Pre-Tease Monday


Hello Students! 

I hope you enjoyed your holiday break!


Now it’s time to buckle down and get back to work – learning about this big beautiful world we are in (well, technically speaking YOU are in it as I’m now at the Rainbow Bridge!).   It’s our way of learning about all the swell places there are to live and visit here on “Slice Earth” (as our buddy Easy used to say!).    SO, I would like to remind you that tomorrow the Teaser blog will be posted at a SURPRISE time – not the usual blog time – so BE ALERT!

When you get notice the blog is up – you want to try to be the FIRST ONE TO COMMENT on the blog post………just say hi……..or boo………..or howdy doody or WHATEVER……..because if you’re FIRST comment, you get this:


Then there are a variety of other exciting things you can win like the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge (only goes to one person and that person has to tell me what town/city/village AND what country or state the photo was taken in!)…………….we are sticklers here for accuracy so you must say specifically where the photo was taken.

These are the badges that will go to the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, all the other RIGHT GUESSERS who aren’t first, AND the world famous, ever popular GREENIE for those who – well – FAIL!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


You know you want one of these so BE THERE tomorrow!    I’ll be looking for you in class……..whether you’re in the front row or back row at school OK?   OK!    Suzie will be here of course screaming her lungs out on some form of CHEER to get you in the mood to guess…… least that’s what she’s supposed to do!

SO – see you tomorrow at an UNKNOWN time right?   RIGHT!

My wings are folded back (or tucked in under my sweater) for class!

My wings are folded back (or tucked in under my sweater) for class!

Angel Professor Sam


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  1. Well, since I am off work this week, I might actually have a chance to add to my illustrious collection of exactly ONE First Commenter badge… though with my luck, I’ll end up oversleeping and just have to make up the name of another prison to match the photo. Oh well, it will be fun either way, and that’s all that matters, right?


  2. Hidey Ho Angel Sammy we are ready for tomorrow but will we be quick enough.
    Love your photo with your wings tucked!!
    Hugs madi your bffff


    • Hi Madi! I had to tuck my wings in to get this danged sweater on. The sewing shop at the Bridge was backed up making wings for newbies up there. I’ll have to wait my turn for a “sweater adjustment” !

      Love, Angel Sam


  3. oh cousin! Mom has been off for 10 days. In that time, she and dad were sick some. So I got to do a lot of studying on my television on the Travel channel. I do hope I can get here early upon your posting. Have an awesome day!! XOXO – Bacon


      • No they don’t cousin angel. They stink at being sick. Me, Houdini and Hemi have been trying to take care of them. We were finally able to push mom out the door this morning to go to work – thank goodness. We need a rest now – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon


    • Hi CK…..thanks and Happy New Year to you too!! I will look Buzz up and tell him you miss him – – maybe he’ll make a quick visit to say hi in purrson??? We can do that you know!

      Love, Angel Sam


  4. So it’s Back-to-School already??? The Human has one more day off, Professor. Not that she would guess the answer cause she has too much dumb. Of course *I* know, but I don’t like to help her–she needs to learn to do these things for herself! She should study more!

    Belated Happy Birfday at the Bridge. I bet it was a BLOW OUT!

    Happy Mew Year to you and your Mom and Dad (Are there years at the Bridge? Or is it always Now?) XOXOXO


    • Hi Spitty my bud!! Yep – time for another Teaser….this one is a whopper too but then again sometimes I think the ones that are impossible are EASY for my students! Go figure! We did have a good PAR-TAY at the Bridge to celebrate my “earthly birthday”…..we really don’t HAVE time there like you said though – it’s all about NOW/THIS MINUTE…….which actually is kinda coolio! We also had a par-tay at Scouts. You know how Cat Scouts like to get crazy. Thanks for the birthday wishes……..I hope you and your Human have a fab new year. It just HAS to be better than last year right?

      Love and Manly Angel Hugs, Sammy


  5. Dear Sammy
    Mommy goes back to work…this means we will probably bes late and not posts until bed timew!!! Mes think my winning days is over…until the NEXT TIME Mommy is home on a Tuesday!
    Your Nellie Bellie


    • No worries dear girl…’re a winner in my book ALL THE TIME!!!! You just rest up and enjoy the peace and quiet there in your royal bedroom!!!! Sending you POTP and hugs.

      Love, Angel Sam


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