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Good Morning Teaser Fans!

This is your buddy – the old Teaser himself – SAMMY coming to you from snowy Warrenton, Virginia (yes it actually DARED to snow again yesterday!).    I spent the day watching the snow fall and you all agonized over my Teaser photo from yesterday.  Lots of super good guesses though………AND we had several right guessers.

Before we hear about winners (and losers!!) let’s refresh our memories with the photo – shall we????????


Taken by my Mom from high atop a Manhattan hotel in the room she and my Dad stayed in on their first trip to NYC together (via train from Washington, DC) in 1989.   They went up for a 3-day excursion – managed to see the sights including a carriage ride in Central Park, go to the theater to see “42nd Street”, do a bus tour of the city with a stop in Chinatown – and even had a chance to slip into a genuine NY deli for a big fat corned beef on rye!!!    They had a fabulous time and have tons of photos but this is one of their favorites.  What a sky!   I’m sure Manhattan has changed a LOT in all these years – and while they have been back once, they sure didn’t capture a sunset sky over the city like this one again.

Who was the “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” ???   Well it was Mollie from Mollie and Alfie !!!!    NYC it is…………so you get this fabulous award Madame Mollie:


AND, there were several more who recognized this old photo of New York City and all of you get this one:


Those who had no clue or guessed many other spots like Chicago, Richmond, Las Vegas, etc. get a big fat HUG anyway for trying and taking a flying leap of faith by guessing………..!


By the way, nobody mentioned it but just for your info, I have used this same photo before!   In an old blog post in 2012.   In fact my Mom had to make sure we removed all record of it here on WordPress because you might have found some clues embedded in the photo and tried to follow the link to the old post (not that you’d be sneaky or anything….of course…….AHEM!).

So, now that you’re aware of what’s what in the teasing department, I hope that any further teasing you involve yourself in today is with YOU doing the teasing of someone/thing else and not YOU being the victim of the tease!





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  1. Well done Mollie and Alfie, you’re obviously more travelled than whee are! The only teasing whee do is to each other when one of us finishes our carrot first, tehe! “Want to share this piece with me?”
    “Yes please!”
    “Well you can’t, ha ha ha!”
    The Pigs xx


  2. Well done Mollie 🙂 I was wayyyy off…and Sammy funny you mentioned Corned Beef I bought a big piece today for our dinner tomorrow!! with a lovely mustard and parsley white sauce…mmmmm hugs to you and well done on another great teaser :)Fozziemum xxx


  3. I simply don’t deserve to roam this earth anymore.
    I’ve guessed Zimbabwe based on a tree, but couldn’t guess NYC…..
    Shame on me.


  4. Well that explains it………..we found the post from 2012 and couldn’t find the pic anywhere!!! Good job by your Mom. Mom used to go into the City every week when she lived in NJ. Mom and Dad went once after she moved here. It was so different looking at it from “tourist eyes” 🙂

    The Florida Furkids


  5. New York? I only saw two towers in the dark and would never have guessed. You must have been way way high up to be over top of everything. Your trip sounded A-mazing! I’d love to go sometime. Spring is also a teaser this morning since it’s snowing right now….blah! Hugs to you any who xoK


  6. Yay for Mollie and Alfie!!! I saw their guess when I put mine in and I did think maybe they were right, but decided to go a different way for my guess. That was a very cool photo anyway…it sounds like they had a nice visit there! Gosh, I think it’s been almost that long since I was in NYC, maybe even longer!


    • Mom says she’s sure if she stood at that same hotel window and snapped a sunset shot it wouldn’t look anything like that as the skyline has changed AND catching a sunset like that – well – probably will never happen QUITE like that again!!

      Hugs, Sam


    • Layla, I think it was YOU who guessed this Teaser back when I first had it on Sam’s blog in 2012!!! Good for you doing the lecture at FIT – who better than you to give it….

      Hugs, Pam


  7. Sammy, Mom says that she never, ever would have guessed New York City. Just doesn’t look crowded enough even for 25 years ago. Well, we didn’t even try a guess this week. We just enjoyed how pretty the photo is. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Glad you liked the photo! Mom says she’ll probably never see a prettier sunset – especially in NYC…….but this was one of those “once in a lifetime” shots probably anyway!

      Hugs, Sammy


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