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Friendly Fill-Ins


Hello Everybody!   Time to fill-in the blanks with our friends.   This is a great Hop co-hosted by 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs every single Friday.   Just four sentences with some “holes” in them for us to fill-in and when we fill-in we are telling the world more about ourselves.   If you’d like to HOP on board and HOP with us, just click the badge above which will take you to 15andMeowing then fill in the LINKY form with your blog link and you’ll be “one of us” !!

Here are this week’s sentences – two from 15andMeowing and two from Four-Legged Furballs.   Mom and I took turns this week filling in the blanks.   If it’s in BLUE it’s from ME…….if it’s GREEN it’s from Mom.

1. My favorite font is GYPSY CURSE – especially at Halloween time!.

2. October is perfect for hot cider, sweaters, beautiful leaves, and taking a little vacation.

3. Where I live, there are lots of dogs and I hear them barking all around the neighborhood – if there are kitties I don’t know about it because they don’t bark (much!).

4. I feel very FRISKY this time of year.

There you have it.   Filled in sentences from me and Mom.    As for my #4 answer, my Mom has observed not just with ME but with Angel Sammy and other kitties she’s had that when the weather begins to cool down, we get a little crazy.   We’ll chase falling leaves, or roll around in the grass, or want to stay out longer (if we’re on harness/leash of course), or whine extra loud and long when we HAVE to go back inside.    It’s just so nice to be in the fresh air instead of in the heat and humidity.    One of the times I went out today my Dad took me and he brought a book and a glass of iced tea with him.  He sat in his chair and propped his feet up on a little plastic side table and while he read, I found my favorite spot in the leaves to lie down and watch the birds, squirrels, and chase the little noises I hear UNDER the leaves.   I’m just SURE there’s something UNDER all those layers of leaves that NEEDS MY ATTENTION.    Dad says I’m imagining things.   Either way, it sure is fun.
Now is everyone ready for the weekend?    We are!!

Happy Birthday to my Dad and Happy Friday to all of you………

Love, Teddy

Moaning on Monday


Mom – Dad – How Could You?

Nobody here to turn on the printer so I can watch it???

Nobody to take me outside for yard cruising???

No sink drinks????

No Mommy hugs???

No summersaults????

I can’t begrudge them a few days off but gosh – it’s just not the same around here!    Oh and Mom – that photo of you and me with the summersaults?   We might mention to people that was taken in February and it’s now October and I weigh 17 lbs. now which I did NOT weigh in this photo!!!  I weighed 8 lbs.   I’m gonna be a GIANT KITTY when I finish growing up.    I won’t even be TWO until March, 2018!   

Sorry we aren’t doing a PRE-TEASE Monday post or a Teaser tomorrow but that’s the breaks.   Unlike my Angel brother Sammy, I do NOT have THUMBS so can’t use the keyboard.   DARN!


I’ll be back tomorrow though.   You can count on that!   We are FINALLY getting some signs of Fall here…………..you can count on that too!!! 


Backyard Maple….

Hugs, Teddy



And me too!  Don’t forget the Ted!!

Fall Has Fallen and Mom is Filling In!



It’s Definitely Fall Now!

You know every year we kind of play hide and seek with Fall…………we get temps in the 80s out of nowhere then things settle back down into October-ish weather in the 50s and 60s…….well this morning when Mom and I went out for my morning cruise, she could see her breath!   She could see MY breath too!   And we could both see the breath of the two HUMONGOUS raccoons who were out in the backyard as well!

So Fall has fallen for sure………………….leaves are starting to fall too……………..not a whole lot yet but plenty.    Mom mowed the lawn two days ago and before she finished, there was a light coating of leaves on the lawn already.    When you are surrounded with big trees, that’s gonna happen of course!

Just a few bits of color here and there for now......

Just a few bits of color here and there for now……

My Mom and Dad love Fall…………….they like having fires in the fireplace again and cozy evenings……………I like that Mom has mums all over the front porch – I think they are pretty!!   I think I look pretty well sitting in the middle of them!

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

I like Mums!

Soon Mom will be decorating for Halloween……………..we already decorated my blog as you can tell – we use the MONSTER theme from WordPress every year around Halloween time but will change back to NORMAL after the spookies are gone!    Do you see Fall where you are or are you somewhere that you don’t get to see the leaves and other signs of Fall falling?


Our housecleaning today is “all hands on deck”………….no cleaning service today – so we all pitched in to get the place ship shape for another week………………!

Mom made me help out!

Mom made me help out!

Cleaning day is definitely one day that I don't mind being hard of hearing!!!!!

Cleaning day is definitely one day that I don’t mind being hard of hearing!!!!!


