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A Loaded Friday Post!


WOW – this is a BIG blog post today Teddy!

Yes it is………why?    Because it’s Friendly Fill-ins today but we ALSO want to tell you about a visitor we had at my house last week.    So let’s get started shall we?????

First let’s talk FILLING IN…………………

Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday is a FUN Hop co-hosted by our friends at 15andMeowing AND Four-Legged Furballs.    Each of them gives us TWO sentences with blanks in them – and all we have to do is fill in the blanks any way we want to.   It’s so much fun to see what people come up with for their blanks.    In my house my Mom and I take turns filling in or sometimes we BOTH fill in.    If you’d like to join us – click the badge above and it takes you to 15andMeowing where you can link up!

Here are the sentences for this week from our co-hosts and this week I let Mom do the filling in…….her words are in RED.

1. I almost always either HAVE a picnic here or go to a picnic somewhere else on Memorial Day.

2. I try to avoid arguing – usually very “unproductive” time!.

3. If I had a catchphrase, it would be THINK POSITIVELY.
4. Not wanting to be lazy motivates me to work hard.

OK Mom……good job.     I’m glad for #2 you didn’t say “I try to avoid giving treats to Teddy” – that means I’m on the GOOD BOY list!
Now for the second part of today’s post.     We want to tell you all about our wonderful visit with the charming traveling cow from 15andMeowing – “MOO” !!!    We were on the list to host her as she travels the world and she came to us after having a grand time with Miss Cecilia at Down Home in NC .   
She arrived all tucked in a nice travel box complete with some instructions and some other fun things that I’m not going to give away in case you will be hosting her like we did.    She was very happy to get out of the box I can tell you even though she said it was quite comfortable.    BUT she really was tired so the first thing she did was take a snooze.
We tucked her in and in a matter of seconds she was SOUND asleep.    She slept for a couple of hours and when she woke up,  I introduced her to some friends who were JUST HER SIZE and anxious to meet her!
The orange guy next to her is wearing the green beret that Moo’s Mom, Miss Ellen, made for Angel Sammy!
She said she was a COW and she was a GIRL, so she wanted to be a COWGIRL and this little kitty said “hop on” !!
Then I asked her if she’d like to go outside and see my nice grassy front yard – kind of like a cow pasture…….she said OH YES PLEASE!
I could see she was enjoying herself so I went up on the porch to see my Mom while Moo stayed in the yard enjoying the grass.
She said she felt just like Julie Andrews in “THE SOUND OF MUSIC” !!    She twirled around and around like Miss Andrews did!   She even sang the song from the movie and Moo has a quite pretty singing voice!
When we got ready to come inside for the evening, she wanted to pose on Mom’s door wreath because she thought it made a good “frame” for her to show off a bit!
We had dinner then because she was still tired from traveling, she excused herself early and headed to her cozy bed.
The next morning she decided to try some horseback riding with one of my little friends…….I told them I didn’t think these horses were their size!!!
Because Moo had such a long list of places to visit after us, we decided that maybe she might want to be on her way to her next destination – which actually was in Southwestern Virginia – so before she left we had one more super fun thing to do.    What was it?????
Moo told us to go into the kitchen until she said “READY” so we did……she wanted to play “FIND ME IF YOU CAN” in our library.    She sure found a good hiding spot – can you find her?????   It took us a while to see her but if you try real hard – you can see her too!!
When it was time to take her to the airport (post office) we all had a BIG HUG and told her to visit ANY TIME she wanted to – we will always be her friends!

We hope Moo has fun as she travels around on her visits but I just bet she’s anxious to see HOME SWEET HOME!

Hugs, Teddy