Staying Pawsitive!

Sam in his visor and sunglasses!

Haven't had my sun visor out in a while...rain, rain, and more rain.....

Haven’t had the need of my special hat lately – rain almost every day has meant very little in the way of sun.  When it’s managed to peek out I guess I’ve been napping somewhere…..because I haven’t seen it in days.  Still, I remain hopeful.  Cats need sun.  It’s a fact.  Sunny splashes of warmth on the floor to lie in, sunny front porches to sit on while squinting into the sky, sunny backs of couches and chairs in the window.  WHERE IS IT??????

OK – I’m getting cranky aren’t I….well, we don’t want that.  I guess I’ll just make the best of things with no sun.  Put my little red visor on “hold”……the sun will return!  (THE POWER OF PAWSITIVE THINKING)

I heard Mom talking to Dad this morning about her visit with my Auntie Carol.  That means Mom is going to be away for two days with Dad taking care of me.   Gulp…..that ought to be very interesting.  Mom told Dad not to worry – that she’d leave notes around for him regarding important things like what my favorite foods are, how often to check my litterbox, and of course how to make a pot of coffee for himself.  🙂  Out of all those things taking care of ME is the most important.  It’s not the first time of course that Mom’s been away for a day or two on her own – but whenever she is, it takes me a while to retrain my Dad.  He’s so used to me following Mom around and napping on her lap, that he needs to be reminded that when she’s not here I depend on HIM! 

Don’t worry – I’m pretty good at making my wants and needs known!  Besides, Mom has all day today and tomorrow before she goes away…plenty of time to make sure Dad is well prepared. 

Staying PAWSITIVE…….. 🙂

Sammy, One Spoiled Guy

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  1. Hi, Sammy! Good luck re-training your dad. Mom takes care of me for the most part, but I’m sure Dad could if necessary.
    The sun was out here yesterday, but today is gloomy and misty again. You’ll need that sun visor again SOMEDAY!
    Hope your Mom has a nice visit. I’m sure your dad will take extra good care of you!
    Love, Sundae


  2. Hi Sundae…..I’m sure you’re right about Dad. He knows what to do when Mom’s not here. Her “instructions” will help remind him though I’m sure – – – between her notes and my screams (haha) things will be find ’til Mom’s home on Saturday. I just hope she comes home EARLY….. 🙂

    It’s gloomy here too today……I’m keeping the visor handy though just in case!



  3. Hi Sammy,
    I am sure your daddy will take good care of you…but if you are worried about who will take care of your mommy while she is away, I just wanted to let you know that I will make sure she is returned in tip-top shape. And if her lap gets lonesome, I will hop right into it and take a snuggle nap. Thank you for sharing your mommy with me.
    Cousin Toby, son of Aunt Carol


    • Hey Cousin Toby! Thanks for making sure Mom comes back to be in good shape…..I know she’s looking forward to seeing you and Mollye – AND of course your Mom. Dad has promised that he’ll treat me royally while Mom’s away but you know there’s NOTHING like a Mommy lap. I’ll just have to make do.



    • Hi there Crew! Never met a whole CREW before but you all look like four mighty happy cats and it’s nice to meet you. Glad you stopped by. Mom helps me with a blog every morning and while we’re fairly new at it, we’re sure having fun with it. We just visited your blog – great pictures and George, that baby picture of you is way cool! You’re older than I am by a couple of years though. I’ll be 12 in January, 2012. We certainly have one thing in common though I think – we’re all happy to be where we are and to have humans in our life who love us!! Won’t you visit me again some time?

      Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


    • Hi Isobel…..well – we are so honored to be included in your list of “one lovely blog award” nominees. We had no idea that there were so many awards out there! We left a note on your blog this morning to thank you and when Sam (with my help) does his morning blog today, we’ll follow through on the commitment to “pass it on” AND divulge seven things about ourselves (if we can think of anything interesting about ourselves of course!).

      Sam and his Mom Pam 🙂


    • WOW Pedro……thanks bunches! Mom and I are so happy about this…..we’re going to have a pile of awards on my blog now that we have a few people reading my daily adventures. Way cool. We also were nominated for the same one YOU were from Isobel(and Cat) – and I’m on my way to visit YOUR blog to see what we need to do to be WORTHY of the honor you’ve given ME with the Versatile Blogger Award! WOO HOO!

      Your Bud Sam


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