Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


YAY!   Time for filling in fun.    Each Friday we have FOUR sentences with blanks supplied by our co-hosts and we fill those blanks in.   The badge above will take you to 15andmeowing where you can copy the sentences and fill-in then add your blog to the Hop.    We’d love to read your words!    Below are ours – I say “ours” because I often ask my Mom is she’d like to fill some blanks in and I fill in the others.

We both did the fill-ins this week and if Mom fills in a blank, her word is in GREEN and if I’m putting a word in a blank my word is in BLUE.


1. I enjoy making meals – I’m no gourmet but I do like to cook.
2. I can’t stop going to the front door and asking my Mom or Dad or both to TAKE ME OUT..
3. I need to figure out what week in October we want to vacation in Maine this year before I can make reservations – I usually make them in February for October!
4. I may not say it enough, but I do love all my blog friends and so does Mom!.

There you have it – filling in DONE for another week!   Thanks to our co-hosts for giving us this weekly challenge!

Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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  1. Well, we know you love us and we have to do the same thing here for the grandkids, find a house for them for AUGUST by looking in January! This is a popular village for summer. Too popular….


  2. All the comments are black again on my computer but I’m pretty sure I know who said what. We were planning on going to Germany again this year but the cost of air travel has pushed the price too high so my wife booked us on a cruise in September.

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  3. I like to cook too but mostly the old familiar things and I love my slow cooker! Yes!… get those Maine dates made and confirmed! We love you too Teddy and Teddy’s Mom. I am going to get back to my commenting schedule…. SSNS’s brother (and wife) have left to go more south for some warmth. It was nice to see them!


  4. Teddy, what great art work with your mom. Where will you vacation when mom is in the great state of Maine. Lynn has not been there fur too many decades. She’s sure it’s not the same now. Precious PS, you could spend a week with me.


    • We have a place called “Paws A While Pet Hotel” which is about ten minutes from where we live – it’s owned and operated by a group of nuns and they are the sweetest ladies in the world (next to my Mom of course). I’m always happy to see Mom and Dad when they come home BUT the nuns spoil me too!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I hope you don’t make your folks take you outside when it is really cold. I love you too. XO


  6. Teddy, I’m with ya on #2. That’s why I got in trouble for pooping in the house yesterday. Mom said something about crying wolf too many times, but I was just scratching at the door (again). XOXOXOX Chia


  7. Teddy! You and your Mom’s fill-ins are PURRFECT! As is the photo art of you and your Mom. My Mom would love to see Maine – any time of the year. When she first started blogging, she was working online and one of the people she worked with lived right on the ocean in Maine! She LOVED his photos. Purrs Marvelous Marv


    • We have ocean closer than Maine since we don’t live far from the Eastern shore BUT Maine is different…..rocky shoreline – beautiful sound of the waves hitting the rocks – and Mom’s favorite lighthouses are up there. Glad you like the artsy photo of me and Mom too…!!!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


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