Teaser Tell All


Here we are – and we just finished TASTE TESTING today’s snack…..can you guess what it is????  You’ll just have to WAIT!

Ready for the scoop about the Teaser?

We are!   Yep – we sure are.    All students please take a seat and we will begin!

I’m in the back of the room Professors and looks to me like everyone is SITTING and READY!

Bobby’s right!

OK let’s talk TEASER then.    Yesterday we went live and WHAMMO in came the FIRST COMMENT – then another FIRST COMMENT – so we did have TWO winners of the FIRST COMMENT AWARD within the same 60 seconds yesterday – WHO?

Timmy Tomcat 


McGuffy’s Reader



You EACH get one of these fabulous badges to do with as you wish………………proclaim youselves FIRSTIES to the world, or hide it away in a closet somewhere!!

For Timmy of Timmy Tomcat and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader for being FIRST COMMENTERS on Teaser of Jan. 30, 2018!

Now shall we tell you WHO our Guest Teaser was then show you the Teaser again and give you the SCOOP?   Oh lets!!     Our GUEST TEASER was Miss Ingrid of PIPOandMINKOandFRECKLESWOOFS!!!    She sent this photo in of Battle Creek, Michigan where she lives and if that building in the WAY FAR back of the photo looks familiar it’s because that building itself was the Teaser photo from a while back!    It was a doozy too.    THANK YOU MISS INGRID!    This badge is for you!

Thanks to Miss Ingrid for the fabulous Teaser photo of January 30, 2018 !

Here’s the photo one more time:

Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?    Well it was none other than one of our FIRST COMMENTERS – our buddy and pal Timmy from Timmy Tomcat!


For Timmy of Timmy Tomcat for being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Jan. 30, 2018

Know what else?   There were SEVERAL more of you who guessed right……….YES – so we have some of the RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST badges to hand out and if you were one of the lucky ones, please help yourself to a copy of this badge below!

Well I was RIGHT with my guess but I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT on the Teaser of Jan. 30, 2018!

Those of you who gave it a valiant effort and guessed but were wrong, get a 2018 GREENIE of your VERY own!

Uhoh….I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of Jan. 30, 2018!

Lots of badges awarded – that means a bunch of you studied hard and got it this week.   A special congratulations to our buddy Timmy because HE got TWO badges!    Also, make sure and visit his blog today HERE because his brother Buddy Budd is celebrating his 18th birthday so stop by and give him a birthday greeting!

Ready for “THE GIRLS” ??????

Bazinga, Bazonga, Bazoto,
Let’s hop in our Desoto
We’ll ride around the school
And break the golden rule!
Or maybe we should just cheer
For the winners who are here?
First Commenters we had TWO
Annie and Timmy you both got a clue!
First Right Guesser was Timmy AGAIN!
Two badges you got two big WINS!
We thought this Teaser was really “kickin’ “
But not as good as Miss D’s fried chicken!!!

You are right girls – today Miss Dingleberry is going to load us up with a GREASE-FEST out of her FRIED FOOD TENT.    Oh boy………that will warm us up from the inside out (or send us to the rest room maybe).

uhoh…..I heard that bathroom comment – I’d better finish up in the restroom ASAP!

I’ll leave some extra toilet paper!

Enjoy your snack students………………then you can go outside for recess because while it’s a little breezy and slightly cold-ish the sun is out and you can exercise on the playground equipment!    We will see you NEXT Monday for PRE-TEASE!

WHEEE!   **burp** – maybe we should take it easy out here after that meal…….

I foresee some issues beyond burping on the playground today!


53 responses »

  1. Miss D is trying to have us all guess the next teaser from the cardiac ward.
    That can’t be Battle Creek. There’s nobody fighting and no creek. You’re trying to pull a fast one over on us. You must think I was born yesterday. I’ll show you-I’ve driven a DeSoto.


    • I think my Dad has driven a DeSoto too! Yeah Miss D must have some shares of one of the heart medicine companies – she’s obviously trying to murder us all. I never thought about the name of that town but wonder what battle was fought on what creek? Maybe I should ask Miss Ingrid?????

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. OMCs 0 for mom she said it sure does look like a street in Raleigh and OMCs Da Phenny thought so too
    big 100 for dad he said lickety split that is no where in the downtown Raleigh I know.
    Congrats on the winners the guesses were all over the country
    Hugs madi your bfff


  3. Yeah for Timmy and Annie. Great job! Thanks for the yummy noms, Miss D. Sending prayers for Dad David. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  4. Oh My Cat how wonderful! We thought we were early but not That Early! And to have a furst right guess! Me-Wow! Thanks Professors! Thanks Cheer Squad and Thank You Miss Dingleberry for a super fried fest. Can I have my Fish, Shrimpies and Fries to go. I have to run home to the pawty!
    Purrs friends
    PS You are all invited to Buddy Budds 18th Birthday at our house


    • Dear Timmy! Concatulations TWICE! We stopped by the party at your place super duper early this morning as my Dad had outpatient surgery and Mom had to take him. It was SUPER GREAT food and quite a wonderful celebration for Buddy. Hope it’s been a VERY SPECIAL DAY!

      Love, Teddy


  5. Miss Ingrid is the Grand Master of Camouflage. Her piccies trick me for the second time! Now I thought for a Baptist church in Michigan that it’s a Mormon one in Utah. And earlier, I thought first that that skyscraper is the Lomonosov University in Moscow! 🙂


  6. Congrats to Miss Annie, and double congrats to Timmy and family. Yeah!! i guessed right. I wasn’t confident though. I found a photo with the two main buildings in the background but there was no sign of the church in it. Everything depends on the angle a photo is taken from.


  7. I wonder if it was Buddy Budd yesterday…Then today he would have s trifecta!
    Congrats to ALL the winners! Maybe next week I will get it! Now I am going to go and ask Ms Dingleberry for some fried shrimps!


    • Hi Marv! It was Buddy Budd’s brother who guessed it so that made it an official BIRTHDAY WIN for the whole family which was SUPER SPECIAL right? I hope you will guess it next week too Marv…….we love Teaser – so fun to see the photo AND watch the guesses coming in. I hope Miss Dingleberry gave you a BIG PILE of fried shrimps!

      Love, Teddy


  8. OMC Is that you tearin’ up that toilet paper Teddy? The teaser coulda been purretty much any downtown. Mommy’s seen lots of towns that looked like that in her travels. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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