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Teaser Tuesday


Time to ring the school bell…… 


ALRIGHT! Let’s see a little hustle in your bustle students – time to get to classrooms!

Good Morning Students!  

Here we are on another Tuesday morning.   You all look bright and awake – well except for Roger and Roscoe I the back of the room.  I think they must have narcolepsy…………

………huh? Who?…….zzzzz…


Wake up!  Or you get the dunce cap!

GEE – there’s still hope I’ll get rid of this hat!

Let’s get down to business shall we?    Today we have a photo for you to examine – and your job will be to figure out WHERE someone took this photo – Easy right?  Well, maybe yes and maybe no but we will find that out shortly.   Before I show you the photo though let’s go over the RULES!

Not complicated rules are they?!    Just please play along with them……..then everyone is on even ground when it comes to guessing.    You may be the winner of one of these badges (including the FIRST COMMENTER if you were first here today!!):

Before we bring our Security Guard in with today’s photo, how about we see if the cheer team wants to PUMP UP THE VOLUME and get your brain cells alive and kicking and ready to GUESS!

Howdy Geography class!
We’re here to provide some sass!
We hope that you went to bed early
Or your brain cells will feel somewhat curly!
Now sit up straight in your seat
Later we’ll all get something to eat
But for now make sure you are ALERT
Or Sarge might “put on the hurt” !
Rinky Dinky DOOOO
We’re cheering just for YOUUUUUU

Thank you team……..you sure know how to get the students ready for tuning into the photo and making an intelligent guess (or any guess at all!).     Mr. Security Guard – would you do the honors please????

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Where the heck was this taken (and no fair guessing “from a plane”!)

Maybe a bird took the photo?

Purrhaps from a hot air balloon???

Well wherever it was taken, it’s YOUR project to figure out what place you’re looking at OK?  OK!    Now shall we move on to the most important thing?    FOOD?    Today Miss Dingleberry is serving up BBQ.   Pork Ribs, BBQ Shrimp and of course BBQ Chicken………..so belly up to the tent and have your lunch.    Make sure you show up in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL – no upset tummy excuses allowed!

I’m afraid…..very afraid……can my tummy handle this????

See you at the TELL ALL !

The Professors……….


Teaser Tell All


Here we are – and we just finished TASTE TESTING today’s snack…..can you guess what it is????  You’ll just have to WAIT!

Ready for the scoop about the Teaser?

We are!   Yep – we sure are.    All students please take a seat and we will begin!

I’m in the back of the room Professors and looks to me like everyone is SITTING and READY!

Bobby’s right!

OK let’s talk TEASER then.    Yesterday we went live and WHAMMO in came the FIRST COMMENT – then another FIRST COMMENT – so we did have TWO winners of the FIRST COMMENT AWARD within the same 60 seconds yesterday – WHO?

Timmy Tomcat 


McGuffy’s Reader



You EACH get one of these fabulous badges to do with as you wish………………proclaim youselves FIRSTIES to the world, or hide it away in a closet somewhere!!

For Timmy of Timmy Tomcat and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader for being FIRST COMMENTERS on Teaser of Jan. 30, 2018!

Now shall we tell you WHO our Guest Teaser was then show you the Teaser again and give you the SCOOP?   Oh lets!!     Our GUEST TEASER was Miss Ingrid of PIPOandMINKOandFRECKLESWOOFS!!!    She sent this photo in of Battle Creek, Michigan where she lives and if that building in the WAY FAR back of the photo looks familiar it’s because that building itself was the Teaser photo from a while back!    It was a doozy too.    THANK YOU MISS INGRID!    This badge is for you!

Thanks to Miss Ingrid for the fabulous Teaser photo of January 30, 2018 !

Here’s the photo one more time:

Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?    Well it was none other than one of our FIRST COMMENTERS – our buddy and pal Timmy from Timmy Tomcat!


For Timmy of Timmy Tomcat for being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Jan. 30, 2018

Know what else?   There were SEVERAL more of you who guessed right……….YES – so we have some of the RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST badges to hand out and if you were one of the lucky ones, please help yourself to a copy of this badge below!

Well I was RIGHT with my guess but I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT on the Teaser of Jan. 30, 2018!

Those of you who gave it a valiant effort and guessed but were wrong, get a 2018 GREENIE of your VERY own!

Uhoh….I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of Jan. 30, 2018!

Lots of badges awarded – that means a bunch of you studied hard and got it this week.   A special congratulations to our buddy Timmy because HE got TWO badges!    Also, make sure and visit his blog today HERE because his brother Buddy Budd is celebrating his 18th birthday so stop by and give him a birthday greeting!

Ready for “THE GIRLS” ??????

Bazinga, Bazonga, Bazoto,
Let’s hop in our Desoto
We’ll ride around the school
And break the golden rule!
Or maybe we should just cheer
For the winners who are here?
First Commenters we had TWO
Annie and Timmy you both got a clue!
First Right Guesser was Timmy AGAIN!
Two badges you got two big WINS!
We thought this Teaser was really “kickin’ “
But not as good as Miss D’s fried chicken!!!

You are right girls – today Miss Dingleberry is going to load us up with a GREASE-FEST out of her FRIED FOOD TENT.    Oh boy………that will warm us up from the inside out (or send us to the rest room maybe).

uhoh…..I heard that bathroom comment – I’d better finish up in the restroom ASAP!

I’ll leave some extra toilet paper!

Enjoy your snack students………………then you can go outside for recess because while it’s a little breezy and slightly cold-ish the sun is out and you can exercise on the playground equipment!    We will see you NEXT Monday for PRE-TEASE!

WHEEE!   **burp** – maybe we should take it easy out here after that meal…….

I foresee some issues beyond burping on the playground today!