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Did Somebody Say Boxing????


Boxing Day………..yesterday was Boxing Day and I missed it……I’m ready now of course as you can plainly see but NOBODY TOLD ME so I missed out on showing my stuff in the ring……………..

I'm ready to rumble!

I’m ready to rumble!

What?  What did you say Mom?  OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Not THAT kind of boxing……..you mean the cardboard boxing – I love boxes…..I even talked you into saving some of them from that mess you and Daddy made in the library with paper flying, ribbon ripping, boxes tossed to and fro….I rescued some and insisted you KEEP them for me!  THAT kind of boxing.

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

Love those boxes!

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

Boxes with toys are even better!

Anyway, guess what else happened yesterday……we got MORE snow!  We did…….close to two inches…….but late in the day it turned to rain which means we now have about two inches of SLUSH everywhere.  Slush is nowhere near as pretty as snow.  Oh well.  Can’t have it all right?

I think a bunch of my friends are taking some extra time off for the holiday because I didn’t have a lot of “blog hopping/visiting” to do yesterday.  Maybe today will be different…..I’m dying to know what everybody got from Santa Paws. 

Well, please excuse me but I believe Mom and Dad are about to leave for the grocery store.  Mom usually goes by herself but because we’ve got some icing on the roads, Dad is insisting on driving Mom there.  I just want to check and make sure “SAMMY FOOD” is on the list – not that I don’t trust Mom to remember – but I don’t want ANY POSSIBLE EXCUSES……..yesterday I got my last container of my favorite food and the only stuff we have left in the cupboard is yucky. 

A guy has to look out for his interests you know…………Happy Boxing Day Plus One!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Saturday Updates


Happy Saturday!  

So, many of you asked if my Mom saw some paw prints on the driveway when she went outside this morning to check……nothing like a freshly re-sealed asphalt driveway for paw prints to show up the morning after the job’s done – right?  WRONG.  No paw prints – not a one – or as several people said “no pawtographs” !  In fact, the driveway is totally hard after a full day of sun yesterday and today.   If only my Mom had let me outside yesterday I might have left my mark on posterity – something for the next owners of this house to wonder about – – – “who was that cat with the extra toes who left his pawtograph on our driveway???”…….Well, don’t worry – I’ll figure out some way to leave my mark behind – even if I have to carve my name in one of our big oaks with my claw…..

“Sammy Wuz Here”

Another thing I’ve been asked is what happened to that woods trail project your parents were working on??  Good question.  Well, they got the trail cleared off, plants planted along the edges down into the woods by the swing and Dad was going to get stone either delivered to our house OR he was going to go get it himself and finish off the trail with stone.  Nice huh?  Well, that’s still on his “TO DO” list.  Meanwhile, it’s still a nice trail and I still like to sit on the swing with my Mom on a hot day.

Uh Dad…..where’s the stone for the trail huh????……Hello – Dad????

Some of you may know that I have a frog friend named Freddy and I see him almost every time we’ve had rain – he comes out and sits on my front sidewalk.  If Mom and I are out super early the morning after a rain he’s always there – like he’s waiting for me.    Well, this morning, Mom went out on the front porch in the dark to give our neighborhood mooch Stevie some breakfast and there was Freddy up on my front porch!!!!  Huh????  We didn’t have any rain last night but there was Freddy on my porch up by the front door.  Good thing Mom didn’t step on him……Mom thinks maybe he came up there for the bugs who are attracted to our porch light.  Maybe so, but I’m wondering if Freddy doesn’t want to become a “house frog” and move in?????  

Sam Standing at Front Door

Freddy are you out there waiting for me??????

I’m not sure what we’ll be up to around here today but Saturdays usually aren’t very exciting.  Mostly my parents just hang around and take it easy.  One very good thing is that my Mom will be making breakfast soon and bacon is usually on the menu.  I do like a bit of bacon……I’ll be sitting quietly and politely at her feet when she sits down at the breakfast table.  If I behave very well, bacon will be on MY Saturday menu too!  😉

I Can See That Fat Squirrel Hanging From The Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder! HA!

Got bacon?????

Hope you all have a SUPER Saturday!

Kitty hugs, Sammy

Silly Sunday


Happy Sunday!  It’s too early to tell (and Mom hasn’t been outside to check yet) but we MIGHT have a cooler day today – that MIGHT mean I won’t be complaining about the heat – which MIGHT be nice for all of you to not have to read about me in my afghan tent to escape the heat! 

Instead, I thought I’d entertain you a bit with some silly photos of me from past blogs.  Mom did these with the help of the software that came with her digital camera.  They make me laugh and I hope they make YOU laugh too!!

My white chest hair looks like a beard – Daddy says they’d NEVER allow beards in the Navy – and this is a Navy pilot’s uniform – wonder if I’ll get in trouble for BORROWING it??????

Sam In Space

I do look rather smashing in this fancy suit….I think I’m looking for the door back into the spacecraft….gee, I hope I have my key with me!

Sammy the President

…..and if elected I promise there will be nip for everyone!…..

Sam photoshopped visiting "friends" in India!

Me visiting distant relatives…..some of these relatives are…well….VERY distant….!

Sam in a London Bobby uniform (haha)

Think I could sneak on the grounds of Buckingham Palace dressed like this??????

Sammy's new hobby - hang gliding!

Wheeeee! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SUPERSAM!


Sam appears on a 100 bill.....now that's MAD money!

Sammy Bucks…..worth every penny!!

OK so now that you’re all rolling in the aisles, I guess it’s time to be on my merry way.  Besides, Mom’s heading down the driveway to get the Sunday newspaper and depending on whether she’s hot and sweaty or cool as a cucumber, I’ll know if we’ve lucked out and got BETTER weather today!  Here’s hoping!

Your Silly Sammy sends you Sunday hugs……… 😀 😀 😀

Please Pay Attention!



C’Mon Mom….get off the computer!!!

Happy Saturday! 

Mom took this photo of me yesterday while she was working on my Cafepress store – and I was TRYING to get her to pay more attention to me than the computer screen……Geez!  Sometimes I think she loves that machine more than she loves little old me!

Now you know I’m not serious – my Mom adores me (as well she should) and I adore her but sometimes I have to go up to her studio and look pitiful (i.e. this photo) in order to give her the BIG HINT that maybe it’s time to come downstairs.  Maybe she should shut down computer operations for a while and let me curl up on her legs on the recliner…..or give me a treat…..or take me outside.   I want her to appreciate some of the FINER things in life – like ME.

Am I being selfish?  Naw…..I’m just an only cat who happens to think his humans are two of the best kitty toys he has and that his TOYS should be available to him 24/7 – not when there’s nothing else for his TOYS to do.  Get it?

So tell me – because maybe I can use some of your techniques – what do YOU do when YOU want attention from your humans???????


Kitty Hugs, Sammy