order to get clean.  That’s why we rely on YOU – our peeps – to help us with all of this stuff by giving us the old brush from time to time:

Sam Enjoying Being Brushed
Yep – that’s the spot Mom…….

It feels great and is ever so relaxing…….

So, how did I get off on a tangent?  I was trying to tell you that we had a really great Sunday and wound up making it all about ME and my grooming…….not the most exciting subject in the world but after all, this is MY blog – right? 

Sammy Hugs for Everyone! 

One Big Boring Blog Day


Hi Peeps!  Happy Saturday………well yesterday I was – as the blog title says – a BUM.  I know you find that hard to believe (don’t you???), but I whiled away the day between napping and a few short trips out to check on the yard.  Most of the day I was:


Yep – it’s the truth. 

And when I wasn’t doing THAT, I was in the back yard:

Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

Making sure things are in order back here!

Or in the front yard:

Sam posing for the camera on the sidewalk in front of the house - what a ham.

Yep - looking good here too....no invaders....no unauthorized squirrels!

So after I established that the world was safe for another day (at least in MY neck of the woods), I came back inside and was my usual companionable self with my parents.  Of course all of this was undertaken AFTER they put the noisy MONSTER back in the closet for another week (Friday is housecleaning day).  Had to wait for THAT to be over with before I could do anything.

So all in all, it was a good day but because nothing BIG happened today, this is going to be one of the more boring blogs I’ve ever done – if I had something huge to share I would.  Believe me.  But in truth, it’s been JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE LIFE OF ONE SPOILED CAT

Ain’t it grand??????????????  😀 😀 😀 😀

Happy Saturday, Sammy

Wet Sunday = Naps!


Hi Peeps! Happy Monday.  I hope you didn’t miss me too much yesterday when I let Mom take over for a special remembrance post.  I like to think that I’m the ONLY cat she’s ever adored but I also know that’s not true so why pretend?!?!  In fact, she’s going to butt in borrow my blog again one day this week because she wants to talk a little more about some of her PREVIOUS cats.  Since she’s older than dirt been around a few years there have been many kitties in her life.

Here’s what I did all day yesterday……….

Sam Sleeping Close Up

Yep – it rained ALL day – what’s a guy supposed to do when it rains all day anyway?  I did manage to move from the above location to this location though:

Sam Sleeping (again)

Hey...will somebody PULEEZE shut the curtains???

 Anyway, you get the idea…..I was a bum.  All day.  That’s my “specialty” around here as if you didn’t already know that. 

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser and I still haven’t found a good photo to use…..do you think the fact I’m napping all the time has anything to do with my lack of time to search?  Hmm…..maybe.  Guess I’d better get my rear in gear. 

Have an awesome day………


Oh – and about yesterday’s “Remembrance Day”…..please don’t be sad – the Rainbow Bridge is a way cool spot for us animals to play and run and be young again……and of course WAIT for you to come join us one day when your time has come. 


OK?  Now smile real big and carry on……….we love you as much as you love us – now and always.

Kitty Hugs from your Pal Sam!


Mom’s Little Helper….

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

Mom says I'm a box full of fun

I was a bundle of energy yesterday – no surprise I guess after I’d spend the entire day on Tuesday sleeping.   I kept everyone on their toes yesterday.  I followed Mom everywhere she went inside and outside the house.  After all, she’s my main source of entertainment so it pays to stick close.  For instance:

  • She changed the sheets on her bed – I was very helpful as usual – I inspected each bit of clean linen before, during and after it was put on the bed – YES that big lump in the middle under the sheet is ME!!  Makes it tough for her to finish the job when I slip in when she isn’t looking. 🙂
  • On to the kitchen as she put the dishes away from the dishwasher…..oops – she left a cabinet door open – I went inside and she didn’t notice I did so she closed the door.  She had fun trying to figure out where the “MaMaMaMa” sound was coming from!
  • Then there was the laundry basket full of clean clothes.  How could she possibly disturb me after she’d turned her back for a second and I hopped in and made myself comfy on top of the clean towels? 
  • Outside we went while Mom swept all the leaves off the front porch.  Between chasing after the broom and bringing more leaves up ON the porch faster than she could sweep them OFF, I was ever so helpful!

See?  I may be almost twelve but I still can “get my kitten on” !!!  No matter how old we get, we’ve got plenty of time to keep our humans entertained – – – and smiling. 

Have a super day everybody….

Sammy, One Ginger Kitten At Heart

More Halloween Angst

Sam Wearing His Halloween Scarf

So far it's looking like the old Halloween scarf will have to do as my costume this year........AGAIN.......I'm just so PICKY!!!

Mom’s been keeping her eye out for a new costume for me but so far, everything she’s found just isn’t “me”……there’s either elastic involved, or noise (bells, etc.) or fussy hooks and stuff that I’d never sit still long enough to wear so it’s looking like THE SCARF will be it again this year.  Time will tell. 

The last week or so we’ve had a lot of fun seeing what all of you are planning (those of you who are patient enough to let your humans impose their will on you that is) to wear. 

I had planned to get Mom to go next door and take a photo of the way cool decorations our neighbor has put up in their front yard for Halloween BUT it’s raining like cats and dogs (what a weird saying that is…..imagine what that would really be like!!!!).  Mom can’t go out with her camera.  Maybe tomorrow we can do that.  The neighbors have two little way cool boys, aged 4 and 5.   The little one is going to be a horse for Halloween and the older one is going to be a ghost. 

Mom said when she was a little girl, one of the most popular costumes was a dinosaur (JUST KIDDING…HAHAHA) – really it was a gypsy.  Little girls wanted to be gypsies and little boys wanted to be cowboys.   Things sure have changed.  I remember last year we had several little boys who dressed up like Harry Potter!  The cutest costume was on a little girl who said “TWICK OR TWEET” when Mom opened the door….she had on a pink ballerina skirt and sparkly crown in her blonde curls – her proud Mom and Dad standing on the steps……I remember telling Mom she’d better not ever dress me in a ballerina skirt although – come to think of it – we did find this picture of my Cousin Mollye in HER ballerina costume my Aunt Carol made for her:

My cousin Mollye in her Halloween costume from last year

Cousin Mollye as a Ballerina (her brother Toby was a vampire that year)

Oh – the things we do for love!  🙂 

Have a super Wednesday………..


A Breath of Fall

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Ahhh...fresh air...freshly mowed grass...flowers...and no bears, stray cats, or marauding squirrels to BUG me!

Doing my best impression of a cat statue….not bad huh?  Actually it was a picture perfect fall day out here in the countryside and Mom was wandering around taking pictures – I thought I’d cooperate and let her take one of me almost PERFECTLY centered on the welcome mat.  You know me – I couldn’t resist being just slightly off-center….. 🙂

The weather gurus say we will have a return to more normal for this time of year temperatures later this week along with some arriving rain.  We’ll be in the 60s instead of the 80s.  I can dig it.

I see Mom and Dad haven’t polished the brass kickplate on the front door in a while.  Hmm…I need to remind them to do that.   I would look SOOOOOOOOOOO much more handsome with a shiny brass background, don’t you think???

Mom finished working on her cover for the new kids book yesterday.  It looks pretty swell.  If she can get a picture of it that I can share on my blog I will do that.  I know you’re DYING to see the final result after I teased you with that photo the other day.  HAHA  I know – I’m just a big tease huh?!

Happy Monday – and Happy Columbus Day from an explorer in his own right…………Sammy