Teaser Class Time!


“Chief Clowie, we three pups ran around the entire school campus and other than a few birds we didn’t see any introoooders!”

“Thanks gang – let’s report in to the Professors!”

“Happy Tuesday Students!   You’d better COMMENT before you take a seat!”

“Hurry up Dude….I hear the Professors starting class!!”

Today we have another Graphics Department effort to fool everyone so who knows how THAT will turn out.    We actually think it’s a very cool photo but then we already know where it was taken so it kinda makes it more cool for US than it might be for YOU!     Anyway, let’s show you the rules and badges then we’ll take a PEEK at the photo.

There you have it – the badge lineup for Teaser this week.     Good luck students!

Mr. Photo Security Guard????   Please come to GEOGRAPHY CLASS with today’s TEASER photo………………..

Teaser Photo Security to Geography !  It’s TEASER TIME!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!



Interesting to be sure – but WHERE on Planet Earth is this place?   It’s up to you to figure that out and hopefully win a badge students………………GOOD LUCK.    The Cheer Team is here to CHEER YOU ON!

“We need all the help we can get!!!”

Tuesday Teaser time is here
Step right up students have no fear!
The photo for today is a mystery to us
But you’re all smart so shouldn’t fuss!
Turn on your brains and just try your best
You might win a badge but there’s no treasure chest!
We’ll be back tomorrow to name all the winners
Now let’s go to the cafeteria for our breakfast or dinner!

Well girls I thought you’d be headed to the school garage and your pink Harleys but maybe it’s just too hot today to be anywhere but in the A/C huh?     OK everyone – let’s head over to see what Miss Dingleberry has on the menu today!

Happy Tuesday Students!  Time to grab a tray and head down the line for your lunch!!


Good luck students!   See you tomorrow in class for the TELL ALL !   

Your Professors


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  1. Soooooo… We had our coffee and this may, repeat, may be way up in Mount Chomolungma, We really like the way that slides off the tong… *Timmy has to untie his tongue* Ahem. It is also known as Everest and where exactly this is we are not sure as that is a biiiiiig mountain. Thanks Professors, Cheer Team, Seecuritee and most of all Ms D. Lets Eat those crab cakes with a few sides of bacon wrapped chicken. Yummy. See you tomorrow for the big reveal!


  2. Our old buddy Vladimir the Teaser Hacker is at it again! Adding the cut and paste village to this ordinary picture of a mountain is such an obvious Photoshop, that it’s hard to believe he actually duped over a hundred people to buy his special mountainside property… which is why he wound up in a Siberian prison yet again. Nice try, Vlad, but we’re onto you doctoring all these nice photos!

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  3. Great cheer ladies! I would stay in with the a/c if I were you- and be sure to have a talk with that naughty kitty that was smoking.Not a clue as to where the photo was taken. Have a great day! XO


  4. Oopsie…not first by any means, MOL!
    Not first right guesser either unless all the others are wrong…but I don’t think so…Hah!

    I do think along with most others that it is in India.
    Diskit Monastery, Ladakh to be exact.

    Maybe a chicken & rice will keep me satiated until I get back from my oncologist…a 50 mile drive, one way…just going for a checkup.
    (Diagnosed in 2006…hooray for the blessing of good health and all that is behind me; PTL!)


    • RIGHT on your guess and we hope the oncology checkup goes well……my last bout was 2006 and last year my oncologist finally turned me loose and pronounced me OVER IT. Hope you hear the same thing!!

      Hugs, Pam


  5. Mee-yow wee are puzzlin omce again over THE foto….LadyMew sayss she thinkss iss THE Swiss Alpss but closer to Italy…
    Don’t ask me Teddy?? Mee thinkss Switzerland….
    On to lunch! One subject wee nevurr fail 😉
    May wee have 1 Crabby Cakess an 1 Roasty Beef fore LadyMew. May wee share a nice strawberry Milkshake too?? Many thanx Missus Dee an Teddy.
    **purrss** BellaDharma


  6. ted o nator; mite we pleez order a roast beast samich but hold de materz …wear everz thiz foto waz taken it lookz like it mite bee veree brisk outside …like may bee winter time…. hope ewe iz stayin IN trubull two day 😉 ♥♥


  7. So we don’t suppose that’s Mt Everest or sumfing back there, is it? Well, no we didn’t think so. But we will guess that this is Shangri-La, and frankly we bet most of these whippersnappers won’t even know what that is, so how can anyone say we is wrong???


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