Teaser Tell All


Time For Us To Tell……..

Hello Class.    You all did pretty well yesterday examining, re-examining, agonizing over, and re-agonizing over the Teaser photo.    It was a bit of a mystery BUT one of you figured it out and we’ll tell you who THAT was later!   BUT FIRST……….


I’m sure you all want to know who our FIRST COMMENTERS were yesterday?    We had TWO of them (I think I just heard Suzie cheer in the background) and they were:

ANNIE of McGuffy’s Reader

TIMMY of Tomcat Commentary by Tim


You each get one of these beauties:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of April 17, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

Now we should take a moment to THANK our GUEST TEASER yesterday.    Who was it????    It was:

Jackie from Two Devon Cats

Great Teaser Photo Miss Jackie!

This is for you to thank you for sending in this gorgeous photo – we’ll tell everyone where you took it next…………

For Miss Jackie for being our GUEST TEASER on April 17, 2018!

And here is the photo one more time!!

Sure looks like a lonely, quiet place and certainly needs a new roof (hahaha).    This is a photo Miss Jackie took on a trip to IRELAND………..it is the Ballinskelligs Castle in Kerry, Ireland.   Here is a link (CLICK HERE) if you would like more information on this interesting castle which actually isn’t a castle as you will find out if you read the info.    Very cool photo.

Who Guessed It First??



This is for you!!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 17, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

Not sure if any others guessed it correctly before midnight last night but just in case, if you guessed Ballinskelligs Castle in Kerry, Ireland then you get one of these:

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of April 17, 2018!

And for those of you who are collecting these BRAND NEW SPRING EDITION GREENIES – help yourself to one of these won’t you?

DARN! I was WRONG with my Teaser guess on April 27, 2018!

So cheer team – how about showing a little Ding Dong School cheer LOVE to our winners today?

Annie and Timmy!
Jumpin Jiminy!
You were quick to arrive
And that’s no jive!
Then along came another Annie
Isn’t that uncanny?
Animal Couriers was RIGHT
Annie’s flying high as a kite
Two Annies and a Timmy won
And this Teaser was a lot of fun
Next week who knows who’ll win a badge
And a big old KISS from wacky Madge!

I will NOT be kissing ANYONE thank you very much!

We sure hope not!

Thank heavens!


That was a great Teaser wasn’t it class?   You all did very well.    Next week we’ll have another photo for you and another round of badges to hand out to the winners and losers.   Meanwhile – what say we take a lunch break????

Step right up for PIZZA DAY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Your Profs will be back next week with more fun!

Professors Sammy and Teddy………..

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  1. Do you think a SLOW genius is still a genius? I needed some hours to find the effective googling terms of ‘ruins Ireland seashore’. I had to get rid of ‘castle’, ‘church’ and ‘mountains’ and extend ‘sea’ to ‘seashore’ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • A genius is a genius no matter what speed they travel (!!!). I have always thought your method of mystery solving is the BEST – eliminating/changing/selecting/searching and you know how to make GOOGLE sing !!! Well done Miss Genius!!

      Love, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Woo-hoo! Congratulations to my co-first, Timmy! And, congratulations to Annie of Animal Couriers for winning the Teaser! I was sure it was The Shetland Islands. Well, I was close! Thank you for hosting this fun event each week. HUGS!


  3. Congratulations to two Annies and a Timmy. Wait, wasn’t that a movie? ; ) Thanks to Miss Jackie for the photo. Thanks Miss Dingleberry for the pizza. See you next week Professors Teddy and Sammy.


    • You are a lucky lady – AND tomorrow in my “THANKFUL THURSDAY” post I say I’m thankful my Mom was also told to stay away from her oncologist for another year – she’s 12 years and counting too!!!!! YAY FOR BOTH OF YOU!

      Hugs, Teddy


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