Teaser Class Is In Session!


“Team I guess we might as well go inside school and let the Professors know all is well out here

 – it’s a beautiful day though – maybe we should come back out and PLAY after we report in!”


Happy Tuesday.    Time for us to scratch our heads and say “WHERE THE HECK WAS THAT PHOTO TAKEN??”…………and maybe wind up winning a badge for figuring things out.   Some of you have piles of badges from years of attending class and winning but we have a lot of new students and I’m sure THEY would like to win too!

Let’s review the rules of Teaser guessing – then show you the badges that you might win if you’re on the ball.

“Alright……here I am…..every single week…..have I won something – heck no – I’m getting discouraged!!!”

We’re sorry if you’re disappointed BUT if you study hard and guess well, you might get that badge you want!    OK?

Our Teaser photo this week is a GUEST TEASER photo.    We won’t be able to blame the Graphics Department if we can’t figure this one out.    HAHA    Are you anxious to get going?    Let’s get the photo in the class and up for you now.

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!



“Uhhh……are those white birds on the ground?   Makes me want chicken for lunch!”

I bet the Cheer Team can get you all in the mood for figuring this one out……………………..LADIES???????????????????   “You’re ON” !!!!!

Tuesday’s here and so are we
To cheer you up and set your minds free
Study the photo and figure it out
Tomorrow at Tell All it’s YOUR NAME we’ll shout!
Teasers are tough we know it’s true
But we cheerleaders have faith in you
Don’t disappoint us or make us cry
Or we might have to stick a pom pom in your eye!

Well now ladies if that was meant to cheer everyone up – I’m not entirely sure it did!    Still, we didn’t tell you to write a NICE cheer did we.

“I say these chicks are groovy”

“I need new glasses so I’m not sure WHAT they look like!”

Perhaps a good lunch will get your brain matter in gear students………….let’s make our way to the cafeteria for lunch shall we????    Then tomorrow we’ll meet back here and see who wins a badge and who will be whining about NOT winning a badge.

Luncheon is now served!   Enjoy!

Today’s Specials:

SEE YOU IN CLASS TOMORROW !!   Your Professors

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    • I can tell you for sure David wishes it was our local airport but alas it isn’t ……….as for your other guess – I suppose we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if this is in the UK or not!

      Hugs, Pam


  1. We are going to take a wild guess and say Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England. The little roads and… yes its a silly answer but we had to try! Now lets have lunch! A couple double cheese burgers, carbonara pizza and milkshakes will fill our tummies and it will be time for a nap. Thanks friends and professors. See you tomorrow for the answer

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    • There are no “silly” answers in Teaser Class….unless of course you guess another PLANET…..HAHAHA….we’ll find out tomorrow how you did. Meanwhile enjoy that burger/pizza/milkshake lunch!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  2. I am late because I forgot it was Tuesday. I went to check my emails and there was the notification. It looks like it was only 3 minutes late coming in so it did better than me!


  3. Wow, that IS a toughie….but it looks like gliders in a grassy airfield. Beautiful area, too.

    I am rather ‘stumpified’!! I do think it might ust well be that place above mentioned: Dunstable Downs Gliding Club and Airfield, Bedfordshire, UK…cause my eyes and brain are addled, so I’ll just go with the flow…and if I am wrong, well, then its a greenie for me! LOL!

    May I also please have some Bacon Carbonara Pizza and a piece of the Lemon Tart??
    Its also rather chilly here with a prospect of snow (phooey), so maybe some hot chocolate might be a good choice, too.

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  4. WOW … look at all those gliders. I’m guessing this is someplace windy … quite profound, eh? better yet, somewhere in northern England or Scotland. .. oh well, but I can do. Off to eat. That difficult guess consumed many calories that need to be replenished. …. a small slice of the bacon carbonara pizza, Eggplant parm, chocolate peanut butter cup pie, and a cherry smoothie.


  5. Freddy the Five Dollar Bill Forger was making tracks across the field, having just made a daring escape from the nearby Happy Trails State Penitentiary and Glue Factory. Up in the distance, a private aircraft was waiting to take him to a tropical hideout in Belize. Two of the prison’s guards were in hot pursuit, though….

    :Hurry up, Ralph!” one of the guards said, “We can’t let Freddy get away and terrorize society again! Or even worse, we might lose our jobs!”

    “I’m getting too old for this!” Ralph wheezed, barely able to keep up with his more athletic partner, Franz.

    “It’s no use,” Franz said as he stopped running, drawing his sidearm. “We’re going to have to use lethal force to stop the escapee!”

    Ralph took his arm off the charley horse he’d been nursing and put it on Franz’ trigger finger.

    “What are you doing, Ralph!?!? I need to shoot him now, or….”

    “Just watch…” Ralph said.

    Sure enough, just before Freddy got to the runway, he was ambushed by one of the nearby man-eating otters… prematurely ending his dream of the free life and private showers.

    “But there’s no waterway around for miles!” Franz said, in awe of what he just witnessed.

    “Who needs water?” Ralph said, wringing the perspiration out of his uniform tie. “Wherever there’s a crappy Evil Squirrel prison story, there will always be man-eating otters lurking about….”

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  6. Mee-yow sumwhere inn Scotland or Waless Teddy!
    Missus Dee may wee have 1 Turkey plate an 1 Salmon plate pleesee?? An fore ‘ssert may bee have 2 Lemon Tartss! Thanx Missus D….at leest wee get luch rite~~ 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew


  7. Oh, MY!!
    I think I found it!!
    I am going to guess on account of that building (a hanger, perhaps?), it is the Midland Gliding Club, at The Long Mynd, Church Stretton, Shropshire, United Kingdom.

    Whoot, I was gliding all over the countryside in Europe and the UK!
    Way better on my stomach than the time in 1975, that I went on a glider ride at the club near where my uncle lived, in Malden the Netherlands! I nearly left my cookies in the pilots neck…oopsie!


    • WOW! Of course we weren’t online at 8:40PM to see you guessed it but you sure did! Concatulations! GOOD FOR YOU – super investigational skills. I’ll put a banner up at the start of the post to let everyone know the rest of today’s post is “inaccurate” – someone DID guess it correctly!

      Hugs, Pam

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      • My father had his pilot’s license and even had his own plane when I was young. I wanted to have him teach me how to fly since he also had an instructor’s license but he owned the plane with another guy who crashed it before I was old enough. The guy was okay but the plane was not.


        • David’s been flying for 50+ years. Got hooked when he was in the Navy as a Jet Engine Mechanic. I love love love being in the right seat. That’s a shame that your Dad was part owner of a plane that his partner crashed. 😦

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          • I loved it too. It was pretty cool that we could fly wherever we wanted. I remember flying over our house. I even have photos of the area from the mid 70s. We also flew to Milwaukee for lunch one day and taxied in behind the big jets (We were in a ’69 Mooney). Of course, more often than not my dad would just go to the airport to hang out with his buddies. That was boring for a twelve year old.


          • Boring for a 12-year old indeed but fun for your Dad……..and David quite often will go to the airport knowing he won’t be flying that day but just to hang out in the office and talk to friends, have coffee, tell stories.


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