NOW!   On to Friday Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by 15andmeowing AND McGuffy’s Reader!!     This week I decided to let my Mom do the “filling in”…………….wasn’t that nice of me?   If you wanna fill-in and share, just go to one of the blogs and use the linky tool to link your blog up…………….


Here are the sentences to “fill-in” Mom!

1. My favorite store is the craft store, Michaels – where I get all my art supplies!.
2. An unanswered prayer I am thankful for (this is impossible for me to fill-in as my prayers have almost always been answered and there hasn’t been one that went “unanswered” that was “important”.

3. At Halloween, I love seeing all the kids’ costumes – especially the really “little ones” !

4. I believe in the supernatural, because I know people who see spirits and who know what the future holds .

Well that was fun – thanks Mom – I had no idea how to answer most of those since I don’t shop, hide at Halloween, and my prayers have ALWAYS been answered – I’m living with you and Dad and that’s a BIGGIE!!!!!


Hugs, Sammy

For everyone in the path of the hurricane......

For everyone in the path of the hurricane……




Yes, today’s post is titled “VETeran” because by 9:30AM I will be one…..I will have been to my Vet for my 4-month checkup so that would make me a VETeran right?  Right!   Mom thinks she’s been able to sneak my harness and leash upstairs without me seeing it……she actually doesn’t know that I review the big desk calendar in the kitchen constantly to see if she’s put the word “VET” or “SAM” on there anywhere.   I’m smarter than she thinks I am apparently!


So, tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday and I’m still making my mind up on the photo – it MIGHT be a Guest Teaser but it MIGHT be a Mom Teaser……..tomorrow you’ll find out OK?   All I can tell you is that we’ll make it good.  Oh yeah – you can count on that.


I sort of had a good day yesterday……………Mom and Dad worked on the leaves in the yard but it only took a couple of hours so I just napped.   Then they came in and Mom wanted to rest and I popped up on her lap and took a snooze for a while.  She had to get up after about 30 minutes so THAT was THAT.   She came upstairs to work on the computer (probably to help me with this post!!!!)………and I did NOT like it one bit.  I yelled from the bottom of the stairs but I do that all the time, so Mom didn’t give it a thought – she just called me and said she’d be with me soon………so what did I do?   Well I horked of course.  Yep – in the foyer on the rug.  TWICE.   She’s learning the yard way that if she doesn’t do what I want her to do RIGHT THEN, there’s a possible hork in her future.    Actually it was because I’d been outside earlier and ate some grass…..but don’t tell HER that!

Hope you all had a great weekend………….we did……………..now it’s onward to another busy week.   Would you believe Mom is already doing some of her Christmas shopping online?  YES!   I wonder if any of it is for ME ME ME?   Of course if it’s NOT for me…….I can always HORK to get her attention!!!    HAHA – just kidding (sort of).



Saturday Stuff



YAWN…………………..well good morning universe.   Another Saturday comes our way…………….with some treats (BACON), and naps (YAWN AGAIN), and quiet (at least it BETTER be!).

First comes breakfast………………..you know what that’s all about in my house on a Saturday!


Then Mom will probably be admiring her new dishwasher for hours and hours and reading the manual over and over……..even though all you really do is put detergent in and press some buttons!  What’s so fascinating about that huh?   Well, it’s her newest toy so let her enjoy it right?

Dad will probably go out and see if the leaves are dry enough for he and Mom to head out to do the leaf sucking machine thing………we must have ten jillion leaves down after the BIG WIND of the past two days.   How can so many leaves have already come down yet I look up in the big trees and there’s MORE to come????    Trees sure have a lot of leaves don’t they?    Our neighbor worked on his leaves ALL DAY yesterday.   ALL DAY……now that’s what I call “leafmania” !!    But leafmania is so much better than “snowmania” so I won’t complain………………………..

White Christmas This Year? We Hope So!

NOT looking forward to this…..gimme leaves any old day!

As far as I know though that’s all that’s on the calendar for today.  House is clean and I haven’t messed it up in any way since yesterday so we’re good to go there.  Laundry is done (yes I snoopervised), cars are clean inside and out (thanks Dad)…………..I’ve got this family WHIPPED into shape haven’t I?    Oh yeah!

Think I’ll go find a nice sunny spot to dream…………what will I dream about?   With my luck, probably trees with leaves…….lots of them……falling down on my head.

Innocently enjoying a sun puddle on the stairs when I hear Mom say the word "VET" !!!


Hugs, Sammy

P.S.  On a very serious note, we are sending love and prayers to our friends in Paris after their terrible tragedy overnight.  So many lives lost……it’s just horrible what terrorists are doing all around the world.   My Mom is particularly sad about this because she and my Dad were in Paris on 9/11 and the French people were SO kind and caring and genuinely horrified at what had happened to the USA………….now we are horrified about what’s happened there.    Senseless……….totally.