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YAWN…………………..well good morning universe.   Another Saturday comes our way…………….with some treats (BACON), and naps (YAWN AGAIN), and quiet (at least it BETTER be!).

First comes breakfast……………… know what that’s all about in my house on a Saturday!


Then Mom will probably be admiring her new dishwasher for hours and hours and reading the manual over and over……..even though all you really do is put detergent in and press some buttons!  What’s so fascinating about that huh?   Well, it’s her newest toy so let her enjoy it right?

Dad will probably go out and see if the leaves are dry enough for he and Mom to head out to do the leaf sucking machine thing………we must have ten jillion leaves down after the BIG WIND of the past two days.   How can so many leaves have already come down yet I look up in the big trees and there’s MORE to come????    Trees sure have a lot of leaves don’t they?    Our neighbor worked on his leaves ALL DAY yesterday.   ALL DAY……now that’s what I call “leafmania” !!    But leafmania is so much better than “snowmania” so I won’t complain………………………..

White Christmas This Year? We Hope So!

NOT looking forward to this…..gimme leaves any old day!

As far as I know though that’s all that’s on the calendar for today.  House is clean and I haven’t messed it up in any way since yesterday so we’re good to go there.  Laundry is done (yes I snoopervised), cars are clean inside and out (thanks Dad)…………..I’ve got this family WHIPPED into shape haven’t I?    Oh yeah!

Think I’ll go find a nice sunny spot to dream…………what will I dream about?   With my luck, probably trees with leaves…….lots of them……falling down on my head.

Innocently enjoying a sun puddle on the stairs when I hear Mom say the word "VET" !!!


Hugs, Sammy

P.S.  On a very serious note, we are sending love and prayers to our friends in Paris after their terrible tragedy overnight.  So many lives lost……it’s just horrible what terrorists are doing all around the world.   My Mom is particularly sad about this because she and my Dad were in Paris on 9/11 and the French people were SO kind and caring and genuinely horrified at what had happened to the USA………….now we are horrified about what’s happened there.    Senseless……….totally.

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    • Pretty much……I’m a tough task master. Besides, I had WORK to do of my own today to get ready for the train trip on Scouts so if my Mom and Dad hadn’t cooperated, well, I’d be BEHIND!

      Love, Sammy


  1. You have it all under control Sammy and we are glad that you get some bacon for the hard work !..and we too woke this morning and watched as again the world lost it’s mind…my Brother-inlaw was in Paris only a short time ago..and he had a wonderful time..Fozziedad’s cousins wife is working in Paris and is now safely waiting to board a plane back home..our lives are sadder today..because some peeps just do not get the point of life..Loves Fozziemum xxx


    • Everyone is on alert that there’s no “safe place” where we can live without worry. It’s always been smart to be alert no matter what but now it’s IMPERATIVE to be alert. That doesn’t mean that awful things won’t happen though. I’m glad none of your friends or family were hurt. The whole thing is JUST PLAIN WRONG.

      Love, Sammy and Pam


  2. It looks like you have just about got your house in order, Sammy! I am sure, if it is anything like here, it is an ongoing battle!! Fancy being cock-a-hoop over a dishwasher!! MOL I would get a dog to do that!!

    We are heartbroken at the events in Paris and so very shocked and saddened that people just want to kill innocent people just living their lives! xxx


    • It is an ongoing battle……endless thanks to my messy humans. Of course all of MY things are in order….nice and neat….(well….mostly). I know that everyone is upset about what happened in Paris – we are ALL vulnerable to this kind of thing. It’s MADDENING. We just keep our eyes open but even that doesn’t mean something won’t happen. So sad.

      Love and Happy Saturday!


  3. NO we don’t want snow or ice either…we’d rather be knee deep in leaves.
    February 2015 ice/snow event was N A S T Y and the cause of all the trees to come down which tore up our yard and thus required all the new landscaping which we love but goodness me. Sammy you have found one fine sun puddle there on the steps and I love how you have arranged your handsome self
    Hugs madi your bfff


  4. You sure do have your family in line with everything. I bet you wouldn’t mind if they slacked with the vacuuming though 🙂 Enjoy your bacon- I love that graphic that says you would have a black eye and a bruised hand 🙂 Have fun on the Scouts trip- my Sammy will see you there. XO


  5. So people sad bacon last night, but then realized they were out. So they went out for breakfast today and didn’t bring us bacon.
    We are heartbroken over the events in Paris. It is terrible.


  6. Mee-you Unccle Sammy did you have a peece of bacon fur mee also?
    Mew mew mew…hope you get to read mee bloggie as mee has a new tuna-tuna meal…Woo Hoo!!!
    An same here about thee leevess Unccle…thee wind blew then off thee treess an then it rained fur 2 1/2 dyass strait….mee wanted to get a Caa-new an paddle to high ground! Wee iss OK an no floodin butt it was a bit scary…
    An speekin of scary mee an LadyMum are horrified about what has happened in France…mee ferst thotss were of Easy an Lady Katty an Mistur Mark…..
    What iss happenin to our werld Unccle???
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~~


    • Hi Siddhartha! No bacon for you young man as it’s not on your “approved diet” !! Maybe one day you will be able to have some again. I read your blog this morning and was VERY HAPPY to hear you have a tuna-tuna you can eat! YAY! I think the whole world feels like they did when WE had tragedy on 9/11. It’s just so wrong…..and senseless and VERY sad. We must all hope for PEACE.

      Love, Uncle Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

      • ;)Iss OK mee can not have bacon Unccle…
        Tuna-tuna iss so good an fankfullee there iss a brand that mee can die-gest! 😉
        An yes mee all so purrayss fur peece to return to thee werld. It iss berry scary to fink of people beein killed fur no reason other than hate which iss bad…so so bad….
        Wee ARE PEECE Unccle Sammy….all ways…
        ~~head rubsss~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~


          • Unccle Sammy mee has seen LUV an mee has seen Hate an mee knows thee difference. Mee thrived on LUV shown to mee an still doess.
            Mee wunderss how these Terro-istss can sleep at nite? How do they kill an not feel reemorse??? How can they justeefie their bad ackshunsss??? Mee trulee wunderss an mee wurriess…..
            *nose bumpsss* neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx


          • I know what you mean and how you feel. I’ve only known love…..and imagining a world full of that kind of hate that was shown on 9/11 and in Paris and so many other places in the world is HARD to understand. Obviously they do not value life……it’s sad and scary at the same time. Praying for peace is all we can do.

            Love, Uncle Sammy

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    • I did get bacon and guess what – I got it again this morning!!! Amazing………the new dishwasher is GREAT – Mom loves it. I think the whole world “feels Paris’ pain”…..these senseless acts of extreme violence are just plain WRONG.

      Love and Happy Sunday!


  7. You look so cute on da stairs in da sun puddle Sammy. We have da same purroblem wiff our trees. We just don’t unnerstand where all those leaves come from. MOL Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  8. Mee putss mee pawss together an purrayss that no more innycent Life is taken an that thee bad people are cott an made to pay fur what they have dun….
    Wee can purray together Unccle Sammy…..mee-ohmmm mee-ohm mee-ohmmm…
    **nose bumpsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xXx


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