Strolling Weather

Sam posing for the camera on the sidewalk in front of the house - what a ham.

Who'd have thought in January it would be 55 degrees? This feels great!

You know me…..I can occasionally be kind of whiney about something or another but I gotta tell ya – NOBODY in this part of Virginia is complaining about this weird winter weather we have.  We’re getting day after day of warm-ish temperatures and people are out jogging in shorts, kids are out playing in their sandboxes, and of course cats like me are strolling around like we OWN the place!  😉

Yesterday morning I spent in my green and white afghan tent up in Mom’s studio while she worked on a NEW blog based on her childrens book……I just kept her company and snoozed…..then she finally finished up and out we went.  First on the porch – she sat in the rocker and I just sat on the sidewalk…..then we took a stroll around the yard.  I watched some squirrels (I used to run after them in my younger days) playing down at the bottom of the yard……and there were a couple of kids riding their bikes down the hill on the road in front of the house.  They’d ride DOWN the hill, then walk their bikes back UP the hill and ride DOWN again…..over and over…..where do they get the energy????

So today is Sunday and it’s supposed to be really nice again today.  Guess I’ll be out there is Mom (and probably Dad) to enjoy it again. 

Winter?  Well…..we had SOME wintery days but now it seems to be Spring-ish again.  No complaints. 

Happy Sunday!

Sammy – with a SPRING in my step!

p.s.  if you wanna see Mom’s new blog


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  1. Good Sunday morning, Sammy,
    Love that picture of you! Isn’t this weather amazing?? My mom keeps wondering if we aren’t really gonna get SLAMMED with winter weather next month?
    Oh well, we have to take what we get, right? And right now, what we’re getting is great!
    Checked out your Mom’s other blog (she’s a busy lady). I think it’s really going to be a fun site. I know she appreciates all your help from under that tent!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! Happy Sunday………yes I do some of my best “assisting” while keeping her company in her studio in my afghan tent. Thanks for peeking at Mom’s new blog. I don’t think she’ll be updating THAT as much as I update MINE but she had fun designing it anyway. This weather is FAB isn’t it? Let’s hope today’s another springy day in winter. I think it’s supposed to be….I hope your Mom caught the amazing moon-set this morning with her camera – it was GORGEOUS!!!

      Love, Sam


  2. It is in the sixties down here in The Swamp, Sammy, for Zoe and my early morning stroll. I’m not complaining either.

    Where do the kids get their energy? Youth. Youth. Youth. You and i have gone beyond that stage, and we are not content to just sit and watch.


    • Sixties huh? That sounds yummy. Funny thing energy….Mom says it comes in spurts and I’m finally at the age that I understand that! Sometimes I can run around the house like a kitten and other times – well – let’s just say I hear a cozy quilt calling my name!

      Hugs, Sam


  3. I think we’re very lucky in VA this winter, Sammy! And I agree with you about the cozy quilt calling MY name….it seems to be calling a lot more lately!!
    Kitty hugs,


    • Hi Miss June! We ARE lucky aren’t we…I know there’s lots of people who wish they could go skiing or ice skating or whatever but I’m NOT one of them. HAHA Let’s just stay cozy!!!!

      Kitty Hugs and Kisses


  4. Hi Sammy,

    Well guess who IS complaining about this weather? My Mom! She says it isn’t “natural” and we are gonna get whammed!!!

    Mom is going to Florida the weekend of Feb 10 (actually 4 days)….watch what happens then!!!! A giant blizzard will hit Michigan the day they are supposed to leave!

    We are off to visit the new blog! xoxoxo


    • Hi Cody! Uhoh….I hope your Mom isn’t right about the weirdo weather – as you know my Mom’s driving to North Carolina in February for a BIG book thing and if there’s sleet or snow or WHATEVER, she might not be able to go. Let’s hope our Moms get out of our hair to go on their trips! Keep your paws crossed!

      Love, Sam
      p.s. You’ll love Felicia the Fairy – she’s cute!


  5. Yup, you just gotta enjoy whatever you get – right?!
    We keep remarking that the lack of snow and the mild temp’s here make it feel a lot like March. Might just be one of those years.
    New blog?! I’ll go check that out.
    Have a nice rest of the weekend!


    • Hi Miss D….wow did we ever like your photos AND your new blog format! WOO HOO! As for the weather – we like that too. I know you’d like to get some snow but wanna bet you DO get it….eventually?? We have snow in the Farmers Almanac forecast for NEXT month. We’ll just have to wait and see huh?!

      Happy Sunday….
      Love, Sammy


    • Well if there’s one thing we all know about weather is that it changes QUICKLY! This morning for instance it’s in the 30s and they say we may have some flurries. It’s a darn good thing I’m a “mostly indoor” cat! 🙂



    • Hey Pedro….nope – never caught one of those critters BUT have chased more than a few in my time. They’re mighty fast AND very good at getting up a tree faster than I could in my youth! So you got a toy squirrel that makes bird sounds huh? Well, I’d say that’s a combination of two FAVORITE things for cats to chase….I bet it’s fun to play with! Your human was very clever to find that toy. Try not to destroy it like you did that box you loved so much from Christmas!!!

      Your Bud Sammy


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