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Finally Fursday


Yep – it’s Fursday……..this has already been a very long week and it’s not over yet!   Why has it been long?  WELL!   First of all my Mom disappeared yesterday for the WHOLE DAY.  Imagine how incredibly bored I was for the whole day without her keeping me entertained.  Dad was here but hey – there’s nobody like Mom – you know what I mean?

Then, as if that wasn’t enough excitement, the air-conditioner died.  Yep – on a 94 degree day the silly thing just decided to give up the ghost and go over the Air Conditioning Bridge (there is one of those isn’t there???).   And since Mom wasn’t here to keep Daddy calm – well – let’s just say the atmosphere around here was TENSE yesterday.  Plus there was a stranger in my house (the A/C guy) – so when Mom finally got home from visiting Auntie Carol, Dad and the stranger were just finishing up their discussion.  Tomorrow we get a new air conditioning unit and furnace.  At least we don’t have to suffocate from the heat!

So you see what I mean?   Tough week……….

Mom wanted me to thank all of you who wished my Auntie Carol a happy birthday yesterday – Mom was at her house when she opened up my blog to see comments on the Teaser Tell All and show them to Auntie Carol and she got to see all of your SWEET messages wishing her a happy birthday!!!  It really MADE HER DAY….so thank you for that.

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet....and nip pillows made by her too!

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet….and nip pillows made by her too!


I didn’t get to visit ANYBODY’s blog yesterday so I’m behind.  Please forgive me?????   Mom promised me that we’ll make up for it today – I’ll get around and say hello for sure.


Meanwhile, I’m hoping that instead of having to nap in my tent all day, I’ll have a little lap time with Mom – it will make it a much more pleasant FURSDAY that’s for sure!  Hope you have a grand day too!!

Sam Loves His Friends!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy


It Pays To Be Good!

Sam Red Christmas Bow

Aww Mom...do I have to wear this girlie bow?? I look silly! Alright....I'll cooperate....just for you since it's Christmas Morning!

Merry Christmas (again!).  So we just finished opening all the presents from under the tree and in our stockings and Dad’s taken the trash outside and Mom’s put all our unwrapped presents back under the tree so we can admire them the rest of today….whew!  I was overwhelmed – so many boxes, so much tissue, so many ribbons and bows…..that is always my favorite part.  I could almost do without the goodies Santa brings me (I said ALMOST!).

So what did I get you might ask??? 

Sam With His Christmas Presents!

OK Mom....check in my stocking for me and make sure EVERYTHING's out!

I liked the “Greenies” treats but I think my favorite thing was a little white mouse on an elastic band with a plastic ring on the end.  The orange worm was kinda cool too…….the one thing I didn’t care much for (in fact I tried really hard to bury it under the tissue paper) was that KONG Kicker thing (the big tiger striped thing with a black tail filled with catnip).   The package showed a kitty holding it in its legs kicking it with its back feet and having a great time………purrsonally I don’t GET it……but I’ve never been one to really like anything catnip-ish.  Poor Mom – she keeps trying it out on me though!!!  After twelve years you’d think she’d give up.   🙂

What I really enjoyed this morning though was watching Mom and Dad open their stuff and playing in the wrapping………..

Sam Under Christmas Tree
Go on Pop – open another present! This is fun……
Sam on Christmas Morning
OK Mom – YOUR turn to open one now!!!!

So, everything has calmed down in the house now – Mom’s got the turkey in the oven and all the other stuff ready to go….the house smells yummy although I’m not “big” on turkey (oh I’ll force myself to have a bit…..don’t worry!).  Later tonight Mom’s apple pie will be cooking and making the house smell great all over again…….we’ll round out our Christmas by watching the new Muppet Christmas movie (one of Dad’s stocking gifts!).  It’s been a really swell Christmas. 

I know Christmas is not all about the presents……we’re celebrating a very big and special birthday that happened many, many years ago in the little town of Bethlehem.  See?  I know the whole story because Mom told me all about it.  It’s a very magical story.  That night with that bright star in the sky WE got the best gift EVER……….
Mom, Dad and me hope you had the BEST Christmas!!
Love, Sammy